I said a few weeks ago that we had our mojo back, I think someone suggested in the replies that I calm down. Well, two weeks on, the same players, a new boss, the same shape as St Johnstone away and another win. Tell ye what, you would pay to watch that every week. Let’s be straight here, Motherwell are a good team and a goal down twenty minutes in you would not have expected to witness such a fine result and some excellent fitba fae Hibernian. The roars at the goals tell us all what we already knew, its joy, mixed with relief, as we knew there was a team in there, there is, and Jack and Potter know it. Nae tinkering with the team, subs at the right times, tweaks to counter the opposition, deft ouches, lovely passes, fine strikes and a wee bit of passion from our players. I thoroughly enjoyed that and we are now top six.

As we look at the team, there are a couple of really good players in their, Scotty is a baller although not at his best today, Flo is a handful, Doidge can win a header and holds the ball up well, Boyler, Mallan, and Horgan can all change a game and in Melker Hallberg we have unearthed a diamond.

First twenty minutes Motherwell played very well and we were at sixes and sevens, but once Doidge scored following great play from Scottie and especially Flo, we really started to play, I thought Porteous, Hallberg, Slivka, Newell, Allan and the two frontmen linked up well and the forward passing was often deft, sublime and accurate, a joy to watch our team playing the Hibernian way. Naismith and Allan done well to set up Flo for the second who worked hard to smash it home and Horgan took it well to kill the game although from my seat it looked like he tried to cross it to the back post, it didnae hit a well player as the BBC suggested? I like Motherwell’s wide players, they are good players and nice to watch, indeed Hibs v Motherwell games are smashing games to watch, two teams who play fitba the right way.

To come home, pour my glass of vino tinto and write this with a smile on my face is a great feeling, add to that, the word is the puddle drinkers were pumped today and they think they are going down. Hoorah! I think Fanny McPhee should be given the job tonight.

So to the team, as I mentioned above, nae changes to the team that gave us that fine performance in Perth, I was happy with that, indeed I suggested that team on the pre-match thread, why change a successful line-up? Wrapped up in layers and sporting my new ‘lucky’ bottle green wooly hat, I liked what I saw, the 4 1 2 1 2 line up works for us, it allows Flo and Scotty to play, its really makes Hallberg earn his corn and it shows that both Newell and Slivka are fitba players, better going forward than back right enough. Wee areas of concern I expect will be addressed at Christmas are the lack of a leader in the middle beside the excellent Hallberg and the lack of pace of Paul Hanlon, much as that kills me to say that. The goalie too looked poor a couple of times, and it takes Naismith 20 minutes to start playing, although once he gets going his fine.

Maxwell – He is fine but I just cannae take to his Nick Colgan like stick on his line stuff, he got away with it today and even stopped a couple of shots. He disnae keep clean sheets.

Naismith tends to start slowly but by the end of the game he had become one of our best performers, he can wear Sir David’s shirt whilst Sir Dave is injured. Noting David Gray scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup final captaining Hibernian on the day we won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016*

Porto took one for the team and whilst raw is still future captain of both Hibernian and Scotland, I love the laddie, he plays for Hibs like I would if I had been good enough.

Today indicated for me that Paul is nearing the end of his Hibernian playing career and it hurts to say or think it, as he is one of our own. He was skinned by Well’s excellent attackers too often.

Lewis, however, plays like he is 21, Lewis is a legend.

Melker Hallberg was magnificent, he has grown into a great player. His ball-winning attributes, his composure under pressure, his deft touches and simple passing were a joy to watch. A real find by the scouting team.

Vicky Slivka flatters to deceive, the man from C&A is a bloody good player, won a couple of decent challenges but just disnae ever do that wee bit more. Weird to see Hibs playing an inside right, it worked though although in Mr Jack’s first tweak to counter the opposition, Vicky moved into the middle more when Boyler came on. Good stuff.

Joe Newell under the Yorkshire Pudding, well I though he was rotten, but he has proven to be pretty decent last few games, although much like Vicky, he is better going forward than defending. He played well though and I am delighted to apologise for thinking he was rubbish, he isnae.

Scott Allan was involved in the first, played a great pass for the second and generally does what Scotty does best. Its great he plays for Hibs.

Flo scored a stoatir, set up Doidge for his goal and his taps and dinks worked well with a partner. I like the laddie and he received a well earned standing ovation when he was subbed. Nice to see you back son.

Christian Doidge has taken all our opinions and stuffed them in a pipe for us to smoke. He was superb today, good goal, he won copious headers and his hold and link-up play with Flo and Scotty was first class. Again, I apologise, he is not shite at all.

The Subs

replaced Flo to noisy applause with over 20 to go. Squirrel brings an energy to HIbs and the crowd reacts to him. Nice to have you back son, a proper Hibs player.

Daryll Horgan replaced Joe Newell with 15 to go, played well wide left and scored the goal that killed Well off. Nice sub to have.

Stevie Mallan replaced Scott Allan with 10 to go and might have scored. Good swap to be able to make I think. It’s Allan or Mallan not Mallan and Allan for me, although I want both in Hibs shirts.

The Management

Welcome to Hibernian Ross and a good start. I liked the starting line up, appreciated the substitutions and if you want your Hibs team to play like that, you will see the stadium full and the people behind you. Excellent. He will have noted we have good players and a decent squad, we do.

The Fans

Good support on a miserable day, more will come back if that is what we play like. The roars at the goals said a lot, the noise to get behind the team last ten are what got us over the line. Dare I say, the “Hibees are back,” it felt like it to me?


Good team, nice football, gave us a game, their wing play is very good. They are a top-six team we just beat 3-1. Think about that one. Decent support too, maybe 500 fans? Good luck, I like Motherwell’s fitba and their faithful fans.


A hopeless hun bastard. Card happy fandan who will no doubt enjoy a pint in the lodge tonight, prick.

Man of the Match

The beer in the sponsor’s bar must be strong, Flo played well, we love him but he was not the MoM. I though Doidge had a great game and on another day he was a “shoo in” for it but today the grace, composure, and ability of Melker Hallberg ensure he was the man of the match for me, fantastic performance.

Next Up

Paisley on a cauld November evening, brrrrrrrrrr. Wrap up, buy a ticket, see you there, get behind the team. C U Next Tuesday.

* I hadn’t forgotten Sir Dave,, I never will.

Hibernian Forever!

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