Just in after a long dark drive home, giving me time to think about today. I had made my mind up……. the Boss Neil came on and threw me a bit, his baffling comments about our performance and that of Shinnie surprised me I have to say. I did think we absolutely dominated first half, McGregor, Hanlon, Fontaine were strong and thorough, Captain David up and down that line, Fraser Fyvie everywhere, Holt deft of touch and clever of play, Boyler direct, clever and determined. Second half, I thought for 25 minutes we were rotten, we sat back, we allowed a poor Ayr team to come at us, before regaining control and seeing the game out.

John McGinn drifted in and out the game, but scored the best goal he will ever score for Hibernian, Neil Lennon said his goal was a stoatir and I agree, Neil also suggested Andrew Shinnie was good, my arse  he was, second to everything, second in every fifty fifty and suspiciously looking like he wisnae bothered. Not acceptable. I normally don’t say too much about the Hibs fans at the front end of my summary, however I have to say the 100 or so lads and lassies behind the goal sang for 90 minutes, they, along with other 1500 or so Hibs fans really were the 12th man today. Fantastic efforts and turn out on a cold day far away.

Another average Ref who if he had the balls could have had the Err 16 sent off first half, some of the challenges were ehh robust from the redneckers, and had the banjo players in the Err Errea fair chuffed. Clumping fuds. The east side lino got a few wrong against both Hibs 1st Half and the Dishonest Men 2nd. As I mentioned, I thought Err were poor, how is Sauzee’s name did tat shower beat us at Easter Road?


The Team

Marciano had a wonder save and very little else to do, go figure. His tribute song to Lady Gaga’s Alejandro was the weirdest, if best song of today!

David Gray Captain of Hibernian FC and winning goal scorer of the Scottish Cup Final 2016 had a good first half, very quiet second for me as we sat too deep for too long, almost 5 at the back for 25 minutes second half.

Darren McGregor was magnificent, he never gives the ball away.

Paul Hanlon was almost as magnificent as Darren.

Liam Fontaine had his best game in a while.

Lewis was quite today, tried to get forward but I thought their full back did well against him.

John McGinn drifted in and out the game, he was taking a bit of stick off some six finger dildo in the Err end for not being a super international, he scored a stunning forty yarder after a driving run, that goal was really a Super John McGinn goal. Having now watched the laddie in the Cup Final DVD, as a hetrosexual, I couldnae love him more than I do already. Got an assist too.

Fraser Fyvie must sleep well on a Saturday night, he covered every blade of grass on the surprisingly immaculate playing field. Quietly efficient and again our best midfielder.

Andrew Shinnie was poor, he just seems to choose games where he cannae establish a presence, it was like playing with 10 men at some points. He clearly has oodles of ability, he needs to channel his desire though, its missing too much. An enigma, as he has spurts of brilliance.

Grant Holt was everything you need in the experienced front man. Someone mentioned last week to me that he reminds them of Craig Brewster at Hibs. Spot on, he was first class for big parts of that game and scored a good goal too. I was impressed.

And finally, Squirrel. Martin Boyle again proved himself, two goals, direct, fast, passionate, skillful, a revelation again. Shrink was right, he is currently Magic.


I thought we left it too late again, but when we did make the changes, they came in a flurry.(which you can get in trouble doing in McDonalds I understand?)

Graham replaced Holt with around 10 to go, Grant was applauded off for his hard work and good play.

Barts came on for McGinn for the last few minutes, the game was over already.

Jase came on at the same time for Shinnie, no sure Jase got a touch of teh ball, no sure Shinnie got too many more that mattered.

I think Lenny and Gary Burger have found a team and shape they like, I like it too, but hate when we sit deep and allow shitey teams into games. He needs to get it into the players heeds, we need to kill teams off.

Ayr were rotten, James Forrests brother, who plays number 10 for them tried to fall over, and look pish like his Big Brother. Number 16 should have been off and the once decent Garry Harkins looks finished, which is a pity as I always thought he was a decent pro. I do like their right back, he has a touch and is hard as nails.

I have said all I want to say about the officials, pish.

The Hibs support was large and noisy, well done the radges behind that goal. Still got Hibees 3 Rainjurs 2 rattling about my napper, wappy doopy doo…..Hibs, Hibs.

There were a few possibles for man of the match, Daz McGregor is a class defender, Fraser Fyvie is no doubt in a deep, knackered sleep on the bus hame, Grant Holt is probably cheesing at his performance, great work but once again, Martin Boyle’s two goals, his running, desire and downright chuftness at leading the line for Hibernian earns his second MOM from me in two weeks. Dr Shrink is right, you really are a classic Hibs type of player son.


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