Funny game that, ok we won 3-1 and it might have been a much higher score, both teams had plenty chances, we squadered loads, but were way too pedestrian for too much of the game and we are back carrying a couple of players who are simply not doing enough. We let an avearge team have too much of the ball, we were weak in midfield and were saved really when we brought Booth and Stanton on who are both more attack minded than some others. A very large Hibs support (again there appeared more Hibs fans than home fans) left happy but I am sure, like me, a little frustrated.

The players….

Oxley – Made a few saves that mattered, but made a complete arse of the goal, we all knew where the ball was going, he clearly didnae.

Gray – Had a decent game as ever and went off injured. Hope it was a precaution before we meet the huns.

Hanlon – I though Paul was poor today, Nade (fat and a jambo I know) was a handful that Paul lost the battle with.

Fontaine – On the other hand Big Liam had his best game in a Hibs shirt, was calm and strong all game and scored a stoatir with a proper header.

Steven – Lewis was as good as he is most weeks, very consistent and does everything he is asked to do.

Robertson – I though he was the best of the midfield today, got stuck in and cleared up the mess a few times.

Allan – Moments of magic and hard work interspersed a pretty average performance from Scott today, was at fault for losing the ball at the Raith goal. Had a better second half than he done a first.

Craig – Back to his oldself, he was useless.

Handling – He was worse. Stanton should be playing that position, jeez Pat Stanton could do better there and he is 70.

Cummings – Took his goal well and worked all game. He can and must improve though.

Malonga – Missed four good chances first half, all of which from our seats high at the other end looked easier to score than miss. He did take his goal well second half and looked relieved when he stroked it home. Wasn’t great today but kept up his decent scoring record.


Booth – Came on for the injured Gray and I thought he did very well.

Stanton – Came on for the woeful Handling and again made a difference, giving us a bit more positivity going forward.

Heffernan – Had a couple of minutes at the end for Malonga.

Stubbsy and his mates – I wish he could instill that killer instinct, we should be battering these teams, but we rarely do. I find the play decent but its really pedestrian. Hibs are better to watch when they up the pace, which they did last 10. I heard the Everton fans boo them Monday for the overcooked fitba, many Hibs fans done the same today.

Fans – Masses of them again, well played the Hibs support we really do turn up in numbers.

Raith – A decent, hard working team who only collapsed when we got the third goal. I thought Nade was very good for them, I reckon I could carry the new slimmer version at a push.

Referee – Must be one of the better ones as he hardly annoyed me, other than he should have booked Martin Scott first half and the two fouls on Scott Allan second half would have seen the thug sent off.

Hibs Man of the Match – Well, for me, it was Liam Fontaine by a country mile, he was immense at the back, played some nice football out of defence and scored a stoatir of a header to put us in the lead. Well played Liam.



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