Thank you James Keatings, what a wonderful goal you scored. Everything that was wrong about your performance last week you put right today, your pin point ball for Efe’s goal was sublime, your turn, and a 20 yard curler off your weak foot was a joy to behold, a wonderful strike, a worthy winner in that magical time of 90+2 that saw that plook heeded skitter of a man Houston’s napper explode filling the away dugout with spit, snotters and bile. Kaboom!!

Missing Captain Dave, the man who captained Hibernian on the 21st of May 2016, heading home the winning goal in the 92nd minute, John McGinn who is developing skelfs in his erky in Glasgow and Ofir Marciano, who I hear was poor in Spain last night. In came Laidlaw, Efe went to right back, and Dylan slotted in well for SJM.

Falkirk had a team full of folk with Buzz Cuts, it was like the GI’s had landed in Leith. All the rage in Falkirk I hear, the Teddy boys got (bryl)creamed this efty.

Lead out by Houston, beaming like a red light in a whore house, they are a team that are easy to dislike, word fi the prawn sandwich seats upstairs in the West Stand is Alex Totten is a wee bitter barsteward too. To say they were robust would be polite, the dirty barstewards would have had a few sent off if there was such a thing as a competent referee in Scottish football. The one today was hopeless, what is new. He wore his shorts like he was in ABBA, the weirdo.

We had snippets of brilliance, too many errors, a game of two halfs, where some improved, some got worse. Then an inspired but clearly required substitution, along with a welcome one. As Lenny said after the game, today may have been pivotal in the League title, we killed off Plookys challenge, probably spoiled his double pie supper and large Eldorado with his wife tonight. She had promised him that if Fawkirk won, he only had to take the one blood pressure tablet with his Viagra tonight tae. He will be phoning his glaikit pal Levien for advice in the morning. Potter will send him a note via John Daly about Hobos spoiling everything nowadays. Get it right up ye Houston.

It was fantastic to see Ivan, Rob, Zoomer, Whits, McNeil and especially David Murphy at half time. Brought memories flooding back of that day 10 years ago. Thanks guys, you are all welcome home any time.

So to the team….

Laidlaw had a decent game right up till he knocked an innocuous punt out for a corner and the Bairns equalised. He did make up for it a little when he took the ball off Sibbald cut your own hair later.

Efe slipped into captain Dave’s position at right back seamlessly. A few errors yes, but a smashing player with the ball at his feet. Loves a mazy too. Took his goal well too. If he signed for us, he would become a cult hero. Good guy.

Darren McGregor was imperious, magnificent, better than anything Scotland have.

Forster was poor, and didnae improve.

Lewis is hard as nails, and I thought he had a decent game today, he stopped the wee Hun Aird that people were pulling their plonkers over . Lewis dealt with him.

Dylan was back, stretching and rubbing. BUT, the guy is a fitba player, graceful, skillful and smart. Pity he didn’t do enough to change a game.

Bartley was poor first half for me, but had a smashing second half. One day he will shoot. He looked decent as he pushed forward.

Shinnie looked up for it but I think he dislocated his shoulder? Keats replaced him just before half time.

Boyler got past his man first half, but he couldnae cross a road. Second half he got tore in, but he couldnae cross himself.

Holt was honking.

Jase got no service, but gave very little.


James Keatings is the best dead ball player at our club. His crosses, passes and shots are more accurate than other players and his goal was wonderful, really, very, very well taken peach of a goal. All season I have felt Keats is hard done by, truth is, he is a brilliant impact sub, he runs tired defences ragged and had a fair bit of skill and an accurate eye with a dead ball. Great pass for goal number one and brilliant individual second. Thanks James, well played son, that was magical. Pity 2000 Hibs fans decided to miss it, or maybe not. Nae luck.

Paul Hanlon, the classiest defender at Hibs, strolled on to the pitch to warm applause. It is simply fantastic to see Paul back. Darren and Paul are the best centre halfs we have had in years.

Brian Graham replaced Holt and took heed of a wise stage in the West Lower when he was told he had done nowt since replacing Holt. He proceeded to win headers, feed Keats and be part of the wonderful winning goal.

Lenny knows Hibs are better than we are playing. Today we beat a decent Falkirk team, condeming them to at best a play off place. I think he knows we have enough to get over the line, but not much more. His post match interview suggests he was delighted we beat Houston’s bawbags.

Falkirk can f*** off though. Hoofballers, sleekit diggers, and poor haircuts.

The referee was hopeless. What is new?

Other observations were the giant crowd, nervous but out in numbers, Big G sitting on his tod in the Lower Famous five? WTF? Does anyone reckon Rob Jones will manage Hibernian one day?

My man of the match was our player of the season, Darren McGregor, what a great Captains role you played. Special mentions for Lewis, Efe, Barts and Keats for the wonder goal.

Next up, a defeated Duff Jimmy’s Morton, who give us a game, another six pointer. For me, win that, we win the league?

See you all on Wednesday.

Hibernian Forever!


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