We are, we really are soft as shite, we have nothing in midfield, without Farid up front we will not score and if it had not been for the excellent Jordan Forster and some very good goalkeeping from Mark Oxley, it might have been worse. Before I start, well done the thousands of Hibs fans who again turned up to support our team, I have said it many times, they do not deserve us. Daft thing is, I turned to my laddie after 25 minutes or so and said we are starting to look like a football team and playing some nice stuff. Talk about premature exclamations!

To the game…

Oxley – This may sound a bit weird, but other than some small errors, he had a good game and some excellent saves.

Gray – He played well enough, given he had to mark the excellent Alloa number 7, Gray is the natural Captain of our team, whatever anyone else says, thinks or does.

Forster – Ended up playing up front trying to save the game, after he and Oxley had almost done defensively over and over again throughout the game. Easily Hibs best player.

Fontaine – Sorry, I know its early in his Hibs career but he was pretty poor, ok he wins headers, he should he is six two but Jordan Forster spend the game bailing him out. Fontaine gave a stupid foul away on the 18 yard line for their winning goal when their was no need. Blootering the ball into the Kentucky Fried Chicken car park twice may impress some, for me it showed limited ability and even less thought.

Stevenson – Frankly he was woeful and was turned inside out too often today. Callum Booth did not deserve to lose his place, Louis gave him it right back with that performance.

Stanton – He was dreadful, did nothing for most of the game.

Allan – The only midfielder who gets pass marks, he is a player but it must be a nightmare playing beside the Captain.

Craig – I hope I NEVER see that imposter in a Hibs shirt again. He is utterly, utterly useless. I never thought as a grown man I would ever hate a Hibs player. I do, Liam Craig. How he a) gets into the squad b) starts c) stays on for 90minutes and d) is Captain of a once proud Football Club is beyond me. Get out of our Club, its like playing with ten men every week.

Kennedy – Clearly a good player, he did not enjoy the 3G pitch today and it showed, he did nothing. Rightly swapped for Harris.

Cummings – Never really got going in a difficult role, although he took his chance to score well and always looks dangerous. He is a better option than who we replaced him with.

Farid – He was having a smashing game, the big guy is superb in the air and wins most headers, he was clearly fouled when he was injured, we got nothing. He landed badly on his ankle, it looked sore one and was stretchered off. He could be out for a while. My concern is we are nothing up front with out him.

Before I mention the subs, can I just say I was thoroughly confused by some of the changes and the timing of them, that worries me.

Heffernan came on for Farid, I guess 5 minutes or so before half time, he did nothing, absolutely nothing in his 50 or so minutes on the pitch. In his defence he is not a target man and we kept playing neck height passes to him but he was shockingly poor.

The other substitution was a double one at around 60 odd minutes at 1-1.

Harris on for the ineffective Kennedy was probably reasonable but Harris did nothing when he came on either.

The other change is a mystery, Craig had been honking (arguably for all his time at Hibs not just this game), Scott Robertson was on the bench and is far more able than Craig (so is my 71 year old mother even with her angina) but Stubbs decided to take off Cummings and replace him for Handling??? Why? Handling is a lightweight, he showed that in his half hour on the pitch, he was bullied and battered by the Alloa players, they know a fearty when they see one. He brought us nothing.

What a shambles.

Alloa – Good team, strong at the back, some good footballers and decent football played especially their number 7 who deservedly won man of the match. More than a match for a hapless Hibernian.

Referee – I though he and his assistants were consistently poor but as I have said we are a piss poor team in a piss poor league, expect piss poor officials, they didn’t lose us the game, we managed that on our own.

The Hibs Fans – Massive queues for tickets pre match, bumper pay day for Alloa as thousands of Hibs fans came to back their team. You know what guys, we are mugs, those erses in charge know it too. What do we do about it?

What needs done? Well we all know the rumors around the return of the prodigal son. I hope to Sauzee its true, if not we are doomed not only to Championship midtable mediocrity but we will lose thousands of fans and we may just drift away into obscurity. Its not just the return of the single digit genius that is needed though, we need to continue to remove those that lurk from the past, that useless Club Captain, the lazy, disinterested striker and most importantly those at the top, Petrie, Forsyth, Farmer and anyone else who is dragging this once proud Club down. If we don’t, we are finished.



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