It was only late summer, the Gunts had won the League, they were singing their Frank Sinatra songs about winning less in Europe than Hibernian, their trips to Portobello as we enjoyed (??) the Faroes, Greece and Norway, now its a cold late winter/ early spring night and guess what? Hibernian are above them in the League.

However, feck only knows why as for 60 minutes Hibs were guff, Livi were crap. Up pops Paul Hanlon, a Hibee through and through, followed by a magnificent piece of individual ability from Stevie Mallan and in a puff of unicorn juice, we are fifth.

The game was live on TV, so angles, re-runs, opinions from counterfeiters will no doubt influence opinion. I will offer mine from just past the half way line half way up the stand, surrounded by many an unhappy Hibby who maybe need to stay at hame and watch Corry if your team bother you that much.

First of all, great Hibs support generally, the pubs of Livingston and Midcalder would have been coining it in, as a Livingston Hibernians, its great when my team visit where I live, to see Hibs fans all over town pre and post match is a good thing for the 1000’s of Hibs fans based out here. Unusually for me, I had a few pre match scoops before heading down to the Tony Mulligatawny Souperbowl to watch a Hibs set up that went with a team I suggested wouldnae work, I think I may have had a bit of a point?

4700 fans when the game is on Pub TV isnae bad, more so when 3500 support Hibernian, great turn out. First half I thought we were awful, midfield non existent, poor effort from Marc Mac and Flo, Livi prodding and probing without really doing any damage. Pah, it was pretty pish to watch. You can always tell as the fandangos in the away season ticket section dinnae take long to scapegoat players, fuds that they are.

Second Half, sorry but more of the same, we were lacking midfield creativity, someone to think, stand on the ball, to take a man on. Then with 20 minutes to go, Heck shows why he is at the wheel, and what I feel he knew was we are still bare bones, see out an hour or so and hit them as they tire. Slivka ( a baller who I suggested should start) and Murray ( a laddie who actually wanted the ball, no kid on he did) came on and for 15 minutes up popped my Hibernian, our Hibernian. Attack, attack, attack, some good effort from Flo, Mallan and Sparky after nowt for the first 70, inspired by Slivka and just when I think another poor Hibs performance at the Tommy Marcascapone is happening, and I think it will never end, Paul Hanlon, a Hibee through and through sticks it home. The tempo on the pitch rises, the Hibs fans got behind the team and Stevie Mallan scored such a good second I presumed Marc McNulty had scored it, cracking goal and points secured….or are they…after what looked a soft penalty from the seats we gave Ferranti five minutes to save the game. They didnae.

The Team

Rocky didnae have much to do given Livi’s huff and puff. Great save near the end to tip it over though…

Sir David Gray, Captain of Hibernian on that wonderful day in May, when he scored the winning goal to destroy a new Hun dream and send me and our collective Hibby to our graves happy, had a good game, although he and Horgan didnae work together at all, but impoved with the excellent Fraser Murray ahead of him.

Daz had a fine game, he is a Hibernian and a fecking hard barsteward

, I want all Hibs defenders to be like Darren McGregor. YLT indeed.

Paul was given a hard time by that failure that played for the Gunts, cannae mind his name. Paul’s goal was a Hibs goal by a Hibs man, that is suffice.

Lewis too had a strange situation, Flo in front of him, running about like a dafty. I thought he was great near the end, doing a Daz and getting tore in for the 3 points. I want all Hibs defenders to be like Lewis Stevenson.

Mark Milligan was quietly excellent, solid, solid as a rock (go on admit you sung that last line).

Stevie Mallan was rotten most of the game, what a goal though eh? That is why he plays for Hibs.

Daryll Horgan should have stayed at hame, he brought nowt.

Steph Omeonga, well I telt ye’s, wisnae his game nor pitch, a few minutes of good isnae enough.

Flo was ploughing a field out left much of the game, what a fucking waste, but by return his soul isnae in it, no idea idea why. He is better than some twats who attend think though, give the laddie some credit.

Marc Mac had a rotten first hour but livened up the last 30 minutes.


Slivka replaced Omeonga and offered a lot more, he wanted the ball and tried to play fitba with a bit of intelligence. He changed the game, good work Heck and Vik.

Murray replaced the hapless Horgan after 70 minutes, he played a part in the win by simply wanting the ball and letting it be known.

Heck and co arranged to spend an hour containing Livi. I accept that, next season I expect us to come to my town and pump them. He is pissing with the cock he has and its a cock that is spraying right up the wall like a firemans hose. I like Heck and Co, they work magic.

Livingston have some good players. No that good though. I hope you enjoyed your evening Robinson, you wee Hertz nowt, nipped at Paul Hanlon, who scored that goal at the ground your old team sacked you from that helped us go on to win the Scottish Cup. Was it a penalty to Livi, I have no idea?

I thought the referee was excellent. Did not upset the fans once, how it should be done, whomever you are?

Man of the match, well it was more least shite of the match at half time, bar Daz and Spike. Second half although a tad better didnae draw anyone else into the equation, wonderful goal and all, so its an easy one, Mark Milligan, who strolled through the game and kept us safe like a certain French gentleman of 20 years back.

Post match I had a few pintitos in a local hostility with my best mate, along with Shrink and his sons, a 5 foot purple unicorn holding a crystal ball, some insense, an ironing board and some well kent Hibby’s who planned to catch the last train out of town. A normal night out here in the wild west I suppose!

See you behind the goals, mind the gap, fcuk the Hearts and God Bless Hibernian, ra, ra, ra!

Hibernian Forever!  


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