Err came, they scored, they nicked a point. We allowed it with a pathetic first half showing, a poor team set up and a lacklustre performance from some of our better players led to finishing a poor week in our Clubs history.
We were awful first half, lots of possession but was pedestrian. Pissing about disnae work, it disnae impress. The two winger idea didnae work, frankly Humphrey didnae work as an idea and he did nowt but pass it back, McGinn and Fyvie were a shadow of their normal selves, Fontaine was rotten, a bombscare who, along with the keeper were at fault for Err’s only shot on target going in. Shinnie took a bit of stick, but other than being a jessie, he actually looked like he had a bit of craft about him. I excuse Keats, that cannae have been easy getting no service. Err were tough and wee bitty dirty, with the exception of Darren and Lewis, we weren’t.

14,000 Hibs fans and 300 Err fans watched a poor game, although I don’t think Err sat in as much as some other teams, they had a good game plan, one that pissed Hibs fans right off, but it worked. We resorted to 5 strikers on the pitch to grab a point.

The Team

Laidlaw annoyed me today a bit, his distribution was poor, all too often he gave it to Lewis or Liam, who pissed about with it and or lost it. He was poor at the goal, that was a saveable tap in.

Gray did very little first half, we took the hapless Humphrey off and Gray had an excellent second half. Might have scored a couple.

Darren McGregor was a bit edgy early first half, but went on to have a very good game. Hard as Nails.

Fontaine scares me, he has become a liability. For a centre half, he simply cannae heed a ball and his defending is poor. Nice wee touch on occasion though. Not good enough.

Lewis Stevenson is up and down that line all game, we know his final ball is poor, its a pity as gets himself into positions and is solid in the challenge.

SJM had as quiet, nervous and pretty poor game as I have seen him in a Hibernian shirt. Lets hope John is saving ‘super’ for the Charity Bumpers next week.

Fraser Fyvie is a key to how Hibernian play. He was poor today, so were Hibs, that tells us everything you need to know. Stevie Wonders Guide Dug gave him the man of the match.

As I said above, Shinnie took some criticism from the stand, unfairly I think. He was the most creative of our midfielders and if he grew a pair of hee haws and stopped being a jessie, he would be an important player in our team.

Humphrey was rotten, I think he might just be a dud, prove me wrong, act like Mr Humphrey, no Mrs Slocombes pussy.

Boyle drifted in and out the game. He was decent when given a ball down the left on his ‘wrong ‘ foot, he was missing on the right when they switched, regularly.

Keats had the horrible role for waiting for service from his two wingers, it wisnae happening. He also waited for service from a midfield that on paper looks the biz, he got nowt. Keep going Keats, you are the best dead ball man in the team.

The Subs

Holt came on for the useless Humphrey at half time. I am no his biggest fan, decent guy but past it for me, but today he was good, the two best passes of the game, involved in the goal and unlucky not to have scored with his header at the end. I think he is one to change a game as a sub.

Cummings replaced Shinnie on the hour and scored the goal. Normally I might moan he should start but Keatings deserves his place. Jase does what he does best and scores goals.

Graham come on for Boyle and done nowt.

I think the management team got it wrong today, I even read about us playing with wingers before the game. Ian McCall may have played for the Huns and should be considered a dafty for that, he isnae. He worked us out and Lenny and Gaz the Portly took too long to change it, although the changes got us a point. Too much team tinkering for me. Must do better, even though I expect you are as pissed of a the administration at Hibs as I am.

Crawford Allan was piss poor, he should have been at Murrayfield with all the other Crawford’s, Findlays, Campbells and other sports fans with names that are back tae front.

Err, the moment I saw you, I swerr. Its one of those teams I cannae warm to, I like Paul Cairney, I have been in Ian McCall’s company in Dnipro, he is alright but as a Club I cannae stand them for nae apparent reason. They gave us a game today and deserved their point, well done, fitba with a bit of bite.

Positives, renewed my membership of St Patricks, my oldest moving up to the adult St Pats membership, earning his first free ten pound token at the Hibs Club bar, as Big G said today, where did the time go and a pint of Guinness for me and Big G please. I also had a blether with Baldy Foghorn from the darkside, we have more in common than we don’t and there a good Hibby’s out there who look after their own. You know who you are.

Man of the Match was not Fraser Fyvie, sorry. It was Darren McGregor who was Hibernian’s best player by a country mile. Hard as Nails.

Next week its the establishment club against the peoples club. The Ginger Bairn who manages the club who couldnae pay their paper bill or charities owed, will have his Championship Manager upgrade on his laptop as his assistant Granny McPhee does his best impression of Graham Rix against the Hibs masterminds Lennon and Parker. I ken who I would back in a bar brawl or a game of chess. Lets burst their plooks, give that trampy looking fud McPhee a f***ing hosing and ram that laptop right up the Gorgie gonads. The pitch will make the game, that tattie field disnae suit us, I hear it disnae suit them, lets play them off it Hibernian.

F*** the Hearts.

Hibernian Forever.



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