HIBS 4 V 2 Dundee Utd

Scottish Cup Replay – Tues 28th Jan 2020

Ok I know it wasn’t pretty, I know there were a few poor performances, I know United gave us a game, but I also know we are through and that matters most. Lack of signings and average performances cause fans to be unsettled, the fact only 8000 Hibs fans turned up should send that message loud and clear to the board, they have three days to sort things out.

On field our best player was 34 year old Steven Whittaker, first half we looked flat and devoid of ideas until Boyler won us a penalty. The defence looked flat footed, I thought Jackson was as poor tonight as he had been decent recently, James was bang average, as was Lewis, only Paul mastered the over rated and over price Shankland for me. Newell had a poor first half although improved second, he is no holding midfielder that is for sure, Scottie is a mile off it, the odd nice ball and scoring the penalty is not enough. He too improved slightly second half when he sat deeper. Horgan brought almost nothing. Boyler gives his all and is direct and the enigma that is Doidge, well may be we have to accept he simply scores goals, works hard off the ball and can, when he puts his mind to it, score the odd cracker. I cannae mind a Hibs striker like him to be honest.

United are decent enough, but more St Johnstone than Motherwell, as I said, Shankland is simply over rated, good goal but awful Hibs defending. When we did get to him, he offered little, and yet they talk of £2 or 3 million for him. My hole. Like Hibs fans at Tannadice last week, the away support was decent, like the home fans last week, the home support was small and pretty quiet. Apathy, simply too much fitba to pay to watch or frustration at the lack of signings? A mix of all three for me, and its the apathy Hibs should be concerned about.

Tactically I didnae fancy the two holding midfielders, although both done ok, its no pretty. Scottie as second striker didnae work and Horgan never got going yet got over an hour? However we won and in the end won well, we were the better team over two legs.

The Team

Rocky had one very good save and did not look to have any chance at either goal.

James was average, he is an average right back and an average left back, nothing more.

Jackson was pretty awful much of the game, sorry. He looked poor against a decent striker, Well didnae play one Saturday, Hamilton didnae have one last week either. Not a good game from him.

I thought Paul played well enough and it was he who stopped Shankland play.

Lewis was ok without doing anything of particular note I can think of until a solid challenge in the box near the end.

Overall I though Whitts was excellent for an hour before fading badly, could have scored and should have scored two. Pity his concentration and legs go.

I thought Newell was ok first half, but decent second. He does try to play a clever pass and does try his best to win the ball. Was integral in our second goal.

I am at a loss with Scottie, I know you can get tarred and feathered for being a Scottie critic but he gave us very little first half until he scored the penalty, improved for 15 minutes playing deeper second then tired and was hooked.

Horgan should have been off at half time for Kamberi, he eaked out 70 minutes but gave us very, very little. Its not enough to turn up against Gunts, it has to be every week.

Boyler is direct, a baller who always wants to run at players and take them on. We need more Martin Boyles.

Finally, Christian Doidge, what can I say. There are times he disnae look like a fitba player never mind a striker, his first half effort showed that. BUT he does not stop working for his team, he harries, fouls, gets stuck in, wins his fair share and tonight, que milagro, he scored three goals, all of which too great technique. His first wasn’t easy although it was a fine pass from Joe Newell, his second was a fantastic, well connected, properly heeded beauty of a goal. His third was probably the hardest of the three which he struck home with aplomb. An enigma, yes, a goal scoring hard working enigma, hell yes!


Kamberi replaced Allan as we went to two up front, he worked hard but nothing came off.

Fraser Murray replaced Horgan at the same time with about 15 to go, Fraser did well I thought and I hope he is a great success at Dundee.

Hallberg came on for a straight swap with the excellent Whitts with 10 to go and fitted in ok. I felt we left it 10-15 minutes to long?

The Boss

Got the first half wrong, we looked in trouble at one point. I also felt the subs were late and whilst he changed our shape at half time, we sat way too deep too often and for too long. Thank Sauzee for Boyler and Christian, they ken how to go forward and save the day.


Root toot yur out. It will be good to have them back in the top flight next year, decent team, decent support.

Clancy is a hopeless prick, we all know that.

The fans, well Easter Road was quiet and with only 8000 HIbs fans and 2500 United fans, it was a tad weird. As I said before, too many games played in a month of nae money, no big names to entice people out on a cold night and some concerns about the way ahead for Hibs. Over to you Hibs, lets see some new faces, faces that impress, faces that make fans want to attend. Gossip was Aiden McGeady was in the stand tonight, I hope he paid to get in as there is no danger that is what we need at the moment with Horgan, Boyler, and Flo already in the squad.

Man of the Match

You know what, Roger Whittaker was Hibs best outfield player tonight for an hour and I see why the match sponsors gave him it. However it would wrong of me not to give it to Christian Doidge for his excellent hattrick and his all round game tonight. Well played Chris, did Hibs charge you for the match ball?

Next up, St Mirren at Easter Road on Saturday, hopefully with some new faces in the squad, and personally I hope that includes a new defensive midfielder, a new striiker and another defender. The rest we can live without until the summer.

Hibernian Forever!

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