Hibs 2 v 2 St.Johnstone

At 2-1 with a few minutes of injury time to play, that horrible, gut wrenching feeling came back, the one that Alan Stubbs and Neil Lennon done everything in the power to destroy, that feeling we are about to lose a late goal. We did, we were not surprised, it was coming. I want to feel angry, I don’t, I feel bored. Its shite to watch, we are ponderous, slow, clueless, weak of pass, our best player asked to play out of position before being subbed by the Yorkshire Pudding. Boos echoed round the stadium as Scottie traipsed off, neither wonder, if anything summed up Heckingbottoms idiocy, its taking off your best player after playing him in an ineffectual position for 70 minutes, his bloody mindedness about playing wingers will lose him his job, he has lost many of the fans already.

The club is a mess, the latest ticket shambles escalated today with the scanners no working, half the turnstiles closed as stewards had to man the turnstiles to manually scan peoples tickets, there were not enough stewards to open all turnstiles, they ended up opening the emergency exits in the West Stand an dusing hand scanners. I feel we are watching all the good work of the past few years be destroyed by poor decisions, incompetent staff and greed. Shambles. Total Shambles.

St Johnstone are no great shakes, but they knew they could get back into it, every team will, watching the shambles that is a Heckingbottom team. There were glimmers of gold dust in the steamin toly today, Florian Kamberi was brilliant, Doidge did hold the ball up well and knocked on a few headers, Glenn Middledon showed five minutes of effort and set up Flo’s goal, again Horgan done well when he came on as did Whittaker. Rocky had a great save at 2-1. The weather was lovely, my pal Big G is back in the Famous Five lower, I got a good parking space and I heard an old joke about the new swede and turnips.

The midfield were over run, you ken its bad when fucking Liam Craig is dominating, his pass for their first goal was what Scottie Allan can do when played in his proper position. This happens every week, over run, its so obvious, its embarrassing.

Performances, well going through the team, I want to be angry, but it makes me want to have a lie doon, its boring, pass the tits off you, all in the wrong part of the pitch. Error strewn, a couple of chancers, one who hides through out the game, I actually dinnae want to go to the match, Terry Butcher used to make me feel like that, look what happened there.

In summary, my eyes are bleeding and I have no faith in the manager. I am, yet again, a Leeds supporter when it comes to opinions about the manager.

The Team

Marciano, not sure he was at fault at either goal, correct me if I am wrong?

Sir David Gray, scorer of that goal in the Scottish Cup Final on May the 21st 2016, went off injured, again.

Adam Jackson, scored a headed goal, not many centre halfs who play for Hibs can say that. He is distinctly average. Hoof, Hoof, good ball, Hoof and Blooter. Easy pushed off a challenge.

Paul Hanlon is finished, sorry.

Lewis done ok, but is easy beat for pace, O’Hunoran gave him a torrid time.

Vela is a waste of a jersey, a chancer, a shirker.

Mallan worked hard but was pretty hopeless, cannae help have a chancer playing beside you.

Scott Allan, what a waste of a great football player, played out of position wide right then taken off by Heckingbottom. What a waste, a total waste. All because the pudding insists on two wide players. Boo!

Middleton showed glimmers of hope, some nice touches and a great pass for Flo’s goal but he rarely got a pass second half. He took losing that late goal really badly, well done son, you at least care.

Strangely I felt Doidge actually brought something to the game, he knocked it on, he held it up. He is distinctly average and wont score many, but he tries.

Florian Kamberi, yet again, looks like the player we signed, he was superb, chasing down, scoring a cracker, flicks, tricks, effort passion and a smile. Pity some idiot Hibs fans cannae wait for Flo to make an error. I dread us selling him this week coming. We do, we are more fucked than the season already is.

The Subs

Whitts came on for the injured Gray and I thought he done fine, although not sure of his involvement in the equaliser, as I sat stunned at our late capitulation.

Slivka for Doidge, I see what the manager was trying to do, bolster a swamped midfield (he could have done that pre kick off), but Slivka and Vela are the same player, nae heart, the odd nice touch and fuck all else.

Horgan replaced Scottie. Poor Daryll, he actually does bring something to Hibs every time he plays, I hope he disnae think for one minute any boos were aimed at him, they were 100% aimed at the pudding manager. Mallan or especially Vela should have gone, not Scottie, he should have been moved inside and Daryll out wide if wingers are what we insist in doing.

The Management

I am tired of management changes at the club, but if Heckingbottom insists on playing this bland, boring, percentage game, I would not care less if he left tomorrow. I heard second hand he may have suggested on the radio post match that the players performed badly due to concerns eminating from the stands, something about them being ‘scared’? If he thinks that is a good way to win us over, I suggest he fucks off now, that route never ends well, a missing 1000 fans tells you that today. Sorry guys but watching your team is fucking dire.

St Johnstone

Had they won we could not have complained. Saw my big pal Roddy Grant before the game, carrying his bulk well, resplendant in Saintees suit and tie.  They are mid table, like us. I would have signed O’Hunoran.

The Ref

Once again, not the reason for the Hibernian performance. Blew for a foul every time anyone fell down.


Decent turn out that will drift away with shite fitba and entry issues. Singing section kept on singing but we cannae hear ye in the west. Lots of unhappy Hibby’s had left when St Johnstone equalised.

Man of the Match

Easy, Florian Kamberi, by a country mile, no one got near him. Well played son, the smile on your face when you scored that wonderful back heel flick said it all. Magic.

Next up, Motherwell away, I may very well be on the bevvy with a good Motherwell pal of mine, pre and post match, expect a late and incomprehensible Just Back next week, I expect to be numbing the pain of a Heckingbottom team again next week.

Hibernian Forever, now sort it fucking out the lot of you!

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