Just back home, went for a wander round the shops until the feeling of being gutted started to leave me. We started well, we looked dangerous but we cannae score, that is what I said on Wednesday, that is what I am sorry to have to say today. We are a Championship team again, and whilst I personally really only go to watch Hibernian every week and the opposition are pretty much irrelevant to me, this will now start to hurt the club. They are charging Premier League prices for championship fare, people are already voting with their feet, and it will continue until we remove the cancer that is Petrie and his wee group of hingers on.

I think we will lose some key players in the close season, someone will offer big bucks for the excellent Scott Allan, I think McGeoch will slink back to the lesser greens, I am afraid Fyvie looked like he was off post match and even Fontaine may simply be snapped up for an extra £100 a week down south?

Others can go, I will give my suggestions based on the season, and I won’t miss them, feel free to add, or disagree.

One positive thing was good was the policy of only selling the uglies 1500 tickets meant we only had to witness one or two really fecking ugly huns. Most of the putrid 17th century dwelling tramps were far enough from my seat to almost neither hear nor see them. They truly are Scotland’s shame with their UVF, Millwall and Chelsea Flags, their ignorant, sectarian songs and their hygiene issues, scum is too nice a word for them, I hate them and for the next week I am a Motherwell fan, I want them to stay down with us and for Hibernian to give them a series of spankings next season.

The team

Oxley – Good thing is he will hopefully never wear a Hibs jersey again. Let’s sign a good keeper Hibs, one we and the Hibernian defenders trust. And if Cerny isn’t it, get rid of him too.

Gray – He didn’t look fit again today but I felt gave his all. He avoided the pissing about, tippy tappy shite of some of his team mates, when we needed to attack and go for the jugular. His performances this season made me feel good about Hibs again.

Fontaine – I think he was poor, indeed I will go as far as to say he has been poor for weeks. I would even suggest he has started to believe his own reviews or has been tapped up. He pissed about with tippy tappy shite far too often and cannae heed a ball properly in attack. He was decent until a few weeks back. Overall, his performances this season made me feel good about Hibs again though.

Hanlon – I know some think you are not allowed to say this, I thought Paul played well again today, and looked liked he cared. I know Paul would love to play for our club for his whole career, he is one of us. However he may be part of the problem, the laddie is simply too nice. He has improved though and can get better.

Stevenson – I think Lewis is a tryer, I say most weeks that he cannae beat a man and he cannae cross, but he tries to and never stops doing so. He will be our left back next season I expect?

McGeogh – Flatters to deceive and reckon he is away back along the M8. I had hope for him, now I am ambivalent about him staying.

Craig – He made too many daft mistakes today, but worked like a Trojan. He stays too far away from his man, not closing down and I don’t think he is a captain. Not surprisingly I am ambivalent about him staying, more surprisingly, I expect he will.

Allan – Scott was most of what was good about Hibs today and most weeks. I do think he vanished second half when put on the left by Stubbs, it was a mistake, we lost the one creative player in our team. I think Scott likes playing for Hibs, he knows he is adored, but I expect we will sell him as we will get an offer Petrie and his pals will not refuse. Scott Allan is the best player I have seen in a Hibernian shirt since Franck Sauzee and Russell Latapy. Thank you Scott, you are the main reason I enjoyed watching my football team again.

Fyvie – I like him, I don’t think he is staying though. He did try hard today, he clearly has no love of the orcs, but his body language post match suggests he is off, which is a pity, he is guid.

Cummings – Scored a beauty but did very little else. Jason is of Jambo stock and will never truly be loved by Hibs fans, which is a pity, he is young, and our top scorer and can develop and learn. I will be delighted to see him stay, but expect we may get a bid or two for him.

Malonga – Sorry, I don’t think he gives much of a shite about our club. Today he simply didnae look like he tried hard enough and takes ten chances to score one goal. If he left, I wouldnae blink an eye. 


Farid for Craig – El Aligui did more in his 30 minutes than Cummings and Malonga did in the two ties. Why he was not given more time baffles me, he wins the ball in the air and on the ground and tries that extra bit more. Simply he looks like he wants to play for our club. Our main striker next season I hope?

Dje Dje for Stevenson – Worth the gamble as we had to score two/ three but he was pretty ineffective. I would release him.

Significant others 

Robertson – Didnae get a game today after his stinker at the Hunnery. I grew to like Scott Robertson and expect he will be with us in the championship next season.

Stanton – I don’t think he gets a fair crack of the whip and should be given more game time.

Handling – I would release him, he is not good enough.

Boyle – He was growing on me, I would like to sign him up.

Watson – A reasonable utility player who I would sign up.

Forster – I would play him every week he is fit, he does know how to header a ball and is not a big fearty.

Harris – Sad to say he can sign for Dundee if he wants.

Stubbsy – He didn’t have the magic card up his sleeve after all today, and I thought we pissed about far too much when we needed to be at the Huns throats. That means we play in the second tier another season, which is crap. 

Alan though, has had a very decent first season as a manager. He is a fans favourite and has quickly ‘got’ our club. He tries to set his teams out to play nice football and has made a few decent signings. He makes mistakes, he is too loyal to non performers, he is too slow to change things and is possibly a bit too nice a person. I do think he is the man to lead our team on and I hope he does. Don’t be surprised if there is some interest from down south in Alan and his coaching team. He has taken us from a broken team of failures to the best football playing team in the championship.

Referee – A useless hun barsteward who had been warned by the SFA and McCulloch pre match, the establishment want Sevco up, whatever it takes. He done his wee part and I am sure will enjoy his free bevvy in the lodge in coming weeks.

The Rangers – The only thing I have to say about them is feck you all, you rancid hun barstewards.

Dempster, Petrie and his slippery pals, and Frank Dougan and Amit  – Work morning noon and night to support Alan to get us up next season, you have to or you will be known as the people who destroyed Hibernian and you will never be forgiven. Be inventive, stop treating the fans as cash cows, stop treating us like idiots, we are not, we are Hibernian FC. We are some of the finest supporters in the world, we love our football club, Hibernian is ours, not yours, we pay you to look after her, do that and do it well.

Find new sponsors, raise money from other sources, the fans already commit millions, be inventive, show the love and passion for Hibs that we Hibernians have. You have to, we will hold you accountable if you fail.

See you all next season

Hibernian Forever and Erin Go Bragh.



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