Hibs 5 v 3 Morton (aet)

Well no long in after driving through a tropical storm on the way home. It wisnae the only storm that I might have been involved in today, with Morton scoring in the 90th minute and the pitchforks and knives being drawn for our dour Yorkshireman and a few of our piss poor players. Boos echoed round the ground at the end of 90 minutes. I dinnae boo ma team, but I fully understood the folk that did, too many of our players were rotten. But we are through, two extra time goals and it disnae seem quite as bad.

5-3 will have non attenders thinking it was a good game. Dinnae, just dinnae.

It would be easy for me to moan and groan, I will say my peice on the poor performances in due course but I thought I might start this Just Back with some of the positives today, there were a few. The return of Lewis and Sir David makes me proud, it also makes Hibernian a better team. Glenn Middleton had a very decent first game, and I look forward to him producing the goods, he is a player. Scott Allan’s passing and movement is a joy to behold, his pass for Flo’s second was a Scotty special. Daryll Horgan looked busy and dangerous, but couldnae cross himself today. Finally Florian Kamberi played like a man possessed, I thought he was magnificent, scored two, involved in others. Gossip round the small crowd was scouts were in the stand. Flo’s performance has me in a panic. If I was a cash rich Swiss Club looking for a striker, a Big Swiss striker, 2 million quid is nowt. It will be a disaster for Hibs though.

Shape, well its the Hecky the on Trick Pony Show there, 4, 3 2 1, at home to Morton. Worse is all the unnecessary changes. 11 games in, we have not started the same team once. You are not Pep Guadiola pal. To counter that, even Hecky has spotted how guff Newell is, he was an unused sub.

6500 at the game, with at least 750 Morton fans should have our custodians shiting their knickers, the stupid prices and the poor performances are what chase fans away, of my normal 7, 2 attended today.

The negatives, well there were many, Daz off injured early, Sir Dave off injured, the central defensive performances of Hanlon and Jackson, the vanishing act that is Josh Vela, the invisible man, the final confirmation that Slivka is not and never will be a defensive midfielder and has the heart of a mouse, which is about the same size as Velas. A goalie with nothing really to do that loses three goals. Rotating keepers for nae reason, one is far better than the other. Fucking Alice Bands. The weird away kit used as a goalies kit? The fact only one Hibernian player knows how to header a ball properly, one. The collapse after cruising for 38 minutes, which was a defensive and midfield shambles. I actually dont think we could have done anything at either own goal, both were attempts to clear dangerous balls. I would question Jackson at both, and possibly the third goal. At 3 3 I thought we might get beat. 40 minutes later I had no idea why I thought that as Morton’s battery went flat.

Another negative, well I got in first time with my season, nae bother. An old pal was turned away and told to go the ticket office and join the long queue of complainers. He had topped up his season ticket but it didnae let him in saying he had not, he told them that he had, but he had no proof (take proof to a game, ffs) so was told to buy another ticket or move away from the window by that lassie from Glasgow City who has one of those ‘dae we really need people to do this job’ roles. My mate is Hibs daft, he disnae cheat the club, he paid his way, but had to buy a second ticket today if he wanted to get in and was told to come back and prove purchase if he wants his money back. Like me, he disnae live in Edinburgh. If he was right, do they cover expenses?

The team

Maxwell – Had nowt to do yet lost three goals. Looks overweight and takes an eternity to get the ball out.

Lewis – Magnificent, welcome back pal. Any player who would like to learn how to tackle hard, win the ball and show effort and passion for 120 minutes after being injured all pre season, watch the man, he is a star.

Daz – Went off early injured.

Paul was rotten, all game, soft, slow, indisisive, possibly past it.

Sir David Gray, the Captian of Hibernian Football Club on the day we won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016, scoring the winning header in the 92nd minuted to secure a 3-2 victory, ensuring the position of superhero for the rest of his careeer, went off hurt, we missed him. Hibernian are simply better when Lewis and David play, injured or not.

Slivka was a waste of jersey. Dinnae get me wrong, he was involved, involved in winning the ball sometimes and playing it back immediately, involved in crapping out of challenges and bringing very little to the team.

Vela is a chancer, he hides, he let Slivka be fall guy, he is no ball winning midfielder, he is a shirker. I am very disappointed, very very disappointed. He scored, I would have too, am 53 and have a gammy ankle.

Scotty Allan. Sigh. He scored a cracker, linking up with Middleton and laid on a beauty for Flo’s second. I dont think Scott plays 2 hours often, he looked bushed last 10 of extra time, his face was beetroot. Great player though.


Glenn Middleton had a good debute, he will get better after tiring second half. Reminds me of Ivan Sproule with a better touch. He linked well with Flo and Scotty. No that handsome, but we all ken that song.  

Daryll Horgan also gave us a decent performance, although his final ball was honking. He tired badly second half though. I like him, he is a tanner ba’ player, look it up if ye dinnae ken.

Flo was immense, superb, full of deft touches, goals, strength, fantastic to see him back to his best. Pity arseholes cannae see it and think he is the player who’s confidence was destroyed by Lennon. Scored two.


Jackson replaced Daz after 15 or so minutes. He can play a lovely 40 yard pass, very accurately. Pity he is a garbage centre half. He was at fault at two, possible three of the Morton goals. 4th of 4 for me, and I dinnae rate Paul any more!

Whitts replaced Sir Dave with 15 to go of normal time, he done just fine. The dafties who think its clever to moan about him want to shut their holes. Slavering idiots.

Murray replaced Middleton with 10 to go of normal time. I really want Fraser to succeed, but he wont with in and out performances like that. Not strong enough, although playing beside jessies like Slivka and Vela, its easy to pick up bad habits. Hit the post with a decent effort.

Christian Doidge came on at the start of extra time for a shattered Daryll with the League Cup law of a 4th sub allowed for extra time. I know he can easily be lumped in with the other pish poor signings, I dont think he should be. He scored a clever goal and worked well with Flo and looked  very pleased to have done so.  I am good with him.

The Management, well, I could be a moaning arsehole with the shambles of a defensive performance, but I put that down to Hanlon, Jackson, Vela and Slivka mostly. We looked decent going forward, without the waste of space that you signed, Newell, glad you noted that. Flo starting was a positive stroke too, the performance of Middleton and Horgan, supported by Scottie were all positives. Stick to the shape but answer uptairs to the beancounters as fans stop coming along, reminding them that prices are stupid. We support Hibernian, not the puddle drinkers, hoof ball, lumpin fuck players, they are not what we pay our hard earned to see. Sort it out, the lot of you, and as been pointed out this week, there are plenty of you.

Morton, they were well organised, Hopkins teams are, good crowd following them to visit the big city. They will do well this season I think. Boy with the fucking stupid looking man bun was decent before dying after an hour. I hear they claimed in the press they were the better team, fuck off Craig Brown and Billy Brown, naw ye wurnae, we are just shite at killing diddy (or any) teams off.

The referee Manuir was terrible, clueless, as show in the drop ball incident. Useless, but again not the reason Hibernian struggled.

Well done the 5500 or so Hibs fans that came along, especially the 50 Since 1875 folk who tried ot create an atmosphere. We deserve so much more, so ,so much more.

Man of the match is a tough one, although you would not think so given the efforts. Two players spring to mind, Flo Kamberi who was given the man of the match by the sponsors. I like Flo, you all might have known that any way, he is a good laddie. He scored, cause carnage, had a lovely touch. Next week we start the rumour that the Grasshoppers scouts are there. Next again week Sion, the nesx again Servette, no sure about Young Boys.

For me though, its Mr Hibs, Lewis Stevenson. He was superb, blood, guts, thunder and effort. The Millennial Erich Schaedler.

Next week, a shoogly St Johnstone. I fear for us this season, even against team struggling like us. How the fuck did that happen?

Hibernian Forever!

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