We had enough chances to win three games today, our right back had five chances to score himself, Malonga looks disinterested, we over pass it with our five central midfielders, shoot at the wrong time then we make daft mistakes and lose. They would drive ye to drink, indeed I am typing this with a muckle big sooster glass of chilean merlot to numb the pain. I reckon we will blow it this season and I even think I know why. I understand we had 26 shots today, we scored once?

So to the team….

Oxley – I reckon he could have saved their first goal, I reckon he should have held their second one, he fumbled it. My son disagrees, he thinks it was a great save and he was unlucky. I would play Cerny.

Grey – David Gray should have scored five today, not might have, should have. He had more of the ball than most, he had more chances than Malonga and Cummings combined. He didnae take any of them.

Fontaine – Strolled through the game, didnae think he was at fault at either goal.

Watson – I think he is a far better central defender than right back, he had a good game today other than the scramble at their winner?

Stevenson – Lewis was very good but he cannae beat a man, he can cross, he sure can tackle, but he will no take a man on.

Robertson – Scott was head and shoulders above the rest of the midfield.

Fyvie – I thought Fraser gave his all, his problem is that our midfield is full of short arsed, skillful players, Fraser is the best of them at the moment but Stubbs took him off and left the honking McGeogh on?

McGeogh – Started well, his first 15 minutes were decent. He then proceeded to mis-pass, over play, breath out his arse and stand in the wrong position (often left or right back!) offering nowt. Worst I have seen him in a Hibs shirt. He gave the ball away when we were attacking that lead to their winner, he trotted back, puggled.

Allan – Scott done nothing first half, nothing. Apart from the odd world cup willie pass that didnae work. In his defence, second half he did play very well and tried his damnest to get us back in the game, including a fine ball for Fyvie’s goal.

Stanton – Sam is more direct and plays a crisper pass than his fellow midfielders. he also is more direct, so we took him off for Cummings?

Malonga – Other than his misses, he was woeful, but then he has been pretty poor since his trip to Africa. Does he not realise that a Farid will keep him out of the team? I found myself getting angrier and angrier at his efforts. He did hit the bar with a header.


Cummings – Came on for Stanton around 65 minutes and tried his hardest to get us back into the game.

El Alagui – Came on for the hapless and hopeless Malonga around 75 minutes, done more in his 15 minutes than Malonga has done for weeks, and it took him 5 minutes for his first touch! Still, delighted to see him back.

Boyle – Came on for Fyvie, and ignoring the fact that he looks like a wee laddie and challenges like a wee laddie playing against men, the biggest error there was taking Fyvie off, it should have been McGeogh or maybe Allan?

Stubbsy and the gang – Made a complete arse of the tactics, five central midfielders, one up front, played at snails pace, for the third game in a row and too late with changes. I think again he has under estimated the opposition. He can say otherwise on the radio, but I sat in the stand and watched it Alan, you made an arse of it pal.

Fans – Good turn out of Hibs fans, who left let down, again.

Ref – I though the referee did well today, I think he only booked one player and tried to let the game flow, other than a couple of stutters.

Raith Rovers – A decent team who never gave up and worked us out, I hope they get into the play offs.

Other observations – Well it was great to meet Fife based Irish Bouncer Scoobie and his Dad Joe, who had travelled over from Downpatrick to see his first Hibs game, sorry about the score Joe. I also think that the reason we have went astray a little is the introduction of Fraser Fyvie. Stay with me. Fraser is a good player and fits in well, I would like him to stay with us. The problem we have is that we cannot accommodate him, McGeogh and Allan? Scott Robertson is the best of the four for me, he sticks to his role and performs it well, but we need to perm two from the other three, and have Sam Stanton, or even Danny Handling or Liam Craig in there. It has t be Robertson, Fyvie and either McGeogh or Allan? Its not working Alan. Up front, well Jase is a must start, Farid is coming back. Djedje is average and Malonga, I reckon, has been tapped up whilst away not playing for his country in Africa? I also would chuck Cerny in, Oxley gives me the shiters. Finally I think we play at a snails pace, we need to ramp it up, like we did when we scudded the Huns, we are playing like a training game too often.

Man of the match – Well for for me there was only one Hibs player stood out, one that has done so more and more. Stand up Scott Robertson, you never stopped doing your job son, and you did it well. Pity your team mates didn’t show that passion and effort.



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