A crucial win last night at Dumbarton, Mark again gives his excellent appraisal of the game. 
Ok, we only beat 10 men Dumbarton 2-1 away, but its three points and whilst it was a stuttery victory, we won it and one or two Hibs players shone. I had not planned to be at the game, expecting to be working in Dublin this week, but a late cancellation let me get along and watch our team and I like doing that. To the team itself…. Oxley – An enigma for me, two or three fantastic saves, interspersed with punching instead of catching and yet another fumble to lose a goal. Boyle – Played right half, and did pretty well first half, looked the part then proceeded to do very little second half, although one of three or four crosses he put in was a peach which sailed over Malonga’s head. Forster – One of three centre backs, who came onto a decent first half. Then one of three centre backs who looked shaky uncertain second half? Nice to see him back though. Took the headbutt from the fanny no 6 of Dumbarton like man which saw said dafty red carded. Hanlon – Took his headed goal very well, again one of three centre backs, who had a very decent first half. Then one of three centre backs who looked shaky uncertain second half?

Fontaine – One of three centre backs, who came onto a decent first half. Then one of three centre backs who looked shaky uncertain second half? Great mazy run near the end, beating two or three players coming forward.

Stevenson – Did as well as he does every week.

Robertson – Sat in the holding roll first half and played well, subbed for Fyvie at half time, seemed to hurt his knee?

Craig – I know one or two of you think I am hard on Liam. Well tonight whilst he is no world beater, when he passes the ball forward and crisply, he does well and looked the part. Second half when he dropped back to share the holding role with Fraser Fyvie, I thought he did less well. Overall an acceptable performance from Liam Craig though.

Scott Allan – When Scotty plays like he did tonight, you know this laddie could go far. He was good first half, in moments second half, he was unplayable, cruising past players stroking fantastic balls left right and centre. Lovely ball for Jason for the winner, a magical performance Scott.

Farid – Huffed and puffed and tried his hard out. Missed a penalty, had a few nice turns and half arsed shots, but most importantly got the full 90 minutes and there are signs he is on his way back to fitness and form.

Cummings – Did what he is paid to do, score goals, he wanted to take the penalty, so did Scott Allan, Farid took it and missed. Took his goal very well and was subbed a few minutes later. I wish more Hibs fans got behind Jase, he is a good laddie and is top scorer in our league.


Fyvie – On for Robertson at half time and after taking five minutes to settled, had a great game, breaking up play one minute, storming up the pitch the next, then the same again and the same again. Best performance I have seen him give in a Hibs shirt.

Malonga – Came on for Cummings with 15 or so to go, actually nearly scored a good goal, but I still reckon he gets a far warmer welcome from the fans than he is earning at the moment.

Stubbs and Co – Ground out a win, did enough, blah, blah, blah. It will do, we are second again, and its back over to the Huns to get above us again. Whatever you said to Scott Allan, say the same on Sunday Alan.

Dumbarton – Gave us some frights, must be pissed off with their boy for getting sent off. Battled hard and shouldn’t go down.

Referee – Charleston was hopeless, a highland dancer, verging on cheating with daft wee decisions. His polis pals in Ludge Sir Keektolybumfart, Larkhall must be spitting in his goat blood tonight, even after all his efforts, Hibs still got a win.

Fans – A poor 1100 at the game with more than half being Hibs fans, we stuck with the team, we cannae do more than that. Nice to see a one night only return for Bongo, not so nice was Fieryjack’s camouflage shirt, went looking for him for a blether at halftime and couldnae find him, and finally well done the limbo dancing stewards, no often you see that on a Wednesday night in Dumbarton.

Thanks to Scoopyboy for nearly standing in for me, and the good Doctor for the lift in his new car!

On another note, congratulations to all our friends at FC Groningen who reached the dutch cup final tonight.

Next, well that is easy, bring on the Jambos.

Also we have for your entertainment a video of the Q and A with John Brownlie and John Blackley at the last St. Pat’s Branch meeting Thursday 12th March , in the Hibs Club, where 50+ Branch members listened to these Tornadoes answering frankly questions put to them.


Lastly I am sure that you will be delighted to hear that FC Groningen eased past Excelsior with a 3-0 win last night to book their place in next month’s Dutch Cup final against holders PEC Zwolle. Groningen will play in only their second Dutch Cup final, having lost in 1989 to PSV Eindhoven.The match against PEC is in Rotterdam on May 3. Many Dutch St. Patrick’s Branch members with sair heids today I am told.
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