Dundee Utd 2 v 2 Hibs

We started so well, 1-0 up early, in control and we let a very average United team back into it. Great goal from Boyler second half, we are in control and yet again we let them back into it. We are soft as putty in the middle and we do not look dangerous enough. Add to that the weird experience of Scott Allan having a bad game, Doidge scoring then doing nothing, Whitts playing a blinder and then giving them their second equaliser topped off with not making a third sub when we were crying out for a change. Damned frustrating.

3,100 Hibs fans there, a support so large we had two noisy songs going on the whole game, those in the Gerry Kerr and Jim McLean stands giving it laldy much like the Since 1875 team singing away oblivious to those in section 43 in the east. It was cold, the maze under the stands is dangerous and a few pissed up Hibs fans kept appearing in the wrong part. The weirdest thing is the 20 or so Dundee United match sponsors who have to sit in between all the Hibs fans. Imagine having to do that v the Huns. Stephane Omeonga was there in the segregation area between the fans and we could have done with his creativity today as everything Scottie touched was a worldy that quickly went wrong.

United are no great shakes, no doubting the hunboy Shankland is a handful and their 7 – McMullan played very well, as did the sub Louis Appere, who sounds exotic but had a Fife accent as broad as the silvery Tay. They had two shots on goal and scored twice, both decent goals but avoidable. We are limp upfront when Doidge is there on his own, although Boyler and Flo were pests all game. We won the midfield battle, Melker and Whitts doing a fine job and the defense playing well the majority of the game. Shelly Marciano in leather trousers was an added bonus too.

Should we have been out of sight, yes, do we need additions, yes, but with injuries to both Porto and Naismith we may need to keep hold of Jackson and James now. When both went off, I think the average age of our back four was 33 years old! They did fine to be honest and the United second goal followed an error by the other auld fellae Roger Whittaker.

So to the team.…remembering I watched the game for the Fair Play Stand Upper teir live with no reruns. Many of you will have seen it on the EBC live and have the benefit of re-runs, camera angles and the slavering of anti-Hibs commentators….

Rocky had little to do but pick up the ball from the net after losing two goals, neither he could do much about.

Naismith is reasonable going forward but a very average defensive right back, he is also too slow. I was happier when Sir David replaced him at half time.

Porto got a sore one and limped off. He had been having a good game, although neither he or Paul covered themselves in glory with the first goal.

Paul had a good steady game, as I said he and Porto might have done better at the first goal. He is not a captain, he is too nice a man.

Both Porto and Paul kept the much praised Shankland pretty quiet most of the game, the once they didn’t he scored.

Lewis was smashing, got tore in given he often had two coming at him.

Melker is my favourite player, I have said that often, he is a proper baller and I think enjoyed the help he got from Roger today. One blooter at goal might have been better struck. A good Hibs player.

Whitts was excellent today, slow as a week in Saughton but reads the game well and is a good footballer who fits well where he played. His error and lack of effort lead to United’s superb second equaliser. He gave up the chase, which is a pity.

Scott Allan had his worst game I have seen in a Hibs shirt. Everything he did went wrong, too many worldies, too many wrong decisions. He saw a lot of the ball today, possibly a clever tactic from the tramp Neilson. Very poor Scottie, must do better. I would have taken him off last 15 – 20.

Boyler is great, a super pass for the opener from Doidge, a great goal for the second. He never stops and is exactly the type of player I love to see play for Hibernian.

Flo too worked his socks off, switching wings with Boyler the whole game, never giving up either. Needs to cut out the Scottie Allan type flicks though, they get on my tits.

Doidge scored and eh, that was about it. I dinnae fancy him at all, sorry.


Sir David Gray, scorer of the 92nd minute header that won Hibernian the Scottish Cup on May the 21st 2016 replaced the injured Naismith at half time. I will say it again, Hibernian play better when Sir David plays.

Daz replaced the injured Porto after 50 or so minutes and done well, pity he is the age he is, he gets tore right in.

Why did we not make a third sub, both Allan and Doidge could have been replaced and we would have improved?

The Management

Set up well and with more drive and passion we would have won comfortably. But we are too cautious not helped by lack of subs when a game needs to be won. I felt Jack gave a pretty average United way too much respect. How he did not change either Scott or Doidge is beyond me.

Dundee United

I like United, they are the acceptable side of our offspring, unlike the shower from the weej. Their steak pies are rotten though. Shankland is decent, as is McMullan and Appere. However their goalie is guff, their defence is poor and they could only rustle up 6000 fans. They are also managed by a jambo fud Neilson. I fully expect us to spank them in the replay.

The Referee

Clancy is a clown, had he booked their captain Butcher after his third foul first half, he would have had to send him off for his straight yellow second. Hopeless.

I have mentioned the Hibs support, we are a giant waiting for an excuse. make it happen Hibs.

Man of the Match

Overall I felt Hibernian played well today and we had some good performances. Boyler was a handful and scored a great goal, Whitts had a good game, spoiled by causing their second goal through a poor touch, half-arsed challenge and giving up chasing. Melker Hallberg was for me, the best of the bunch, he enjoyed the support of Whitts, what a find we have in this laddie, so its Melker gain for me.

Mind in any replay, we have home advantage, we may have further signings and they are no really that very good, ignoring all the noise about them in the media. I hope Hibs and United agree on a sensible pricing policy for all fans, given its a school night.

Next up is Hamilton on Wednesday Night at the Holy Ground where we might see the return of the prodigal son, Stephane Omeonga. Get along if you can.

Hibernian Forever!

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