Pars 1 v 3 Hibees

OK, ok I know some of the unhappier Hibs fans will be mumping and grumping about this and that, but it was a friendly on a warm afternoon where I think and ye can count at the end, there were 19 Hibs players on the pitch over the 90 minutes. Before I start, can I just say that was like watching a bruise, Hibs resplendant in all purple, the Pars in all black, both with a fine pinstripe and white sponsors logo, more than once ye didnae ken if it was a Hibs or Dunfermline player who had the ball. Very poor by the clubs and ref. It was my first game of the season after missing Arbroath due to me being on my holibobs. I was like a bairn at Christmas today, the fitba back, a Stephens, steak bridie and warm enough to sit in shirtsleeves. It went wrong early though, in my desire to ensure our American Bouncer Super Tortolano got photo of a bridie and broon sauce, I opened the sachet to give a slight drizzle of broon on the pastry, only to discover that Dunfermline use a watery chippy sauce that literally did give me a money shot right down the from of my emarald green polo Lacoste. Pah.

Hibs wore the new purple away kit today, its suits us I have to say, looks like a decent kit. The starting team line up was exactly as I expected, confusing, with Heck trying new things out. New boyo Maxwell in goal, James at rightback, Daz and Paul at centre, Smackie at Left back, Mallan in front of the 4, Murray kind of right mid but in the middle too, Newell kind of left, that magnificent specimen, Scotty Allan in the middle, Boyler down the right and Doige thorough the middle. As there were so many changes second half, I will summarise my thoughts of both halfs. Pars took a very early lead following poor defending and sloppy goalkeeping, with many of the massive Hibs support still either queuing to get in or queuing for a Steak Bridie thinking it was 0-0 at half time, fans were still trickling in 30 minutes into the game. After early pressure from Dunfermline, Hibs spent the majority of the first half, playing  wee slick passes between Mallan, Allan, Murray, Boyler, James, and to a lesser extent Newell, Doige seen a lot of the ball but never really looked dangerous for me, he can knock a ball on well though, pity as one up means he is knocking it down to no one in partiuclar most of the time. To be honest the first half was easily forgetable, with only really Mallan, Murray and James standing out for me.

Second half we only made one change at half time, Hanlon for Jackson and we plodded on. Then a raft of changes, announced as 4 changes, I counted five with Allan, Mallan, Murray, Boyler and Doige going off and Horgan, Flo, Stirling, Shaw and Moon coming on with around 30 minutes still to go. Daryll Horgan changed the game for Hibs. First of all we scored a fine goal from a corner. Although announced as Newell scoring, it was in fact Adam Jackson who scored a smashing overhead kick to equalise and way up the mumbling hIbs end. The changes brought a far more direct Hibs, going at the Pars, Daryll Horgan running at his man, jinked and was taken out for a clear penalty. Daryll took it himself with a fine penalty. He then worked well with Mackie to get a great cross to the back of the six yard box from where Flo Kamberi scored a fine header to put us 3-1 up. Flo looked delighted, I was too, a very good team goal from Hibernian. We then continued to carry out substitutions, bring on Sadiki, Campbell and Doig as we saw the game out to send out thexpectant Hibs support a wee bit happier.

Maxwell – Flapped twice, once at their goal, another time from a corner soon after. Had a good save second half though. Lose the fucking man bun son, you play for Hibs now.

Tom James impressed me at right back, composed, can pick a pass and like to attack. I thought he looked the best of a our new signings by a country mile today.

Daz disnae play friendlies, he just plays for Hibs, no nonsense, I wish he was five years younger. A few half chances with headers in the opposition box.

Paul done ok, he is now deidicated passer ooter fi defence, he is not Efe though.

Smackie got a two year extension this week, well done son. He proceeded to have the worst game he will ever have in a Hibernian shirt. Disnae matter, its a pre season friendly, get the shite games out your system early son, you will do just fine once you settle in.

Stevie Mallan played like Dylan did at his peak today, I thought Stevie, Scotty and Fraser linked up really really well once we got going. A few half hit chnaces before being subbed to. May be a key player for hIbs this year, looked up for it.

Fraser Murray is a baller too, lovely fitba player and looks like he has played for us for years, another one who could be important for Hibernian this season. One twist and turn in particular was more Scott Allan than Scott Allan, nice.

Scotty, ohh Scotty with that shining hair and deft touch, sigh. To think I thought you were a Hun bastard at one point, shame on me. I think with some muscle in midfield to help, the triumpherate of Mallan, Allan and Murray could be very exciting this year.

Newell I felt was simply not very good and offered very little, I hope he is just out of shape and short of match fitness.

Boyler look happy to be back and gave it a few good goes without really getting anything really dangerous into the box. Nice to have a bit of pace again.

Doige showed snippets of something, he can win a ball, he can head a ball, he can hold it up well, but played as a single striker, it really didnae work.

So that was the eleven who played 45 minutes or more from the start.

Jackson played the whole second half and did nowt wrong, no nonsense centre half who scored a cracking overhead kick ( I think it was him?). Can he header a ball properly in the opposition box, if he can we have signed a winner.

Horgan changed the game. I suppose if Daryll did what he did in every game he would not be playing for us. Excellent 30 minutes.

Moon, thought I would get this in early, he played down the right but is clearly left footed, it did not work and he didnt particularly impress. Time yet though.

Flo came on with apoint to prove and I felt he offered far more as s striker than Doige, his header was a thing of joy, if Oli had a fitba brain, Flo would have had a second. He did well and did his starting chances no harm at all.

Ben Striling. Well the laddie for me may just fill the role of midfield ball winner that we are missing. Maybe not right away, but blooded in, as the laddie looks like he has it, I thought he was cool, composed and strong.

Shaw fluffed a sitter should have passed to Flo but missed instead and looked poor. I will keep saying, he needs to get out on loan, dare I say it at somewhere like Dunfermline where he can get himself back in the goals. Pity, as I always want the Hibs supporting laddies to do best.

Sadiki – I atcullay think this young man mountain will go on to for part of the best centre half pairing of Hibs near future with Ryan Porteous, another one who did not look out of place.

Campbell and Doig both came on I think but with so many changes and similarity of kit I struggled to work out what they could do in their five or so minutes.

Hecky and Robbie are still tinkering, I think we are still missing an Omeonga, a Marc McNulty and a younger, fitter and better passing version of Milligan and Bartley combined. I am confident we will formma good team this year, I am looking forward to watching it take shape in the friendlies and leagie cup. Those going along with their negative, anti Hibs attitude need to mind its early July and we are trying things out, shouting down good Hibs players will never win us anything, you will still go home to you sorry, shitey lives. Watch Hibs to enjoy life, not to take out your frustrations on the things we love ffs.

I have nothing to say about Stevie Crawford and Dunfermline, I was there to watch Hibs taking shape today. I do wish them well, proper local club with excellent pastry based snackage.

The refereee looked like something from 1976, weirdly old fashioned looking but was insipid and booked no one letting the game flow. Fair enough. I hope you enjoy your Vesta Curry and the Good Life on the telly tonight.

Massive Hibs support, I expect this will continue. No Since 1875, drums or songs the whole 90 minutes?

Overall, the first half was poor, we passed the tits of ourselves after struggling for the first 20 minutes. Too many short, under-hit passes, too much indecision at the back, powder puff up front. Best were Mallan, Murray and James. Last 30 minutes were a  Daryll Horgan led attacking Hibs performance with Horgan, Kaberi, Jackcon James and Striling looking good.

Man of the match, well it was between Mallan and Murray first 60 but for me Daryll Horgan scored, created and changed the game. he gets it fo rhis excellent 30 minutes.

Next stop, a trip to Ingerlund, see you in Carlisle on Tuesday night, should be a quiet wee trip.

Hibernian Forever!

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