Good eh. They Hun Fandans were cheering their empty heIds oaf, they thought Aberdeen were beating CeltIc, they thought Plug’s goal was enough for them to win, they sung about Sad Fenian Barstewards, Derry’s Walls, Leigh Griffiths mental health issues and the Irish Potato Famine, they sneaked out with 10 minutes to go thinking three points were safely in their Sports Direct Bags.
The Subway Loyal must have sh*t their Slazenger Joggies when they heard the roar of the Hibernian support as Daz headed home the late equalizer. Bedlam in the Hibs end, Silence of the Bams in all other areas of the Hunnery! Brilliant.

The day started weirdly with the Weegie Polis practicing for Celtics visit, free entrance to a car park especially set aside for Hibs fans, a Hun free walk up to the stadium, Broomloan Road closed to all but Hibs fans. It really was a Hun free zone, and kinda eerie, although the reek of bigotry was never far away.

Once inside, the 900 Hibs fans crammed in one corner gave it laldy.The Huns hate us, we hate them, so all is fair in love and war.

On the pitch, it was as near a perfect team as I would pick, 3 5 2 with my only tweak being Gray for Boyle. The Huns were frankly pretty poor, we were too. A better Hibs team would beat them easy. Hun McGregor had couple of good saves first half, Adam Bogdan a couple of crackers second, but their defence is poor, our midfield was rotten again. Positives was the return of Jamie McLaren who I felt played well, along with the return of Captain Paul Hanlon, Sean Mackie was smashing when he replaced Lewis and Bogdan needs to be signed up.

The Team:

Adam Bogdan had a great second half, a couple of fantastic saves.

Efe had a good game, couple of boobs but he did fine.

Darren McGregor made an erse of the Hun goal but more than made up for it for it crashing his header home after a great ball from Sean Mackie.

Paul Hanlon looked back to his old self, Hibs are better when Paul plays like that.

Lewis pulled up with what looked like a hamstring problem and was replaced by Mackie just before half time.

Boyle offered little again.

Hyndman I felt was missing most of game and we improved when Horgan replaced him.

Slivka drifted in and out of the game.

Mallan offered very little today, every pass was over hit and he struggled in Dylan’s position.

Flo never stopped working, Hun McGregor making a good save from a goal bound over head kick from Kamberi. He got no service from midfield, until Horgan and Mackie got involved.

McLaren had a good 70 minutes before the return of Captain Dave. It did have me wondering why he doesnt get a game?


Sean Mackie replaced Lewis and had a great game again. I think we have found the long term replacement to Lewis, Seans ball for the equaliser was perfect. His Maradona Turn on a Fugly Hun was class.

Daryll Horgan replaced Hyndman and changed the way we played, finally linking the midfield to the two front men.

David Gray, who scored the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final in 2016, captaining the club, replaced McLaren and had some good runs and headers. His appearance also got the Hibs fans singing again.

I think Neil and Gary went with the right team today. Our midfield in not good enough and we need a couple of new faces in there. Stick with a 5, 3, 2 and Flo and McLaren up front when this stupid Asia Cup fiasco is over.

The Huns are no very good and Slippy no doubt have some excuse ready about his pi*s poor team.

I thought Andrew Dallas had a reasonable game, not often I say that about a ref, especially a Hun ref from a family of Hun refs.

My man of the match was Adam Bogdan, he was brilliant and nothing he could do about Plug’s goal.

That is Full Fats out the way for a while, next up is the Diets at a sell out Easter Road on Saturday. Bring it on.

Hibernian Forever.


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