First of all, sorry to anyone who went along today on the back of my summary last week, Hibs, if nothing else are certainly inconsistent. But we struggle to break teams down at home, they come for a point, they go home with a point way too much. It could be our undoing. What was also apparent is we looked lost in front of goal without Malonga, badly missed the positional sense of Scott Robertson, the guile and workrate of McGeogh. We didn’t miss Oxley, but we might when we actually play a team who have a shot on target or even in the general direction of our goal.

Kleton Perntreou – Didnae have a save to make, although he dealt with his headed clearance well enough. I heard Oxley may be out for six weeks?

Gray – Played well today, set up a couple of good chances that our hapless strikers could not convert.

Fontaine – Strolled through the game, indeed if there was one we niggle I have is that he strolls too much.

Hanlon – Paul had another of his decent games today. If only he would cut out those useless long balls he plays two or three times every week. Keep up the man up classes Paul.

Stevenson – Might have picked up man of the match on another day, he played very well and put a better ball in than a few of his more forward minded players.

Kennedy – I felt he gave us very little all day, he simply takes the same man on too often and his crossing is poor.

Harris – Gave us nothing, at all.

Craig – Decent enough going forward, piss poor as a captain, tackler, passer and defensive midfielder.

Scott Allen – Magnificent, a joy to watch, a magician on the ball, some great passing, desire, skill and intelligence. Man of the match by a country mile.

Handling – See Harris.

Cummings – See Handling, first touch was poor, is no single striker.


Sinclair for Harris – Did well when he came on, surprised he has not had much game time, he looks like his has a decent touch.

Heffernan for Cummings – Heff missed a complete sitter and another half chance. I did think he made a wee difference when he came on.

Stanton for Handling – Didnae do too much in the time he was given.

Stubbsy and Co – Need to work out other ways of breaking these wee teams down. They come for a draw, and got one. Not many changes feasible given the injuries.

QOS – Decent enough wee team who worked hard for their draw.

Referee – Should have booked their centre half for a poor challenge on Kennedy, other wise, just another average ref.

Crowd, 10,069 but felt strangely subdued. Decent Queens crowd, more than most of the SPL teams bring.

Ho hum.

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