By Sauzee we are limping over the line aren’t we? Once again the football gods looked down on us and United and Morton lost, only Falkirk gained ground. We started so well, charging at them, great early goal, some nice football played with SJM back to his old self. It didnae last though. Not that the Pars were anything like the team that gave us a game a few weeks back at Easter Road. I thought they were poor. But yet again, I got the impression too many Hibs players were treading water.

The football is pretty much eye bleeding bad, no Shinnie means no service to Cummings, McGinn was yet again the only midfielder of any worth and they got what looked like a very soft penalty after the referee took a few minutes to changes his mind after initially waving their claims away!!

I estimate 4000 plus Hibs fans in the ground, they gave Neil Lennon a rousing reception when he came to the dug out before kick off, they backed the team but frankly to many of the team let them down.

The Team….

Paul Hanlon was named as starting but word is he injured himself getting off the bus?

Marciano, actually didnae have much to do and nearly saved their dodgy penalty.

Efe was ok, nothing more. I prefer him as a centre half.

McGregor is Hibs best player this season, head and shoulders ahead of the rest of them.

McLean had a perfectly decent debut as a late replacement for Paul Hanlon.

Stevenson didnae play as well with Dylan in front of him on the left.

Bartley was poor, another game we really didnae need him in. Never got going at all.

Boyle was decent first half and did almost nothing second half.

McGeouch is always a good sight on a team sheet, but he didnae fancy the left sided midfield position and whilst there were wee snippets of his brilliance, he didnae bring us much.

Graham did plenty, he did make himself available for the ball but he disnae look like he will score and appears a light weight for such a big guy.

Jase got no service, he looked frustrated.

The Subs

Keats came on for Boyle with 20 minutes to go and added a little with some decent dead ball crosses.

Next came Holt for Graham with 10 minutes to go. A waste of a change, we were crying out for Bartley to go and bring on Fyvie. Holt came on, fouled a bit and mostly stood still for his 10 minutes.

Then surreally David Gray came on for Jason in injury time, Frank only knows why?

Sorry Neil, loved your fighting talk, we are right behind you mate, but by Sauzee that was gash. We were lackluster, half arsed and poor to watch. How we can come out second half and get worse is beyond me. Its not as if Dunfermline were any good.

The referee was not great, I am not sure it was a penalty, neither was he, he indicated play on then blew his whistle for a penalty 20 second later. He booked Dylan for getting kicked too!

As I said, I was surprised how poor the Pars were given their excellent performance at Easter Road. How we came away with only a point is beyond me. At least a few of their fans are turning up now. The Stephens steak bridies remain Scotland’s number one fitba pre match pastry. Lovely. The hot drinks were rotten right enough. I do think they are a proper club and they have proper fans.

Man of the Match, well as my son suggested, maybe I just say Darren McGregor in the first line of every summary I write. However today, there was another nugget of gold in the tolly of turgidness. John McGinn was back to his wonderful best. OK, I accept he often plays a poor final pass, or does a worldy when a simple ball to feet would do. But he scored a raker and got tore in. He gets my man of the match today.

4000 Hibs fans deserve more than Hibs gave us. Well done Brother and Sister Hibernians, we really do support them ever more. My wife isnae a fitba person, she kicked about Dunfermline town centre before and during the game, she said when I picked her up, ‘there are Hibs fans everywhere today’.

Next up, the grudge match, in the green corner, Neil ‘Red’ Lennon v the contender, Duff ‘BaldyPrick’ Jimmy in the blue corner. Lets get along to Greenock in numbers and ram those Hello Hello Hillbillies Banjos right up their erses. Take a piss and feed yourself before ye go, the snack van is a disgrace, the toilets, worse. Its cheap to get in though.

Hibernian Forever.

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