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Hibs simply were too pedestrian, I think Stubbs got it wrong, the 442 is far too slow, predictable and ponderous, pass pass pass, turn backwards, pass pass pass, turn back, pass pass pass, mis pass. Pish.

All good work of Wednesday night has gone with the poor tactics, the drudgery of the performance and lack of goals.

I have mentioned how teams come and sit in, St Mirren were the classic example, of this, worse we gave them a goal. But we have enough good players to break down a back 9, they didnae do it. We cannae afford to have passengers like Boyle, and Henderson, hook them if they are not performing. I will here all the Boyle lovers telling us how good he is, dinnae confuse endeavour with ability. His goal was the fifth touch of the ball he had first half I think? As for Henderson, sorry, he shat it from Goodwin all game and should have been hooked.

Lucky, every week we have consistently good performers, more often than not they are Paul Hanlon, Dylan McGeogh and David Gray, same today. I also thought Cummings worked hard for the ball.

It was not good enough, you made your substitutions too late Stubbs, and ye dinnae get three points for possession.

The players

Oxley had a few fumbles and punches, he wastes way too much time for me and hesitates too often.

David Gray had a good game, he has been doing so for a few weeks now. Needs to improve his crossing back to previous standards would be fine.

Fontaine was his usual average self. The guy can’t head a ball properly. Stubbs could, teach Liam please Alan.

Hanlon, yet another good game. Hanlon starts slowly, makes a few wee boobs then goes on to have a good game.

Stevenson done well enough today, but didn’t link with Henderson at all. He might have been sent off for stupidly pushing the ref.

Bartley came back in to break up play, and slow it down I think. He had to break up play with so many cloggers in the St Mirren team, but he walks the game.

John McGinn played well defensively today, but too many of his passes did not find a Hibs player.

Dylan McGeogh makes Hibernian tick, its simple. Smashing fitba player, I think I could write the same thing every week.

Henderson, just didn’t get going again today. Goodwin had the laddie in his pocket from early in the first half and I would have taken him off as he was ineffective. Stubbs waiting far too long to do so. Mistake.

Boyle – I know lots of you love him, I know he scored. But if I wanted to go and watch fast runners, I would get a season ticket for Meadowbank. Does not do enough in the game.

Jason got stuck in today and tried to make chances. Cannot be easy playing as a loan striker, especially when you have Boyle and Malonga up there with you sometimes.


Dominic Malonga came on after 70 minutes for Boyle, should have scored a header, should have done more.

Carmichael –Danny done well when he came on, replacing the hapless Henderson. I would have had him on much earlier, to give us some spark.

Stubbsy got it completely wrong. If we have to watch that mundane guff most weeks and we win, I can accept it. I don’t when we can’t beat St Mirren and he does very little to change the shape. Piss poor Alan, piss poor.

The referee was useless, its became my by-line.

St Mirren sat in, played on the break, hack, kicked, shoved, niggled and moaned all game. Goodwin should have been sent off for his off the ball elbow late in the game, Thomson should have had a straight red for his scythe of Paul Hanlon. The reason they didn’t is defined in my point about poor referees above.

My man of the match was easy, it was Dylan McGeogh, he is very good.

Nearly 9000 subdued souls today, you won’t get the fans back playing as clueless as that Hibs.

Must do better Hibs


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