Carlisle 3 v 4 Hibs

Right, that is me settled and ready to explain, at 3-1 down to a poor Carlisle team with 10 to go and looking clueless there were a few moans coming from the large, very loud and half pished Hibs support. 3 quick goals later Bounday Park was echoing to the sound of ‘We’re gonnae win the league’ from the Hibs support. The ups and doons of watching Hibernian eh.

Arriving a good hour before kick off, we discovered an excellent wee bakers between the club shop and away end entrance, Meat Pies and a Lentil and Bacon soup purchased we sat on a wee wall to munch. The pie was excellent, it was as if it had been filled with Stovies. The lentil soup wisnae bad either. 2 meat pies, 1 sausage roll, one lentil soup and a £1 Haribo mixture, £5.60, good start.

Into the ground, cheap bar under the stand and approximately half the hibs support on the peeve. 1875 Junior had his first pint in a fitba ground, 1875 senior being designated driver had a a haribo. Noisy does not begin to describe the support tonight, they sang from start to finish, although one or two of the songs are for me unacceptable and not what I want to hear from a Hibs end. Half pished, empty heided and tooted up describes far too many of the fans. Singing under the stand for 20 minutes into the second half isnae supportig your team either, that is pissing about with your pals. Each to their own though eh, I was young once, now I am just a moany auld Hibs Da eating fecking Haribos as the young team get pished.

The game, well it was another guess who is playing where show. Marciano in Goal, James Right Back, Daz and Jacko in the middle, Smackie at left back, Mallan in front of the four, playing well beside the impressive Campbell, Horgan on the right, Newell left and Flo and Shaw through the middle. Many changes second half which I will try and go through in a mo. Rocky made a boob early in the game, but we started well, then they scored a decent goal against the run of play. Mallan was running midfield and stood out although ably supported by the very impressive Campbell, Daz disnae play friendlies, Jackson reminds me of Tommy MacIntyre, and Horgan and Flo both gave decent performaces with Flo capping it with a fine strike to equalise.

Half time saw the unimpressive Newell (I think?) swapped for Moon, with more changes made with 20 to go. By then we had let that fandan Pressleys team get ahead with a cracking strike. On came Allan, Murray, and Doige (I think?) for Horgan, Kamberi and Shaw and we actually went 3-1 down to a Daz ok. Boos came from a few dafties, others left. More fool them. In bringing on Allan, Murray and Doige, Hibs looked better, different, driven, more skillfull, and by Sauzee Scotty Allan is a winner, he clearly wants to show the world and those arseholes at Thellick what they have missed, he was magical, again ably supported by the brilliant Fraser Murray new star, Josh Campbell and Christian Doige. First Scotty battered it in to make it three two, Christian Doige then made it 3-3 and with a minute to go Josh Campbell rose to score the winner, causing mayhem in the Hibs end, less the dafties that had went downstairs or tried for a headstart home. Scenes. Both young Sterling and Doig also got runs outs for the last few minutes in a win that looked unlikely 10 minutes before.

The Team

Rocky fluffed at the beginning but wisnae at fault for the goals.

James was as poor as he was decent on Saturday, ponderously slow, this isnae English fitba pal, play with pace, and quick thinking when you play for Hibs. Hope Gray is back soon.

Daz disnae play friendlies, Daz plays fitba, same way every week, ye dinnae mess wi Daz, Daz is YLT.

Jackson is ok, I prefer Hanlon but he will do for me.

Smackie looked lost again tonight.

Mallan was magnificent, covering every blade, pinging passes left right and centre, playing deep and looking like the player we hoped we had signed. I see a beautiful relationship forming between he and Scotty.

I was very, very impressed with Josh Campbell, didnae put a foot wrong all night, scored the winner and looked like he had played for Hibs for 10 years. Well done son!

Daryll Horgan looked dangerous and up for it. Could be aplayer for us this year too.

Newell was rotten, another one who needs to improve, slow of thinking, poor of crossing and easy beat.

Oliie Shaw was poor again, he does try and played a pass to Kamberi tonight because he knew if he didnae Hibs fans would have been baying for blood. I want Oli to succeed, he needs to do more, much, much more.

Flo Kamberi scored a beauty, he second in two games. His touch is also back, but then he is back playing in hs best postition. Another one who could do a lot for Hibernian this year, he had a great attitude.

The scond half….

Moon, no convinced at all, no bad, but Omeonga, Malonga, Agyepong, Barker and McNulty are all far better.

Scott Allan is a joy to watch, his passion tonight won us the game, he has nothing to prove to us, but has a desire to prove who the rela Scott Allan is to other. Brilliant son, brilliant.

Fraser Murray has put on some musle, he complimented Scotty with his desire and ability and was as much responsible for our win as Scotty, great to see that.

I didnae fancy Doige’s efforts Saturday, tonight he scored and lead the line well. That will do for me.

Doig got a few minutes, a good laddie, big and strong.

Ben Stirling also got a few minutes, another laddie who does not look out of place in the first team.

I wasnt sure if Heck was there tonight, it looked like Robbie was taking the team, can anyone confirm? Too many changes for me again, regardless of a friendly or not. A blend of both teams will be a damned fine team I think, with one or two youngsters really staking their place the last two games, Stirling and Campbell have both really stood out for me.

The referee had a good game, hassle and incident free.

Steven Pressley is a Hearts bastard, I have no idea about him or his team but they did not impress.

As I mentioned, a large and noisy Hibs support, many pished up or chemically challenged. Drop the shite songs, we dinnae hate England, our manager is English FFS, Stokesy disnae play for us anymore and that prick Skatchel has retired, let it go. Its no big, its no clever and can someone get a good, original modern Scott Allan/ Stevie Mallan song going, it rhymes FFS, come to think about out in Heck is that the wheel, change it to Fraser Murray and Flo Kamberi……Marc McNulty plays for Reading. Good backing though young team, wouldnae like to be you and your heeds when ye wake up for work the morn!

Man of the match, well it was the Artful Grafter Stevie Mallan for me but he was closely pushed by the excellent performance of Josh Campbell, well done son, that was a brilliant starting debut for the first team.

Next Up Stirling Albion on saturday and the crazy plan to make it pay at the gate at the 3800 capacity Forthbank), get there early if you want to get in to see this team that might just stop ten in a row. (The song is now, “We are fucking loaded and we’ll stop ten in a row” to the tune of This is how it feels).

See you all on Saturday

Hibernian Forever!

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