Easter Road


Tough one today, playing a team who came for a draw, lost a goal and decided then to try and keep the score low when the second went in. It was Baltic at Easter Road today, although my cockles were warmed pre match by the magnificent response by the Hibernian fans to the request for donations for local food banks. Albion Place all the way round from the corner at the Church to the East Stand were lined with donations from good people. 21st century Scotland should not need food banks, we do sadly. A big thanks to Hands on Hibs for arranging this fine effort.

To the game today….

Oxley – Hardest job for him today was keeping warm, he had nothing much to do for 90 minutes.

Stevenson – Had his usual steady performance first half on the left, switched to the right to cover the injured Gray at half time and did equally well there. I like Lewis.

Fontaine – Did fine, strolls through games but could learn to header a ball more firmly, its not difficult.

Hanlon – Paul had another good performance today, turning into a very good defender since taking up the man up classes I know he now goes to.

Gray – A decent first half, some good control and crosses in, and defends like a defender should. Hope he went off for something minor.

Craig – Was ok today, until the last ten minutes when he dropped too deep. Stay forward Liam, you bring something to the team there.

Handling – The 12th man gave Danny Man of the Match (I know who you are!), and he took his tap in well, otherwise all I can say is he wisnae as bad as last week.

Allan – The laddie is a fitba player, a proper one and we will sell him one day, to a better or bigger or richer team. He makes as many mistakes as he does make clever plays, but its worth watching and I want Hibs players like Scott Allan all over the pitch.

Robertson – Never put a foot wrong all game. I like Scott when he sits deep and wins the fitba. I thought he was quietly excellent today.

Cummings – I feel sorry for the laddie. He is trying too hard, blootering every shot, taking half chances and missing, being a greedy wee b etc. It will come son, just ease off the desire to scud it every time.

Malonga – Not his best game, but he moves around well, makes defenders think and has ability. His goal was weird. I am happy he pulls on the ehhh, White and Green of Hibs.


Booth – Came on at half time for Gray and did everything asked of him, including a couple of good crosses into dangerous areas.

Heffernan – Came on for Cummings, did nowt, would rather see young Allan or Sinclair on.

Kennedy – Came on for Handling and actually raised the pace of the game. I fell sorry for Sam Stanton who was decent at Falkirk and never got on whilst the extremely average handling kept his place.

Stubbs and Flatmates – I wont lie, my other team is Everton and I like what Hibs are doing with the school of science tactics. The crisp passing, the shape, defenders confident on a ball are what Moyes and now Roberto knows work. Alan and Co are slowly bringing it to Hibs and there are glimpses of good football breaking out regularly, not enough and we are not scoring goals, but I think it will come. I know the impatient amongst us want magic, I am happy enough to see things develop and for Stubbsy and the Porty two to give us something special.

Alloa – Serves us right for getting relegated, that is the crap we have to play now in front of 8000 fans. Remember that Petrie.

Man of the match – Off field, the guys at Hands on Hibs are my men and women of the day, ably supported by the Hibs fans and people of Leith and North & East Edinburgh, on field it was more difficult, Paul Hanlon was very good again, Scott Allan oozes class, Lewis Stevenson was comfortable all over the pitch, it certainly wisnae Danny Handling Jack, although I am told he is a good looking laddie, so I am going for Scott Robertson who did exactly what his role needs.

Lets catch the Hundogs Hibs.



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