Nice sticking it up that whinging fat jambo fud Robertson, he gret and moaned on Radio Scotland post match, ye didnae lose 1-0 you lost 5-2 and more clinical finishing and it would have been more. Sucked it up ya Gorgie Fud. I know I had a reader who is unhappy about my digs at other clubs and players, its fitba, its banter, the wee jambo fud had his own pop at Hibs tonight, its fine, its our game.

Usual rules apply, I was in my seat in the west lower, and didnae have the benefit of reruns and reverse angles on the telly. On the football front, they did start brightly, as did we. It was a penalty to Hibs when Boyler got booked, I never saw the penalty the gorgie goon moaned about. No Newell made us set up as a 4, 4 2ish but we did attack in waves all through out of the game, first half it didnae really come off, second we are a joy to watch, especially when Omeonga replaced Whitts, when Steph’s energy re-invigorated a slightly flagging team. Jamie G came on a scored a peach, as did Steph, Jacko,, Docs and Scottie…..good eh?

I met Graeme Mathie pre match and had a 10 minute blether, he wants the same things as us, good players and a winning Hibs team in front of a full Easter Road. I like him.

One big observation, the brave move to break the rules by the young team dropping from the top tier to bottom of the Famous Five at half time dramatically changed the whole stadium atmosphere, the east joined in and it sound like a crowd much larger than 9500 hardy souls at the game. Even us the west put down our vol au vents and joined in. Well done guys!

The team….

Rocky, hesitant and slow tonight for me tonight. Bombscare at corners. Good shot stopper though.

Paul McGinn strolls through games, good, steady, solid. A decent signing who goes forward and appears to enjoy playing for Hibs. That will do just fine for me.

Adam Jackson scores goals and sets goals up. He is very good going forward and good heading a ball, but not sure he defends well when playing team that don’t challenge him. Good goal that broke the deadlock.

Paul had a weird game, I liked him taking the penalty, I didnae like it was poorly hit. He defended well then made a boob. Another player who is better when up against good teams.

Lewis was decent first half and excellent second, well done Lewis, that is what we know you can do and why you are our first choice left back.

Whitts, it didnae work for me tonight, sorry, was all over the place. Hibs improved greatly when Steph replaced him.

Docs had a contained first half but got better and better second half. Scored a smashing goal too.

Allan was poor first half, seemed to do the wrong thing all half. Second half he was like a new player, especially we playing deeper or even when pushed wide, his link up play Stevenson was superb and he too scored a great goal!

Boyler. To quote an American owner I know. Wow! I thought he was brlliant, a fucking menace. Three players booked for fouling him, a couple more might have been. He was often unplayable. My only worry is live on TV others will be thinking he is a snip at 5 million. he is worth double that when on that form.

Doidgey had a quiet first half but was very influential second, put himself about and won lots of ball. Good effort, should have scored one of his many chances.

Marc didnae impress I am afraid, he needs to get better.

The Subs

Steph changed the game for me, upbeat, high tempo, skill, ability and desire, Why has he not been starting beside Docs, Hibs are better when they two are together, Superb goal too.

Jamie Gullan replaced McNulty with 10 to go and made a great impression on me, he scored a lovely goal after a wonderful ball from Chris Doidge. Looking forward to see more and more of Jamie.

Horgan came on for a Boyler who was away hame to pit plasters all over his legs. The boy had been booted up and doon all night. Some nice footwork from Daryll though.

The Management

Jack is getting it, he is learning the Hibernian way and I like what I am seeing. He must ken the defence needs major surgery, he counters it by having us play fast, flowing, attacking fitba and we score more than the opposition. I have a feeling something good is going to happen, I really do.

The Ref

Got Hibs disallowed penalty wrong, I believe they might have had one, there was a sending off for one of the consistent kicking out at Boyler and I didnae see a staright red for the ICT player, yellow aye, straight red, no. Poor really.


Parking Robertson’s anti Hibs comments, they are a decent team who play football the right way and if they came up, say at the expense of the Gunts, they would cope well with many of the teams. Best of luck to Keats too, one of us. Good wee support down too. Have the puddle drinkers sold that many for Tuesday night?

The Fans

Pretty poor 9500 attendance, although I get why many would stay home when its live on cooncil telly. The Since 1875 guys move at half time was a master stroke, what a good atmosphere second half, thanks to them. Cheers guys, get your fund raising link up, its pay day for many.

Man of the Match

Easy, Boyler, he was superb. Honourable mentions to Greg Docherty, Paul McGinn and Lewis Stevenson.

Next up, the up the relegation candidates and Gunter the Munter. Wont be the biggest attendance with them only selling 11 tickets but if they win the Hunfest on Sunday, it could increase to a few hundred. I hope we batter them.

See you behind the goal.

Hibernian Forever!

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