Much has been said on this thread, making my belated Just Back a little easier and shorter than normal. I was looking forward to the game, but I am afraid we didn’t do our homework, we didn’t press (which is baffling, given Heck’s interviews), we didn’t have shot on target and we looked lost in the last third with the return of gap between the midfield and the eternally long time we take to take a shy!

Celtic to were not great, they have better players than us and scored two cracking goals, but a more up for it Hibs would have given them a game? Yesterday told us a last cup winner is past it, a couple more are in their twilight. Nuggets were the performances of Slivka and Omeonga, both did there very best to keep us in the game.

I hope Heck learns for last night, Celtic are beatable but now when we sit and and play to score on the break. One question, why was Scott Brown allowed to control the game, tactical failure there.

The Team

Rocky had no chance at their goals, he played well I thought?

Sir David Gray, a legend suitably identified in the Sportscene was poor I felt. Poor final ball.

Daz was our best defender I thought.

Hanlon was better than recently but was still distinctly average.

Lewis has a poor second half, Burke was all over him.

Milligan was decent until he tired badly.

Horgan again done reasonably well but again he tires badly.

Omeonga never stopped trying when many of his team mates did. I like this laddie.

Slivka was very decent i thought, he looked to play football all game.

Kamberi too done a shift, I like his play, he tried to hold the ball up and lay on McNulty.

I thought McNulty was poor yesterday, didnt offer enough?


Double switch after Celtc scored their first:

Bartley for Milligan – I thought Barts was rotten. He is finished.

Mallan for Horgan may become a weekly change. Mallan mentioned in interview that Horgan is a Gym Bunny. Horgan is clearly doing the wrong things as he cannae last 90 minutes, indeed he struggles after 60, which is a pity as he is good player?

Oli replaced Omeonga, as we tried with three up front. Agian didnt make his mark.

As I said above, Heck and Co should learn form this, it didnae work.

Celtic, well, all I can say is I am glad Lennon snuck in and back out with only an angry look from Tam McCourt. There fans songs about Rogers and Bobby Sands, well that was a strange mix.

Hibs Fans, 11,500 in the crowd is better than some expected. We gave up singing at 2-0 as people were scunnered. Whoever threw the bottle I hope is banned for life, arsehole. As for drinking Buckfast, double arsehole.

My Man of the Match was Vicky Slivka, I thought he was best of a pretty poor bunch yesterday. We might miss him when we play the Huns?

See you all next Friday!

Hibernian Forever!  


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