If it hadn’t been for the cairy on at the end, I could have summarised that game as total p***, Hibs were awful, Morton were cloggers. They were better first half, we had more of the ball second half. It was clear after 20 minutes the shape was wrong and they mastered us. It took Lenny until ten minutes to go to make a chanage, which he got wrong.

Far too many Hibs players looked disinterested or lacked drive, I will name, Keatings, Holt, Efe Ambrose, Marciano, and for at least parts of the game, Jason and Bartley. We started brightly, hitting the post with a SJM raker after less than a minute and for the first ten I was fooled into thinking we wanted this. I was wrong. I thought Morton were in command from 10 minutes in, if a team looked likely it was them. The referee ignored their consistent fouling, when he showed one midfielder the hand gestures to signify he had committed 4 fouls, then didnae book him, you knew we had another incompetent referee, underlined by the ref then booking Marv for his first foul.

It got worse. Injury time, Forster is jockeying the ball out for a throw in front of the dugouts when Morton Sub Oyenuga halves Forster in the midriff/ leg??? Darren McGregor runs in and squares up to Oyenuga, Oyenuga collapses holding his head although Darren has not touched him, meanwhile Duff Jimmy and Lenny are trying to knock lumps out of each other with the Big Eared Baldy p**** Duffy the protagonist, Oyenuga stands up like  Lazarus and is promptly red carded, feigning shock and horror. The referee then speaks to the linesman who could not have seen anything from his postition the other side of the set too and the ref send Daz off with a straight red. The ref then sends both Duff Jimmy and Lenny to the stand. Amateur hour has concluded.

On the pitch Daz was superb, as was Stevenson, McGinn did the job of two people as Bartley played in bits, and Jason gets moaned at for having to cover for that waste of a shirt Holt then is subbed. Boyle took a man off plenty but his crossing let him down and Keats proved he is an impact sub as he did little all game.

By the way, that sounds exciting, it wasn’t, it was gash.

The Team

Marciano was better than he was for Israel v Spain.

Efe is not as good a right back as he is a right sided midfielder. I can see where the too casual, about to make mistake reputation comes from when he is at right back.

Darren was fantastic, as good a Hibs captain as ehhhh David Gray!! From my seat he should never have been sent off.

Paul had a wobbly game coming back from injury, nowhere near as composed as we expect.

Lewis was fantastic, he is so much better when his job is to defend and build, not attack.

McGinn started brightly, hitting the posts and had a decent first half. I felt he spent too much of the second half covering for Barts.

I thought Barts was mastered by the dirty wee sh*tes in Morton’s midfield. He rarely stopped them, although they were aided by an idiot of a ref.

Keatings did nothing other than a brief ten minute effort after half time. I thought he was dreadful and looked disinterested. He played 90 minutes too.

Boyle did get passed his man regularly, he cannae time a run, he disnae run in the channels enough and he couldnae cross himself. He did however try for 90 minutes.

Holt was awful. He looked like a pub League player, not a good one either. He plays for fouls. Nae use to us at all.

Jason never really got a shot off but he did work very hard to get the ball, and try and get in dangerous positions. Cannae be easy being the lone striker when there are two strikers on the pitch.

The subs

Graham came on for Holt with 25 minutes to go and did more than Holt has done in his last three games for Hibs. Pity he is Bambi on ice. Nearly scored a header.

Dylan came on for Cummings with three minutes to go, a full 30 minutes too late Lennon and Dylan should have replaced Keatings who was blowing out his arse.

In a double substitution, Forster replaced Paul Hanlon, and we the fans sh** it for the last few minutes. Took a sore one that started the rammy.

I think Lennon got the set up badly wrong, we were overwhelmed in midfield and did not rectify it. To keep picking Holt is beyond comprehension, he is unfit and brings nothing to the team anymore. Accept your wrong Neil and make changes, that 4 1 1 2 2 horror didnae work and the result could have been worse. Well done on standing up for your players, your Club and yourself at the end.

The referee was incompetent.

I said before this game that Duffy is a tosser. Tonight proved it. Manager of the Year some dafties suggested, my  arse, a sleekit p**** who condones cheating. I hope we batter those banjo playing, hillbilly, cartoon Huns with their Hullo Hullo songs, next weekend.

Big turnout of over 14600 Hibs fans, 400 inbreds in the away end, good crowd but muted atmosphere.

My man of the match was Darren McGregor, Hibs must appeal the nonsense red card.

This weekend, lets get behind the team over in Fife, we are stuttering over the line Hibs, lets raise our game please.



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