Hibernian 1 Hoof of Midtlothian 0, zero, zilch, nada, rien.

Just under 20,000 football fans witnessed a pulsating Derby tonight, fitba is great under the lights in front of a full house, first half Hibernian tore the Jambos a new one, second half the hoofers tried to do the same to us. Difference was neat Jason Cummings goal.

Pre match the stadium was rocking, fans of the team that won the battle of the Somme single handed must look on in envy at  a stadium so superior to their own, with more people filling it. It must mess with their size fixations.

Back four was same as Saturday, McGinn and Henderson supported by Big Marvin and Kevin Thomson, and Anthony Stokes and Jason up front. We started the game well, getting right in about them, the midfield was nipping, ,biting, hacking as well as passing, moving and outplaying the Gorgie Gonads. A wonderful move McGinn to Thomson, Henderson to Bartley to Gray, Gray to Cummings, Cummings goal, Easter Road went mental. Jason quickly missed a sitter, hitting straight at the keeper when it was easier to score. Second half I felt too many of our laddies looked tired and thejambos came at us in wave after wave. However Darren McGregor, Paul Hanlon, Lewis Stevenson and David Gray stood firm, indeed in Hanlon and McGregor especially they defended like giants. Jason then missed another sitter, kicked the ball away and got himself a second yellow, two minutes after some Maroon twat had been sent off for throwing the ball away. Boyle came on late, along with Keatings and with seconds to go of injury time, Boyle broke, played a very unselfish pass to Keatings to stroke home, the stupid erse missed. The ref blew and the Stadium echoed to the sounds of Sunshine on Leith. Not our best second half performance but enough to put they dafties to bed. Its mid-February, they have nothing to play for.



The players

Mark Oxley annoyed the life out of me with is time wasting and poor kicking, didnae lose a goal but I thought he was poor and might have been sent off by another ref for time wasting.

Gray had a tough shift, they charged at him second half, but he stood firm. His pass was perfect for daft Jason’s goal.

Darren McGregor was magnificent, especially second half. Like 16000 Hibs fans in the stadium, he clearly enjoyed skelping the Dalry dafties. He defended like a giant.

Paul Hanlon like Darren was as hard as nails second half, he too defended like a giant.

Lewis Stevenson like David Gray was worked hard to repel the marauding uglies.

Marvin Bartey, had a fantastic 70 minutes, I said the same of him on Saturday, he only tires because the power of work this guy does. He really has earned his place.

Kevin Thomson looked like Kevin of old, his first half performance was a masterclass. Taken off second half before he got himself sent off.

John McGinn was great first half, a joy to watch, so much so I felt John tired second half. He really is a smashing fitba player.

Liam Henderson, like John McGinn was exceptional first half, he hunted them down constantly, and looked shattered when he came off.

Stokes started simply did not do enough. I know he has to work on his fitness, but he has to improve.

Jason scored, got booked for celebrating in front of the gurning Jambo although he did not leave the field of play and made no gestures, missed a couple of sitters then kicked the ball away in the corner and got a second yellow. Daft puddin’ that he is.


Danny Carmichael came on a surprise sub for Thomson, played down the left letting McGinn move to the middle Danny didnae do very much truth be told.

Boyle came on for Henderson looked decent on the right, great run at the end setting Keatings up on plate to roll it home. Dóh.

Keatings came on for Stokes and missed a stoatir. If the erses fi Gorgie Farm had scored after that sitter, I would have been done for murder James.

Stubbs had us cooing first half, Hibs were magic, we looked the team third in the top League, second half we played like the team that ARE third in the top league, we huffed and puffed, sat too deep and hoofed it like a Jambo. Late subs had us all shi@@ing our drawers, but we got there. Its fair to say, we own the Capital.

The Jambos aren’t very good are they? Listening to their down and out manager post match on the radio, its clear he needs to go to Specsavers to mend those old taped up gregory’s, how him and Michael Stewart could suggest the Jambo shouldnae have been sent off is boll@cks, the dafty chucked the ball away, the petulant Gorgie mug.

The referee should have had half a dozen Guffers in his book. Pallardo should have been sent off. The ref crapped out of it.

My man of the match today was not the excellent Marvin Bartley. I thought Darren McGregor was superb second half and gets my vote. No Pasaran Daz!

Well done Hibs, another top League scalp. Let’s hope a few thousand who turned up tonight are back on Sunday for the visit of Alloa. This brilliant journey continues.



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