Jeezo its frustrating watching Hibs just now. I have to say I find it far too pedestrian and unadventurous. We set up too deep, to defend, and are happy to try and see games out way too early. As I have said before, their are nuggets of gold that shine through the sh”””, today that was Jason’s well taken goal and John McGinn. The word turgid is sneaking back into my vocabulary.

4200 turned up, easyily 1500 of them were Hibs fans and first half the support were noisy and got behind the team and Neil Lennon. Second half they gave us nothing to sing about with lacklustre attempts at goal and generally poor play. As I took my seat beside Right Said Fred in the main stand, Lenny and Duff Jimmy appeared to kiss and make up. The huns in their end didnae seem to forgive Neil or Darren right enough and enjoyed their regular chants of Hello Hello. They wont be singing that the morn when their big team get skelped at Aiburdeen. HillBillyBoy fandans.

Then there was the clear hand ball, which was a penalty to Hibernian at 1-0. Only that idiot referee and his linesman didnae see it clearly for what it was, everyone else in the stadium saw it was a clear handball, not ball to hand, not hit too hard, it was a handball.

Hibs did have some decent performances, Jason and Graham done well first half, McGinn was everywhere and Daz and Efe made a mistake each, pity they cost us a goal.

I really think we miss Shinnie, as SKII suggested on the post match blether on the way back to the cars, maybe he is still not quite fit.

The referee was hopeless, Morton had nowt much to admire, Hibs plodded, the sun was lovely.

The Team

Marciano didnae really have much to do but save a penalty, he didnae manage that.

Gray had a reasonably decent game, the scorer of the winning goal as he captained Hibernian in the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016 only had to defend, as Boyle was in front of him. He done fine.

Darren was superb, he had no choice in the challenge that gave away the penalty. He is a wonderful defender, I love the fact he is one of us, plays for us and is hard as nails.

Efe had a smashing game, then made an ‘Efe’ that gave away the penalty. I think he is better at centre half, however my oldest son suggested and I agree that Hibs are better when Daz and Paul play together.

Lewis had a good game, he did very little wrong.

Dylan kind of played a left half role for those of you that can mind that position. It means we miss him in the middle and he as in and out the game when played out there, although he did last 90 minutes again.

Marvin had a reasonable game, it was a battle in which he didnae always win.

John McGinn was superb first half, as suggested by a well kent face, his arse is a key element of his play, second only to ex Thelt and Red sh***, Kenny Dalglish in arse ability. He might have scored, but was the winner in the midfield battles, especially first half.

Boyle just didnae get going, when he did beat his man, his final ball was poor, and for me that was nothing to do with the other forwards movement.

Brian Graham had a very decent first half, arguably his best in a Hibs shirt. He faded badly second half and missed a clear chance to win it for us. Its not good enough to give 45 – 50 minutes then fade.

Jason scored a beauty and like his fellow striker Graham had a good first half. He needs to learn to stay on his feet and that will add to his goals. He did little second half, but he really is our only proper goal scorer.

The subs

Holt came on for Graham with 15 to go, only thing of note was a good defensive clearance at a corner.

Weirder than weird, on came Boozy Harris for Boyle with 10 minutes to go. He offered as much as Boyle. No much.

The one player Hibs had been crying out for the whole second half came on for McGeouch with 3 minutes to go. Shinnie should have been on much earlier. I think he has got better as the season has progressed and we miss him when he doesn’t play.

Whilst we started well and the team Lenny set out was pretty much as suspected, it was poor that we fell away so badly second half, poorer still he never changed it whilst time was on our side. We are limping over the line and its ugly to watch Neil. You know that mystical ‘Celtic Way’ Neil, mind we invented that shower. The fitba we are watching is not what we want to see.

The referee was piss poor.

Morton are a decent team, given they have been built on nae money in A town that looks like Scotland in the 1950’s. Their centre half, Lamie, wearing number 3 is a monster of a man and no a bad defender. The boy with the Alice band looks like his face has been ironed. Duff Jimmy is still a baldy pr***, their ground is a disgrace, no toilets for male Hibs fans in their Main stand and a single burger van to cater for 1500 fans.

Hibs support was big and noisy, well done guys and girls, once again you turn up in numbers and back our Club. Who can fault us?

Man of the match for me was John McGinn, I though SJM had a great game, no one got near him and he is hard, erse and all.

Not sure of the maths, but I think if Morton lose or draw v St Mirren and Falkirk draw or lose to St Mirren, no one can catch us and next week, we beat Queens, we are champions? I hope its after a better performance than today’s second half?

See you behind the goals…..

Hibernian Forever…….


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