Worthy champions my arse. They were poor. But enough of the Gorgie Gash, lets talk about the winners, the team that own the capital, Hibernian FC. We started well, the high tempo game worked first half, the return of a bit of steel in Jordan Forster worked, the three five two worked, the excellent Farid El Aligui worked his socks off, we beat them without ever having to go into top gear, as I said, worthy champions my arse. Shut up noisy neighbours, yur eff all.

So to the victors……

Oxley – As is his want, some gaffs, some wonder saves, some time wasting, some annoying the puddle drinkers doing so.

Forster – I thought he was magnificent, big, strong, showed no fear and blootered a couple of Gunts, my kind of Hibernian defenders. I understand from TV watchers, he made a couple of great blocks when the bloodied turds tried to equalise. Welcome back big felly, you improved on your decent performance at Dumbarton, I like that.

Hanlon – Other than a wee first half error, I though Paul dealt very well from the Dutch Bargain Bucket and the lanky Streak of Pish up front for the kiddy fiddlers.

Fontaine – We know Liam is class, and he played just like Paul. I do think he is getting a bit gallus though and needs to stick to his key role as a centre half.

Stevenson – Lewis shows no fear and rattled a few tax dodgers, other Hibs players need to learn from Lewis in how to put a solid, clean but hard challenge in.

Boyle – I thought he did well today, he was given a difficult role for the second time in a few days and did well, given that cannae be easy. Was better first half than second, but its a quibble, so were most of the team.

Fyvie – Fraser just gets better and better, a good player I would like to remain at Hibs.

McGeogh – I thought he did ok, but I do think he is a greedy bugger, five or six times he had a pass on and didnae make it, mostly losing possession doing so. I felt had the Gunts had a Hun shirt on, Dylan would have given a bit more.

Allan – Was very good first half and starved of service second, he toyed with them, I like that, I like that a lot, he showed them no respect.

Cummings – I thought Jason worked his socks off, scored his weekly goal and was fouled for the penalty we never got. Wilson was holding him tighter than Zeefuik holds a Big Mac and fries.

Farid El Aligui – Is simply a fantastic player, his effort given his lay off since August was magnificent, he worked and worked and worked and clearly dislikes the World War 1 winners as much as us. What a calm and collected way to score the winner, dinking it over Alexander send us into raptures. Brilliant Farid, thank you!


Malonga – One for Jason Cummings after about 70 minutes, then off for Dja Djedje 10 minutes later. Deary me Dominic, deary, deary me, what were you playing at? Its been a while since I seen a sub being subbed for being embarrassed. You know you should have passed to Boyle, you greedy barsteward. Still, disnae matter, we beat them anyway. Some Hibs fans should mind, whilst Malonga made an erse of ‘that’ pass, he is a Hibs player, ye dinnae berate him when there are ugly gunts to abuse.

Dja Djedje – Did exactly what Dom didnae. His work got the ball to Farid to score that lovely dink of a winner. Well done Franck.

Alan and his Flatmates – Well done Stubbsy, we outplayed, out thunk and out classed them, enjoy your win and make it the first derby win of many. Its a derby, its what we want and your system worked. Can you please learn to gee them up more at half time please, we were too slow and pedestrian second half, when we might have given the tramps a real doing had we kept the momentum up.

Referee – Woeful, bordering on cheating. How Hibs had more players booked than them is beyond honesty. Had you booked both Gomis and Puta Gonzales first half after both committed three bad fouls, you would ten have had to send both off for bad foul second. You didn’t, and it was penalty, a soft penalty, but a penalty. Has Jason been man handled like that outside the box, you would have given Hibs a foul.

The Gunts – Feck the lot of you, your party is cancelled.

In other news, I chose to drive through Gorgie on the way home, ye have to really. Not a puddle drinker to see the length of the road, and then three of them standing dressed as maroon Chriatmas Trees at the bus stop in Chesser, wonga coats the lot. I slowed down and innocently asked them what the score was and suggested they might be Gorgie “lady parts”, I have no idea what upset them so much? Much shaking of fists and anger in my rear view mirror. Such terribly sore losers?

They dinnae like it up um eh.

Man of the Match – Right up to Farids goal, I was giving it to Forster, but Farid’s goal and celebration tipped it for me, so it goes to El Alagui for working his erky off and getting the goal that killed them off. Nice to have you back mate!



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