The draw is down to us today, we need to kill the poor teams off, the longer the game goes on the more chance these teams have of stealing the points, today was one of those games. Hibs huffed and puffed, but just couldnae score that goal that would have had Houston’s Hoofballers with nowhere to go. Dinnae get me wrong, some of Hibs football was lovely to watch, Holt’s touches were deft, Boyle’s first touch is better then highly rated others, John McGinn at his pomp is a joy to watch, Darren McGregor is a fantastic defender, Paul Hanlon is graceful, Fyvie does the simple stuff, even Shinnie had some lovely moves, BUT we dinnae score goals. OK we did score 2, one that was disallowed for no reason I could see from my seat at the other end of the ground, the second was a perfectly executed power header from a centre half. Shinnie might have scored, Holt might have scored, Super John might have had a couple, problem we have is that they didnae.

Now to Falkirk, what the red faced baldy little Hearts barsteward Houston offers is anti-fitba, hoofs, fouls, time wasting, kicking the ball away, causing trouble when none was there, that little swollen bollock of a man is the antithesis of what football should be. All made easy by a referee who IF he had managed the game properly would have sent more off from Falkirk, strangely not Tom Tiawo who although it was straight red two footer, had the Referee given Hibs the foul directly before it that challenge would not have happened. How that tight shorted fucking rockabilly twat Baird stayed on the pitch, only the referee could explain.

We beat them in the style of play, the corners, shots and all round football. They got their point destroying the beautiful game.

The Team

Laidlaw never put a foot wrong and had no chance at their shambles of a goal from their first corner with 12 minutes to go.

David Gray didnae get going today and was swapped for Cummings with 15 minutes to go.

Darren McGregor was magnificent again. After watching those two clowns at the back for Scotland last night, then enjoying Daz command a game for 90 minutes,you know Strachan disnae watch the football up here. Darren wants Hibs to win.

Paul Hanlon was also magnificent, his goal was exactly why he needs to be up at corners, not Fontaine. Paul wants Hibs to win.

Liam Fontaine was OK, nothing more, and went off for Harris at the same time as Gray.

Lewis Stevenson had plenty of the ball, with only a few good deliveries.

Frazer Fyvie was all over the pitch, he starts the moves, breaks up the play and rarely does much wrong.

John McGinn was very good first twenty and equally very good last 15, its the bit in the middle he has to improve. His strike last 5 was goalbound but for a great save by the Falkirk keeper. Hi scorners were a mix of duff and deep, but he is still a joy to watch when he drives at players.

Andrew Shinnie played for 80 minutes today. So what you say? Well normally you get half an hour out of him, so today was a big improvement. Ok, he is a jessie, ok his passing is powderpuff, ok he never wins a 50 50, but he did play well in bursts today and was willing to take a player on.

Grant Holt battered and bashed all game, he moaned too much for me, but some of his touches and thinking reminded you of what he once was. Needs to score goals though, he disnae do that or worse, think to do that.

Boyler got little service, he needs the ball to his feet or to run on, no neck height knock ons. Looked decent when he come to left win last 10.

The Subs

Cummings came on for Gray. He was caught offside once, that was the sum of his contribution.

Harris came on for Fontaine and did bits and pieces, some it very positive, but the laddie has no bottle.

Dylan replaced Shinnie and prodded and pushed us on for a a win, I would have had him on earlier for Shinnie.

I listened to Neil on the radio on the way home and agreed with him on his summary of the game. He missed out that again he left the substitutions too late. Falkirk were there for the taking, we didnae take them Neil. Boyler has been good, Holt has been decent, time to try Jase and Graham for longer.

I have spoken about Falkirk above, but its only fair to credit their excellent keeper, their solid defense, the skills of Mark Kerr, and much as I hate the duo of Miller and Baird, Miller did his job, he pushed, fouled, nudged, won headers and was a nuisance all game. Baird is a wee fud, but he runs and runs, niggles, nips, kicks, fouls and never gets sent off. That Boil on My Arse of a Man Houston has a maroon puss you wouldn’t tire of slapping, although with a face like a skelpt erse, someone has beaten me to it.

And breathe, that Referee was a disgrace, he simply ignored bad fouls, bookable offenses and a perfectly good goal. Just when you think you have seen the worst referee in the game, another one comes along.

14,551 in the stadium, less the 400 or so Falkirk fans, that is another fine attendance, well done Hibernian fans.

Man of the Match was easy, Darren McGregor should have been centre half for Scotland last night, he never gives the ball away and would have broken that wee diving prick Sterlings in half. I though Darren was brilliant. Mentions for Fraser Fyvie, John McGinn and Paul Hanlon too.

I reckon we need some tweaks up front, for me I would try starting without Holt, go more aerial with Graham or more direct with Jason. I think we miss Keatings, we miss Dylan and we need to kill teams off, its simple, early goals and constant pressure and negative shit like Falkirk would be swept aside.

I hope Houston’s next shit is a porcupine.


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