Livingston 2 v 0 Hibs

Am I allowed to say Hibs are shite? No? Good, Hibs are shite. That was rotten, no effort, no passion, no strength, out muscled, out played and didnae care, from the management to the players, 4000 Hibs fans came through, £25 a head and those useless arseholes didnae think to try? Word is they are off to the Costa Del Sol next week to a training camp. I wouldnae bother, I would have them on double shifts doon East Mains until we play United.

Ahhh but, it was the pitch, ahh but Livi are an industrial team. We have a 4G pitch at East Mains, weall live in Scotland……Livingston wanted it more than us. The manager didnae change it, he reacted to Livi changes. They marked Boyler out the game, you dinnae have to mark Doidge he is an easy beat, and lets be honest so was Scott Allan, Daryll Horgan, Joe Newell, Fraser Murray and Ollie Shaw …..all wet, Naismith is average, Daz strong but was at fault first goal ( I think?), Lewis and Murray were skinned for their second, Halberg remains our midfield, although some Hibs fans have now decided he is somehow a problem? Sorry, Hibs were shite and its not good enough, Jack Ross has now lost 4 games, we are insipid.

I would normally weave a tale of the pre and post match happenings, 100’s of Hibs fans packed into the Livi Stadium Bar, the Infirm on the telly. One thing is for sure, regardless of the spoutings of some, the Huns goals were met with eerie silence, the Celtc goal with cheers, Morelos sending off a bigger cheer than any Hibs move we had today, did we actually have a shot on target?

My approach to my summary of the team is different this week, my thoughts:

Rocky, keep, no chance at either goal.

Naismith is a squad player, keep, but Sir David is our best right back, the man who scored that goal on that day in 2016. Keep as a squad player.

Daz is ok, but seemed at fault with their first goal? Keep.

Paul was Hibs best player today for me. Keep.

Lewis was ok today, cannae be easy with a lazy, useless Horgan in front of you. Keep.

Horgan lazy and useless today, stop eating your bairns selection boxes pal. Not really good enough is he? Keep or release, wouldnt be bothered.

Hallberg, a diamond in a steaming pile of shite. Keep.

Slivka, done ok first 30 then made error after error, not really good enough is he? He can go.

Allan, done very little, I said so a few weeks back, something is up. Not good enough from Scott. Boot up the arse and keep.

Boyler, marked out the game. Keep.

Doidge, useless, he didnt care did he? Sell if we can.


Shaw for Allan with 25 to go. I would loan Shaw out and if he dos not shine in the lower leagues, release him, he is soft as skittery toly and brought nothing. Shame to condemn any Hibs man but….

Murray replaced Horgan with 25 to go too and made no impression. I had hope for him and Olllie, I was wrong. Loan out for a last chance saloon.

Newell for Hallberg. Sorry, Newell is another mistake see if we can get some cash for him. Another softy.

Management, well we beat Gunts but we have lost 4 games now with them in charge, two against teams we should beat. Frankly I am not that impressed so far, poor sub timings, no urgency, no goal threat apart from Boyler and not a shot on target today. Not acceptable.


For such a tiny club with 800 paying fans they beat us fair and square, well worth their win, thoroughly deserved. Well played, industrial but with a bit of ability. I would look to sign their right back if we could? Good idea with the pre match bars for home and away fans.

Ref was fine, tried to let a game in swirling wind on a plastic pitch go.

Hibs Fans, well 4000+ went home unhappy, good attendance, no atmosphere as the Since 1875 folk were stuck in one corner and the wind blew all their songs away. I would however like to add that Since 1875 founder member, Ross and his wife had a wee boy this weekend, congratulations from the Hibernian family, sorry Hibs spoiled the weekend for you guys, love from the Bounce!

Hibs man of the match was Paul Hanlon, no on else came close for me.

Next up is a mid season friendly in Estepona in Andalucia on the 10th of January, either Dutch team Willem II or another yet to be announced. If that falls through, its a closed doors game v Motherwell or suchlike. If a game is confirmed, a just back will follow as I holiday near there every summer, would hate to miss Hibs playing in my other town.

That was fucking rubbish, move on.

Hibernian Forever!

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