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Early, well worked goal, noisy Hibs support, half empty home end (I suppose ye dinnae bother going back when your team never wins anything), Lennon has this team ticking. I like the way we go about our game, that little bit extra dig brought by Scott Martin, a 10 million pound performance from Jason Cummings baby, a great second half from John McGinn, a very good goal from Falkirk didnae matter, as Jason scored a very clever second to kill off a hoofball like Bairns.

It was great to join the other 1984 Hibs fans on the Orwellian Industrial Falkirk/ Grangemouth border, seeing Fauldhouse (thanks for the ticket), Shrink and Son (thanks for the half a lift), the Tully’s (back from their ban), Scoopyboy and Southwest Hibby and his son Nathan, I knew the fitba was back and I love it. The Hibernian songbook has grown significantly, with renditions of Warburtons a Fanny, David David Gray, Lewis Stevenson, Jason Cummings Baby, Super John McGinn, Liam Henderson, Stokesy’s on fire, Andy Hallitosis ******* Up the Cup and my personal favourite, the Darren McGregor Song to the tune of Earth Wind and Fire’s September. Like many other recent tunes, this is now stuck in my head.

We set ourselves out in a 3 2 3 2 shape, it works, Darren is the fighter, Paul the Craftsman and Fonts the hoofer, but with not a little panache. David, Scottish Cup Winning Goalscorer, Gray and Lewis Stevenson bombing doon the wing, Keats growing as a player, Martin giving us a dig we are missing with McGeouch and Fyvie out and McGinn having a wonderful second half. Holt struggled a little, he has to learn the pace of our game and a word or two for Laidlaw, he disnae always inspire, but he is better and more commanding than Oxley.

So to the teams individual performances

Laidlaw is a big laddie, looks good at crosses and whilst he is not Alan Rough he is an improvement on the previous incumbent although the orange kit is a hunnish honker.

David, David Gray scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final as captain of Hibernian Football Club. He was and is wonderful. He fair enjoys this role of wing back, practice your crossing and you will get even better.

Darren McGregor is a class defender, hard as nails, he is Hibs.

Paul Hanlon is class, a wonderful football player, worth a fortune to Hibernian.

Liam Fontaine has grown into the player he was when he first joined, he had a very decent game today.

Lewis Stevenson, Scottish League Cup and Scottish Cup Winner wearing a Hibernian shirt, was excellent today, he got past his defender, played in a decent balls and had a smashing game, linking very well with Super John McGinn second half.

James Keatings wants to be involved but was not so good first half. I thought he stepped up second half and played very well. He was more direct and linked well with Jase and Holt, especially second half.

Scott Martin was very good, a young laddie, who had a bit of a frustrating loan at Forfar ( I followed him weekly as a mates son plays for them). Scott did not looked out of place and done very, very well. He is no feart.

Grant Holt is a big fellae, he looked cumbersome today. I think he has to learn the pace of our game and just how good his team mates are. He has a lovely touch and a football brain though, but then so did I, and he looked a bit like me (I am 50 and big boned).

Jason Cummings was magnificent today, his well worked tap in was good, his second was very well executed, his others unlucky, cheeky and Jason all over. That is the best I have seen the radge perform for us, and I have seen him brilliant before. 1 Million? Try 10.


Bartley came on for Martin after an hour or so and done as well and Marv normally does.

Boyle came on for Keats last 10 and took the ball forward well and alleviated a bit shaky last 10.

Forster came on for the class defender, McGregor with a couple of minutes to go and done fine.

The Management Team, we have employed a tactically astute, passionate couple of jakey looking dafties wi a fair bit of nouse. Does that make sense? I see an improved Hibernian already. I loved Stubbsy as a Hibby and a Toffee, but we are better now. Good, that is what I want. SW Hibby noted Neil going barmy at the players for over celebrating the winner, good. I further noted he was first to come to us post game, bowing to us and acknowledging the part we play. Neil, you are sound pal.

Falkirk, great equaliser, Baird is a wee *****, sweet maria must go home with a sair neck watching Houstball every week, might explain all they empty seats. Mid table if they are lucky this season.

The referee was very good today, Mr Clancy managed the game well.

Hibernian did the job today, we hoped for a bigger win, but a win is just fine guys. In Jason, John and Paul we have real quality, we are going places, lets enjoy the ride.

Man of the Match, could have been Paul Hanlon, might have been Darren McGregor, might have even been Liam Fontaine, could have been John McGinn for his brilliant second half but then there was Jason Cummings, he was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, what an improvement on your whole all round game son. Brilliant.

If you are thinking about a season ticket, thinking about coming along, come and see our team, this is the season that will make Hibernian FC, thank you Alan Stubbs, now do the deed Neil, you know how to.


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