We are through to the next round against a stuffy team on a difficult pitch in a stadium with no atmosphere. Once again, the Hibs fans turned up in large numbers to back the team, although it was stop start performance for much of the game, spoiled by the red card to Malonga and Hibs sitting too deep at the end.

So to the players…

Oxley – Made a complete erse of their goal, ball slithered under him when it should have been a simple collect. Flapped like pair of Oxford bags (ask your dads) for most of the second half and gave possesion away too much when we needed to keep the ball.

Stevenson – I thought he had a decent game, up and down that left hand side, although his crossing and hesitation did him no favours. Some Hibs fans really need to cut Louis some slack though. I am convinced there are people who only go to the game to have a moan.

Fontaine – First half he made mistake after mistake and was having a honker. Was much better second half.

Hanlon – Spent the first half covering for his hapless colleague, and made a few boobs himself, but went on to have a fine second half.

Gray – I love David Gray, what a very good footballer he is. Took his headed goal well, might have had another. Best full back we have had since David Murphy.

Craig – I thought Liam Craig was very good first half, as good as I have seen him in a Hibs shirt and his goal was a cracker. Second half he wasn’t anywhere as good and sat too deep, made loads of daft mistakes and ended up getting injured. He is a much improved player though and that is good.

Allan – Easy to wax lyrical about young Scott, he too is a good football player, he drifts past men, has clever feet and tries to attack players. Plenty things don’t come off and his passing can improve, keep working on that son. Was surprised he was taken off to be honest.

Handling – Danny was excellent first half today, had he kept that level of play up second half, he would have been my man of the match. He didnae, which is a pity, although he did do plenty and is growing on me as a player. Again, its good to see the players I/we have reservations about prove us wrong. He showed real intelligence taking the ball into the corner in the final minutes, something some of his more experienced teammates might have done. Well played Danny.

Robertson – I thought Scott was the superb today, by far the best midfielder throughout the whole of the game. That is important, its great to be brilliant in snippets, its better to consistently good throughout the game. When he plays his defensive midfielder role to that quality he really does look decent.

Cummings – I feel for him a wee bit, he does try, he makes himself available for passes and you cannot question his work rate. A goal will come son, keep working at it, and pay no attention to some of the idiots in the gazebo, proper Hibs fans could not care less what team you used to play for, you are one of us now.

Malonga – In and out the game today, some tidy passes and good movement. Strange one at the sending off, as the linesman beside the gazebo  waved for something he had done whilst on the far side of the pitch and he got a straight red. Stubbs suggested whatever he did, he was provoked, we will see on TV tonight I hope? He would be a big miss.


The three subs may have seemed sensible, but nearly cost us, the laddies just didnae bring the strength to the pitch we needed to see the game out.

Stanton – Came on for Craig and didn’t do too much if I was honest. Not sure quite what the shape was meant to be there?

Harris – Came on for Cummings. He is a decent ball player, a Hibs supporter and nice laddie, but he really has to man up. He shat himself way too often and we needed men not boys that last ten.

Kennedy – Came on for Allan, which was a mistake for me.

Stubbs and team – Although we started slowly, once we got going there appeared to be only one winner. However he seems to make subtle tweaks at half time that dinnae work, possibly asking Liam Craig to sit deeper, tweaking the position of Scott Allan etc. are not working for us. I may be overly critical as Stubbsy has once again won us the game, and we are unbeaten in a long time. Keep it up Alan, I have faith in you.

Alloa – A stuffy wee team that do play reasonable football. Their stadium is a cowp. Very decent catering right enough.

Referee – Useless and some very dubious decisions. How long did he actually play of injury time second half, it seemed a long time given the lack of incidents.

Fans – Turned out in numbers again, outnumbering the home support ten times over, pity the stadium offers no atmosphere.

Summary – The Alan Stubbs train keeps ploughing on, another away win, another battle won, not as pretty as some weeks, but we lost at Alloa only a couple of months back.

Man of the match – This may surprise for those there, but today my man of the match was the hard working Scott Robertson, he gave us everything for the full 100 minutes that ref played!





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