Passed and passed and passed first half, passed, passed and passed second. Shoot, naw, no really, made incisive passes, nah, no really, really we couldnae beat a poor or at best distinctly average Dundee Hibs. More changes with Lewis suspended, meaning Forster stepped into the middle,Paul Hanlon went to left back, no room for Bartley in the midfield and both Holt and Graham not considered before Keatings, who played up front with Jason. Plenty crisp moves, lovely passes, but very few shots on goal up until Keats took his goal well from around 10 yards. Its easy on the eye but we simply dinnae create enough chances, and the ones we did, came to nothing. Second half, United made three quick changes and that was enough to get an equaliser and hold on, to the delight of the 1000 United fans in the 15,400 crowd.

I thought United were poor, they came for and got their draw, Thomson the Ref let them off with too many fouls and Hibs simply cannae converted possession into goals. I think we have the players to win the League, but we need to start scoring goals.

As ever, my summary is made from my seat in the West Stand Lower, in line with the 18 yard line shooting doon the slope. I had no benefit of camera re-runs or different angles. Telly watchers, feel free to add or correct.

The team

Marchiano had little to do, right up til he had to pick the ball out of the net after his centre halves failed to pick up the United centre half with the hard to say (or spell) surname, who fair walloped his heeder into the net.

David Gray, scorer of the winning goal and captain of Hibernian the day we won the 2016 Scottish Cup, had a pretty decent first half until getting hurt and being replaced by Eardley at halftime.

McGregor had a commanding game, right up until he lost his man at the United goal. Or was it Forster?

Forster had a commanding game, right up until he lost his man at the United goal. Or was it McGregor?

Hanlon did well, but he is a much better half back then he is a left back. His one good cross in, no strikers were there. The rest were pretty duff, as was his sclaff with a few minutes to go.

Fyvie was by far Hibs best midfielder, the laddie never stopped the whole game.

McGinn was poor whole game, as bad as I have seen him play for Hibs. Was he trying too hard?

McGeouch drifted in and out of the game and looked a shadow of the player he can be.

Shinnie fooled me first couple of games, I though he had something, since then he has looked distinctly average.

Keatings played well, especially first half. I felt he was hard done by when he was dropped to accommodate Shinnie. Today he confirmed that. He took his goal very well and his all round effort and play was appreciated.

Cummings came in and out the game again today. I still would not have taken him off, he scores goals, he cannae do that on the bench in the huff.


Eardley done ok given he has not played for a few months. Replaced the injured Gray at half time.

Boyle came on from Shinnie and did very little in his 15 minutes.

Graham came on for Cummings at the same  time as Boyle. He did as much as Boyle too. The subs didnae work Neil.

I thought the referee, b******* Thomson let United commit too many unpunished fouls and is a lanky streak of pish.

I thought United were overall pretty poor, with a couple of decent players, the No 9 Murray who were supposedly interested in and looks like the cheese string man gave us no end of trouble, the no 10 Fraser was even better. Their defence was poor although we rarely tested Bell in goals. It shows you how far we have to go if we cannae beat United, I have seen better teams at Easter Road this season.

Great crowd again, but of we keep losing and drawing home games, they will drift away again. Sort it out Lenny, that is your job.

Man of the Match, well if James Keatings could do for two halves what he regularly does for one, he would be a big favourite, pity he cannae yet. Fraser Fyvie can and is my Man of the Match for today.

Next up, St Midden in the Farmhouse Bacon Roll Cup or whatever it is called this season. I reckon McGinn away with Scotland might not be a bad thing, lets try something different.

As an aside, I met and had photos taken with both Sparky and Hendo before the game, either of them might have made a difference today. Both are welcome home anytime, as its Tony Stokes, who maybe, just maybe come back sooner than we think.
Still, we have managed to upset the Huns all week, so its not all bad!


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