Freddo Morelos is one ugly looking hun eh? Almost as ugly as the game tonight. They did to us what we done to Celtic on Sunday, but we nicked a point, take it and move on.

Its late, am cold, I am not long in so I will keep it short. We lost a tactical battle tonight, the huns shut us down and we had no reply. That happens, they are not great but well drilled . They are a bunch of diving cheating barstewards though, Slippy has taught them well, Stevie Wonder, who was a late replacement for Thompson, never seen a thing.

The Players

Rocky laddered his tights early, Lenny was going barmy at him as he limped off. Adam replaced him and had a stormer.

Lewis had his work cut out tonight, he took them on.

Efe had a handful in Morelos to share defensive responsibilities with Ryan on. Plug gave Efe a torrid time.

Ryan too struggled with Plug, but I felt he finally mastered him. His tackle on Billy Bluenose or whoever it was well worth the booking. I believe the scouse gangster reckons had that being a Hun he would have been sent off. There is no Hun tackles like Ryan, learn that now.

Whitts had an error strewn game but did have some lovely touches too.

Mallan was closed down first half and looked poor, improved when moved left to accomodate Milligan.

Horgan was again closed down, makes the wrong decisions too often and was hooked at half time.

Slivka blew hot and cold and did not look fully fit. He should have blasted his chance high into the net, instead he dribbled into trouble.

Hyndman was my pick of midfield, he is creative and never gave up. He is not strong enough though and his shooting is weak.

Ollie offered little tonight other than to miss two very good chances, first one was a panicky blooter, the second, he shat it and tried to tap it.

Flo ran himself into the ground, more so when passenger Boyle came on and offered little. I would like to see the foul on the acting hun at the end, was there contact at all?


Milligan replaced Horgan at half time, he still does not look as assured to me as he did when he joined?

Boyle replaced Ollie and offered little, he is a wet paper bag nowadays. Passing it back when he should be shooting, looking more tired than guys that have run their guts out for 90 minutes is not good enough. Time to get Mrs Boyle to change the nappies and feed the bairn during the night pal.

The Huns are a bunch of diving, play acting fandans, with a support who only know sectarian songs, outwith a song about a Plug Ugly Columbian to the tune of the Banana Splits, which no doubt ends in some shout of fu** the Pope or some other intolerant backward red neck inbred brother/ sister  pis*. Its fair to say I have not warmed to them.

The Hibs fans turned out in numbers, well done all. 18,600 with 1,800 Huns is 16,800 Hibernians. I just wish there was a link from the singing section to the east stand, its like have two different sets of fans in the ground.

Neil was out thunk by Slippy tonight, Dinnae let that happen again Neil eh?

The Ref is a fud, even if my oldest son felt he had a decent game. I didnae.

My man of the match was Adam Bogdan for his three wonder saves.

See you all on Saturday for another game of high press, that nulifies the life out of football.

Hibernian Forever!

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