By Sauzee it was cold in the Jim McLean Lower Restricted View and stood on a seat the whole game Stand. Hibs rarely warmed me or my 3000 fellow Hibbys up with their often boring, piss poor hoof it approach. It was like watching Hertz first half. Boyle left his first touch in the hoose, Holt looks like a pub team player, Marv was a yard too slow of pace and thinking, Dylan was out of position, neither Captain Dave or Lewis got a good ball in and we took too long to change things. United took too many touches, scuffed shots, and generally were ineffective. We missed our penalty and they scored theirs.

Two hoof long balls to that hapless huddy of a heifer Holt all game when you couldnae get a sheet of two ply bog paper under his jumps summed up Lennon’s piss poor approach to the game. I get that we were two very good midfielders down, I get that Jase had ate a cream bun too many a few weeks back but to play that way against the main challengers is not good enough.

Now the positives. The massive Hibernian support were fantastic 3000 Hibs fans, many cleary having been on a halfy and hauf or two, sang, chanted and cheered the boys on. Pity some of the players didnae show the same passion for our club. The other positive was the much maligned Andrew Shinnie. I am one of his critics, but tonight he was head and shoulders ahead of most of his teammates. Only Darren McGregor showed that same drive and passion in my opinion.

The Team

Rocky – Watched a lot of balls drift over the bar, a few went wide and he held the insipid shots that reached him. He had not chance at the penalty.

Captain David, winning goal scorer in the 2016 Scottish Cup Final and Club L,egend got down the line plenty but his final ball was generally not good enough.

I thought Darren McGregor was wonderful, he is rock hard and never gives the ball away. Was he involved in the shambles of the penalty, couldnae see from my seat.

Paul did fine but lost a few too many challenges for me tonight.

Liam Fontaine charged up the field, as graceful as Bambi on ice. I think he gave the penalty away?

Lewis like el Capitano, was up and down the line all night but again the final ball was not good enough. His one good ball received the wrong run from Jason.

Marvin Bartley was guff, a yard too slow, he can roll a man but cannae tackle, he loses most 50/ 50’s. Hard man my erse. Sorry I really dinnae rate him.

Dylan appeared to be too deep all game and by doing so he was ineffective. Only looked like the real McGeouch when he pushed forward at the end. What a waste.

Andrew Shinnie was magnificent, did I say that!! Ok, he is a jessie a lot of the time, but he has some lovely footwork, he likes to drive forward and he gave his all the full game.

Grant Holt is a waste of a XXL Hibs jersey, he doesn’t score goals, he dives, his wee flicks rarely bring anything, he cannae jump and he keeps better players out the team. He gives me ideas of a return to football at the age of 50, as I am a lumbering fat guy who used to have a touch. At one point he beat the United right back well but didnae have the two yards of pace to catch the ball. Awful. He got 90 minutes, why?

Squirrel’s first touch let him down tonight, big hoofs to chase down are not his game and his penalty effort was piss. Replaced by Jase.

The Subs

As aforementioned, Jase come on for penalty duffer Boyle and has our first shot on target at the 80th minute Yup. I would start him next week.

Graham replaced Bartley with 8 minutes to go, he did very little.

Eardley came on last minute for Fontaine and put a couple of decent balls into the box.

I thought the Management team got it wrong tonight, the painfully slow Bartley and cringingly poor Holt should have been hooked. Scott Martin must see no future at Hibs. The changes came too late and this punishing of Jason is now getting petty, did Lennon not do this with a Celtic player at one time? Commons? Sort it out Neil, we clearly have a paper thin squad, bolster it with quality and stop playing that huddy Holt, please.

I thought United were decent, no better than us, but decent with some good players. They even raked out 7000 fans tonight, it will be back to 4500 next home game right enough.

For the second Hibs game in a row, I thought he referee was very good.

Man of the Match was Andrew Shinnie, by a country mile. Well played son, keep it up.

Special note to the support again, 3000 noisy barstewards, dressed in green and white Santa hats, courtesy of Marathon Bet.

Shittiest part of the evening was the restricted ridiculous so called view from my seat.

Onwards Hibs, we can still win this League.


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