I thought we were by far the better team today, to come out of that with only a point is an injustice, thats what it is. Hibernian were excellent first half, we should have been out of sight. When we scored the second, which was a cracker, we should have seen the game out. We didn’t. Although the manager replaced three attacking players with three attacking players we slowly let a pretty average Killie into the game before the inevitable blunder cost us a late equaliser. I am sure Jack is already thinking of solutions, one of the easiest of those might be swapping keeper for now?

I thought Slivka was superb, Doidge was excellent, Ryan and Paul played very well and Newell had his best game yet. Naismith was good right up til Miller came on for them, Lewis had a tough shift against Burke, but we seemed ot sit further and further back as the game went on, when there was no need. Another question, 9 games unbeaten, a Hibs Kids game and the crowds are going down?

Doidge’s goal was yet another weird one, its what he does, and the build up play ( I think 8 passes in a row) for Naismiths stoatir was a joy to watch.

On a catering note, I had the home made lentil soup today, brave of me after getting poisoned the last time I had it. Turns out, it was tasty, salty, warm and with a dash of black pepper it warmed my cockles on a cold day. Lentil soup also has the added benefit of a wind powered evening on a Saturday night!

I didn’t think much of Killie, I thought less of the fucking clown Clancy. His error in giving them a thrown in when the Killie player kicked it out started their build up to the equaliser. It was one of many errors for this incompetent buffoon, he is useless.

The Team

Maxwell, well I am sorry I know he made a couple of saves but I would like to see his efforts at both goals?

I thought Naismith was excellent right up to the introduction of Liam Miller who skinned Naismith often and well. Excellent blooter of a goal, when the whole stadium and their goalie expected a cross, bang!

Porto was Porto, smashing laddie.

Paul was as good, his cross field passing was immense today.

Lewis found it hard marking the decent ginger ex hun Burke.

Hallberg played well but a couple of errors sneaked in to his play today, his shots were liek pass backs too.

Vicky Slivka today played like the Juventus player we signed, his very best game in a HIbs jersey, I thought he was excellent, great feet, a couple of crunching tackles and nice movement. Very well played.

Joe Newell gave us a good 60 minutes, I would say his best hour for Hibs too. He tires and loses interest around the hour though.

Scottie had a very quiet day, I hope things are ok as he didn’t produce much on Tuesday either.

Flo done ok, he is the grafter up front.

Doidge scored again, he is improving like a fine bottle of MD 20 20. He wins plenty of headers, mostly finds a fellow Hibs player and looks pretty decent now. Go figure.

Before I talk about the subs, I felt the three changes, Boyler for Flo, Horgan for Newell and Mallan for Allan won us teh games v Motherwell and St Mirrren. Today it didnae work. Lets mix it up a wee bit please?

The subs

The first change was Mallan for Allan on the hour. I thought Mallan brought an energy Scottie was not showing. His poor pass prevented us possibly going 3 1 up.

Boyler replaced Flo with 20 to go and he really makes a difference. HOWEVER we played him as a winger and it didnae work, the one up front shite is rotten, its not a Hibs thing.

Horgan came on for Newell, he did mix it up but his woeful blootered cross when a simple ball along the grass to Mallan may have sealed the three points. Not good enough, the pass was abject.

None changed the game, they need too.

I hope Ross and Potter learned a lot from today, its clear the goalie isnae good enough, he is like Nick Colgan at cross balls, the missing link in the middle is a cross of Marv, Millie and Dylan, Dylan would sort it though. I hope sitting deep at 2 1 up isnae their idea, Hibs fans hate it as it conjures up memories of a Hibs team pre Neil Lennon. Shivver!!! One observation, Potter is a talker, He was at it all game. Good.

Killie were there for the taking, no Brophy gave us a chance, we didnae take it. They are certainly not better than Hibs, we need to look to end the season above them. Same with Motherwell last week. Decent support. My sons Uni pal and hosuemate is a Killie fan, we give him a birl back to Waverley post match, he couldnae believe they left with a point.

Clancy is incompetent, he should not be refereeing senior football. A clown.

The fans were muted, the new heed chanter in the Since 1875 group disnae have a voice that carries and I miss the old days of 1000 squeaky voices shouting Hibees Hibees on days like today!

Man of the match was, as the sponsors correctly picked, Vikki Slivka, well played son, nice fitba, great feet, keep it going.

In summary, we played much worse on Tuesday and won, harrumph!

Next up a cauld and lonely run up to Dingwall on Wednesday night, a nights sleep over in the sticks with some well kent faces in tow.

See you behind the goals!

Hibernian Forever!

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