Its games like these that may just help us get out of this horribly tough League, last year, we would have dropped points, take it from me.

We arrived in the West of Scotland backwater of Dumbarton just as the infirm game ended. I parked up in my usual spot in a nice wee scheme near the ground. We spotted a Union Flag hinging out a hing outs windae across the road. Various Orcs were looking out (or licking) the windaes and as myself, the good Doc and my two teenage sons walked passed smiling at both Hibernian’s victory in the Final of the 2016 Scottish Cup and the just finished hiding they have taken off Thellick, one ugly Hun hung out his windae to ask how the Championship was, to which son no 1 asked him how the Scottish Cup was, I then asked how his team got on today as I raised an invisible Scottish cup to him, he started speaking slurred Welsh, then suggested ” Is that your silver motor pal? ” suggesting my car may come to harm whilst I watch Hibs, to which I replied, ” Is that your f****** hoose pal?”. Oh the banter in the West on a derby day.

In reflection it may just have been the best part of the efty, as the reasonable Dumbarton did everything in their power to play long balls and stifle Hibs fluid football. Most of you know my thoughts on Hibs tempo when Big Marv plays (and Dylan disnae), today was the same, we were too slow and ponderous for much of the first half, although a soft foul on Holt gave Jase a chance to score his usual goal from the spot, which he duly dispatched. We did have a few decent chances and when we could we played some good football, with, especially first half the tireless work of Fyvie and skills of Shinniesta opened up the Sons of the Rock. Second half we improved greatly, first when Dylan came on for Marv and interestingly Graham replaced Jase, leaving most of us baffled as Holt had been average with constant knock downs to Jase not working. It worked though, Holt really got going as Big Brian is direct and likes to shoot early, they worked well together last 15, John McGinn instantly improves the minute Dylan comes on too, so last 15 we saw a much more positive fluid Hibs and we might have just killed stuffy Dumbarton off. Shinniesta came off for Forster at a bad time, why, well because one radge who had clearly had a good day oot pre match and was conducting the 800 strong Hibs away support in a couple of renditions of a song about a Hun wi a hat that clearly isnae very magic at all.

The team today……

Rocky looks like a goalie, a good goalie. He also looks like a sweeper, one that can play fitba. One flap in an otherwise flawless clean sheet.

David Gray, Captain and winning goal scorer in the 2016 Scottish Cup final had a good game today, although his final ball might have been better.

McGregor won every header and was strong all game against that tattooed freak Stevenson

Paul Hanlon started slow but I thought he was superb second half. Why don’t we have a song for Hibs most consistently good player?

Lewis Stevenson had a smashing game, the Doc will agree, he was up and down the line all game, he had three long passes that all got to Grays head to knock back into the box and as Shrink pointed out he made the three most incisive passes of the game with some cracking defence splitting balls.

Big Marv sat in the bottom tip of the diamond, he did fine but I am not sure it was a game for him, he plods a bit too much.

Fraser Fyvie never stops, up and doon like a hoors knickers, he really is a key cog in Hibernian wheel.

Super John had a quiet first half, but with the introduction of Dylan he woke up and did very well. I just don’t think they understand.

Shinniesta was for me the best of the midfield, a proper Hibs player, direct, positive, nice touch and eye for goal.

Holt annoys me, he is a player, he is ehhhhh more mature than most of his team mates, but it seemed whilst he plays with Jase, his sole role is to provide wee dinks and cushioned heiders to the Slateford Pirlo. When Jase went off, Holt was actually better and I thought he, Lewis, McGinn and Graham linked up particularly well.

Jase scored that goal and I think he thinks he got an other. He also missed a decent chance at 1-0 when the natural goalscorer once again became the Stenhouse Pirlo again. When they go in they will be joyous, when they dinnae it gets right on your tits. Fitba fans eh?


Dylan came on for Marv with 25 minutes to go and the temp rose. When Dylan can play, Hibs are at their best for me. I think he needs to be renamed Mr Stretch, work it out.

Graham replaced Jase at the same time as Dylan for Marv. It surprised me but in fact, as I said above it worked. I like the cut of Brian Graham’s jib, he looks like a player, can head a ball and shoots early, a failing at Hibs for a long time. Brian, mind its bunnet, belt, fags and matches son.

Forster came on with a few minutes to go to give Shinnie a rest and shore up a slightly under pressure back four, it worked.

The Manager set his team out to win, we did. I guess Dylan isnae fully fit as we don’t need Marv starting in these games, but a win is a win this season. No quite as good a result as your wee team Neil, but keep working on it.

Dumbarton gave us a game and had a couple of good players and at least three ex Jambo fuds. I thought their goalie was very decent.

The referee must have had a draw on his coupon, f****** clown. Must have had 7 minutes injury time and missed a pile of sore ones on Hibs players.

800 Hibs fans in a 1350 crowd tells you why we need to get out of this League, however fair play to the 500 or so Dumbarton fans for getting through a whole game without a chant or song and f*** the wee group of Huns in their end who booed when the Hibs support sang about the Hun and his Hat, magic or very soon, tragic.

Man of the Match or best Hibs player? I thought their goalie was man of the match, but best best Hibs player might have been the very skillful Andrew Shinnie, but for me Hibs best player was the mercurial Lewis Stevenson who had a smashing attacking game.

See you at Easter Road next week for the visit of Ayr United.

Sorry for my lateness, I now drop my oldest of at Uni in the weege after games, Fritz, hope you coped mate!



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