Just back and I thought Hibs were rotten for almost the whole game, but for that wee ten minute spell we had them on the ropes, scored and shut up shop, even though we lost Daz for part of that. First half was all Rangers, they could have easily been 3 or 4 up whilst we rarely had a look at that dirty barsteward Hun McGregors goal. Stevie Mallan woke up around 70 minutes, started to play and linked up with the tireless Flo and the clever running McNulty after 70 minutes of big fecking hoofs and boom 1-1 and it might have been 3 or 4 to Hibs, which would have been up there with turning water into wine!
On a serious note, I have seen the video of the fecking idiot who ran on and pushed the Hun defender, what was he doing? Once again, stupidity deflects from eighty minutes of unadulterated sectarianism for the 3600 scumbags in the South stand. I actually had heated words with a member of the Hibs board at half time, pointing out just how a noisy away end had geed up the Huns first half. The response, what do you want us to do, turn down their money? Well aye, I do, dinnae take their money, you are encouraging and accepting sectarianism live on world wide TV. After we scored the scumbags shut up and drifted off, we couldnae hear them just like we couldnae here them before Christmas when there was 1800 of them. I also understand Ms Dempster is angry about the fan running on, she should be. I hope she is also angry about the constant sectarian singing coming from the 3600 Huns singing “Kill a Fenian before they die” acceptable to Hibs, because its not to me.

Hibs were poor tonight, I felt first half it was the Hibs defence, the goalie and Milligan v 11 Huns, second half didnae change as Horgan tires at 60 minutes, Omeonga vanished around the same time, Mallan didnae get going until 70 minutes and the two strikers were starved of quality service. Then we woke up, battered into them as they tired badly, got a goal where it looked like McNulty was at least a foot offside from my seat and might had 2 or 3 more of Horgan had scored when he should have, Mallan had a chance deflected over and McNulty had a good shot saved by the orange kitted goalie who the lassie said no to. The subtle tweak around 70 minutes nearly got us the win, but I am no sure I enjoy 70 minutes of turgid shite, 10 minutes of the Hibs we love then 10 minutes on 10 men with backs to the wall. Still I came out of the ground feeling like we had won, at half time I expected us to get spanked. Lastly we are back letting Sir Dave and Lewis take an eternity to take a shy, fucking move it quicker for Sauzee’s sake.

The Team

Rocky had no chance at the goal, stays on his line and delays his kick outs too much for me but I thought he had a decent game.

Sir David blew hot and cold, the kent Kent gave him a torrid time, still he did score the winning goal against tonights opponents, a header that sailed into the net in the 92nd minute of the Scottish Cup Final on the 21st of May 2016 and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I though Daz was superb tonight, the best of the backies. His less than subtle ‘arm across’ Plug was worth a booking, his taking one for the team when Horgan put him in trouble when he didnae need to was what any Hibby would do for his team. We will miss him next week.

Paul is getting better again, the back 6 kept us in it first half.

I felt Lewis was poor for a second game in a row, it pains me to say that but the Huns went at him and he struggled.

Mark Milligan is awfy slow, which is a pity as he held us together first half and gave us a fighting 90 minutes. Pity we didnae sign him in his late twenties as he is a decent player but a yard too slow when up against decent players ( I never thought I would ever say that about the Huns).

Mallan was gunt awful for 60 minutes, he then woke up and drove us on, I think at the commend of Heck? Must give us more.

Horgan did go at the huns for 60 minutes then tired really badly. We ken he does that, the coaching staff have to learn it pronto and swap him out. His sloppy play when Daz was sent off was criminal as was his miss when clear through.

Omeonga showed snippets of skill but was Scottish Fitba’d oot the game tonight. Much of it passed him by.

Flo Kamberi takes stick from Hibs fans. Feck knows why, think of Rowan Vine or James Collins then measure that against the work rate, effort and goals Flo brings to us, plus the sheer look of absolute joy when he scored. I thought he was great tonight, but I do admit he has a first touch like a baby elephant.

Marc Mac is a striker, his clever runs were not recognised by our long punts and poor midfield service. His lay off for the goal was great though, offside or not! He and Flo work really well together.


Barts came on to shore up the ten men and did so. Horgan should have been replaced by Murray or Bigirimana after an hour. But I’ll take it.

The management team

I wont lie, at 70 minutes I was doubting our choices, nae changes, long hoofs, nae service, the Huns winning. But a wee tweak, I think but I am not sure that saw Mallan push forward through the middle unlocked the Huns backies and we might have beaten them. I dinnae like chess, I dinnae like chess fitba, but I will take that after being pish poor for so much of the game. Make changes earlier Heck, it was Lennon’s failing too.

The Huns
I dont hide my hatred of the Hunstitution, they make me feel a mixture of rage, hatred and the need to spew. I also never liked Slippy, I am an Evertonian as well as a Hibernian, he is a red shite who used to be an Evertonian. Jim Traynor, orange strips, their songs, their horrible fans, everything about them is the antithesis of what I believe is good in this world. But on a fitba front, I think they play some nice fitba, play to win and are nothing like the Huns of auld. I even find the Buffalo Soldier/ Alfredo tune catchy in a way nae Hibby ever should. Pity really as I would rather the scumbags supporting them watched Craig Levien style sh£te every week.

The referee McLean had clearly accepted his demotion at the local Orange Lodge after failing to prevent us beat his team on the 21st of May 2016. He is climbing back ‘up the ladder’ and done everything in his efforts tonight to right that wrong. For me he was cheating at various points in the game. How the cross between a Freddo Bar and Plug from the Bash Street Kids isnae booked for constant cheating, well only a Hun supporting referee could explain. Feck off McLean, dreadful display.

Hibs support was noisy although can you imagine what the noise would be like if the Since 1875 and new Section 43 singers communicated., 20,050 of an attendance is mare than the puddle drinkers will ever be able to quote for a game live on TV on a Friday.

Man of the Match – well at 0-1 to Club 2012 I couldnae have picked a man of the match, maybe a least sh@te of the match in Daz, Milligan and McNulty but Flo’s goal and his drive at the Huns the whole second half earns my man of the match. Well done and Happy Birthday Big Man!

Next up Motherwell, Daz free it will be tough as I expect Spike as a centre half and Slivka back in the mini me midfield midgets.

We really are the Huns bogey team and long may that continue as they are scumbags.

Hibernian Forever!  


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