A comfortable home win against a pretty poor Dumbarton is perfectly fine, changes through out the team due to injury, suspension, illness and certain players being naughty boys during the week, yet those tasked with disposing of Nid’s ( thanks to his background growing up in Niddrie) lot did so without any difficulty.
The Players

Oxley – Must have been freezing, he had nothing to the whole ninety minutes()

Watson – We all love David . But Keith Watson today looked very, very good, accomplished in defence and very good coming forward with some great cross balls chucked in. Nae right backs for seasons, now we have two bloody good ones!

Fontaine – Captain for the day and strolled through the game with the elegance and aplomb of the accomplished defender he is.

Hanlon – Won’t have an easier game this season, did everything asked of him.

Stevenson – Like Hanlon, he won’t have an easier game this season, did everything asked of him. Lewis deserved the very warm applause he received when he made way from David, with 10 or so to go. A firm favourite of the Hibs support.

Robertson – I though Scott was fantastic today, he was all over the pitch, breaking up play, winning balls and newer to his locker, trying some clever through balls to the strikers.

McGeogh – In and out of the first half, seen more of him second half. Another diamond in this Hibs team, we need to get this laddie signed up.

Fyvie – Was 12th man’s man of the match, not mine, but he did have an excellent first half, faded second. Much more to come from this laddie though, get him signed up too.

Handling – Started, got subbed after 86 minutes, tracked back once and won one challenge. Glad we only needed ten men today as Danny did his best Liam Craig impression.

Malonga – Scored two smashing goals, is clever when the ball is into his feet, other times, and to quote my best mate, he looks like a poor mans Ballotelli! A frustratingly talented player to watch, but he scores goals and that is what matters. His header was a stoatir!

Dja Djedje – I enjoyed watching him today, his movement is great, he has a good turn of pace, is a team player and works well with big Dom. His goal was very well taken after a poor first touch. I though Big Dom and Franck looked good together today.


Boyle for Malonga around 80 minutes. Couple of runs made, good squad player.

David, came on for Lewis a couple of minutes after the first substitution and slotted into right back, whilst Watson came over to left for the last few minutes. I understand David was dropped due a disciplinary issue, will tell more if I hear?

Hibs fans are often grumpy assholes, but today they showed their other side, firstly with the warm applause of Lewis, followed by a magnificent cheer and applause as young Conner Duthie ran on to make his Hibernian debut. His few minutes on the pitch were clearly enjoyed by his Hibs supporting friends and family, who gave him a massive hug as he came of the pitch at the end, I really liked that.

Stubbs and his pals – Alan, you have created the best Hibs team I have watched since Tony Mowbray, keep this going. Watching Hibs is good…really good again.

Missing players today included Scott Allan who was ill, Sammy Stanton who has mumps, Liam Craig who was suspended and best of all, Jason Cummings, who I understand was benched for being involved in a food fight in Tesco during the week, the daft radge.

Dumbarton – Nid, your game plan went to pot as soon as Franck scored, no plan B and not much about you. I reckon they will be in the relegation mix.

Referee – Another balloon in a big bunch of them this season. Two blatant Hibs penalties missed or ignored. Clearly yet another SFA ‘member’ who cannae see or hear what is going on right in front of them.

Man of the Match – As I said above, the 12th man gave it to Famous Fyvie. I disagree, I think Liam Fontaine and Scott Robertson were better, however best Hibs player for me today was the excellent Keith Watson, another Alan Stubbs & Co find that simply looks like a very good football player.

No “Just back” from me next week, I am missing my second game of the season aas I am on a promise. Stand in for me will be my pal Scoopyboy, who will give his take on our away game in Alloa once he drags his erky oot the boozer in East Lothian post match.



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