………..I hope, as I am sick of negative tactics, rubbish players, half  hearted idiots and soft touches playing for my football team. Whoever takes over this fine old club needs to weed this crap out pronto. That was like watching a Pat Fenlon masterclass.

  • Williams – Unlucky at the penalty and goal but dreadfully slow in releasing the ball. He also needs to have that armband taken off him, you cannot captain a team from the six yard box.


  • McGivern – Woeful and rightly subbed at half time, the laddie cannae defend and had a far better defender playing in front of him


  • Hanlon – As soft as ever, I am sure if the new manager is the ex England centre half he won’t put up with fairies at the back


  • Forster – Better than last week but by no means the man of the match as awarded by the sponsors


  • Maybury – Showed more effort and work rate that many of the young ‘fitter’ players on the pitch.


  • Tiawo – Atrocious and the most negative player I have seen in a Hibs shirt including that Hun Bassa Wilkins, rightly removed at half time


  • Thomson – Another one who too often goes backwards instead of forwards, he slows the play up too much and looked slow today up against the older by far more dynamic and effective Foran


  • Stevenson – Looked a bit lost in midfield, but showed his consistency when returned to left back to to replace the hapless McGivern


  • Robertson – Yet again, head and shoulders above the rest of his team mates, the only midfielder to tried continuously to drive forwards and get back when needed. Once more looked ashamed as he walked off after the match. You shouldn’t be son, guys like you are the future of Hibs, you care and look interested.


  • Collins – I cannae make my mind up, is the laddie a donkey or a carthorse? He certainly has all the touch of one and ability of the other.


  • Heffernan – No service but really looked like he wasn’t that interested.


  • Vine – If you are replaced by Vine at half time, you know you have been really crap, Tom Tiawo. If Vine is a football player, I am the Queen, what an lazy imposter, piss off Vine and do not come back, ever.


  • Zoubir – He did try to make things happen, and tried to be direct.


  • Cummings – Tried hard, maybe too hard but again he had to as the service is awful.


  • Man of the match – Scott Robertson, again, and by a country mile.


  • Boss – For those who advocated giving Jimmy Nicholl a chance, well there ye are. I reckon he is a good passionate coach or assistant but is as clueless as Fenlon about what to do with that lot?


  • Fans – Well done for staying for 75-80 minutes, as that was awful.

Inverness- Simply a better, fitter, sharper, more passionate, skillful football team than Hibs.

Ref – Pretty poor, I would have sent Vine off for being offensive to the fans.

Terry Butcher – Good luck pal, you’ll need it.


Mark Strachan

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