Dumbarton_FC_logo.svgThis is my second just back of today, as I lost the first report I wrote, after my tablet crashed. Do you ever have an arsehole of a day, I am having one.

Today was my first sight of this seasons Hibs team and I was not impressed, we were lacking ideas, pedestrian, played a slow tempo and were matched by a team of part timers.

I think I should mention the Scott Allan situation, I think he is an odious Hun who does not want to play for Hibernian but he did play well today and went about his game very professionally. What this situation has caused is bitter divides in the Hibs support, threatening fellow Hibs fans who correctly refer to Allan as a Hun barsteward, a fact not an opinion, or suggesting Allan was not trying when he clearly was, simply creates massive divides in our support and it will get worse. Tell you what, the Huns have won this one, unsettled a good player, caused tension in the changing room and fighting in the support, yup the Orcas have done good there.

We started poorly, Fontaine gave away a daft foul on the edge of the box, they drilled the free kick through a sea of legs and tapped it in, total shambles Hibs. Fontaine then stuck a long punt through to Dom, who took a nice touch and dunked it over Brown.  Malonga even celebrated his goal. Whilst we huffed and puffed our way through the first half I felt we had enough to get us through for a win. How wrong was I? Second half we were rotten, another stupid foul, a set piece, a poor goalie and we are down 2 1. We changed things around, but it was like for likes, when we needed a winger.

Very poor.

The Players

Oxley, didnae like him last season, my opinion has not changed, he will cost us points

Gray, looked off the pace, and unfit. He gets in good positions but his crossing let him down.

Fontaine, other than the punt for Dom’s goal, I thought he was woeful, bullied by their no. 9, caught out of position numerous times, he was guff.

Hanlon, was excellent, he was not bullied, he covered for the hapless Fontaine on numerous occasions and generally played very well.

Stevenson, gave his all, but its not much is it really?

Fyvie, a good player, who had an absolute stinker.

Bartley, overweight, unfit, slow of play and thinking, simply not very good.

Martin, played well and did not. Deserve to be taken off. I like the laddie.

Allan is a wee Hun shite who no longer wishes to play for Hibs. However this was not reflected in his play, he danced, weaved, passed and tackled with aplomb, before his battery went flat after 75 minutes, when he should have been subbed to applause of the Scott Allan fan club. It didn’t happen. Very professionally done son.

Malonga was decent today, good touch, bit of pace, well taken goal and even a smile.

Cummings just didnae get going at all, although I would not take him off.


McGinn came on and looks like a player who might just replace the prodigal Hun in our affections. Nice touches, good workmate, decent passes, he will go far.

Stanton came on in a like for like swap for Cummings. Why Alan?

Boyle came on, good I thought, good but too late and it didnae matter as he was played through the middle, why Alan?
I don’t get the subs at all, Martin was doing well, Cummings can nick a goal, Stubbs got it wrong.

I felt Stubbs and co did not show Dumbarton any respect, we were poor, the shape was wrong, Fyvie should have been hooked, he was useless, Allan should have came off when he tired and we never played with wingers, something we know is needed. Very, very poor Stubbs.

The referee was fine, handled the game well.

I felt Dumbarton played well, they matched us, which should be of concern. Well played.

The Hibs fans turned up in numbers, but spent the game fighting, arguing and bickering, As the Allan situation goes on, it will get worse. Its not good and something has to be done. I had a brief chat with John Collins pre match, where I bluntly asked him if Thellick would like to buy Scott Allan He reckons we need him more than they do.

Summary is it was not a good start, but don’t despair yet, there were some hints of things to come, we will challenge Sevco, and I think with a couple of more signings we can still win this League. We have to sort the Scott Allan situation pronto though.

My MOM was Paul Hanlon for his 90 minute performance.



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