Before I start, usual rules, most of you saw the game on TV, saw the replays, zooming in, etc whilst I sat in a wee corner of the Hunnery with 1000 fellow Hibs fans, who doubled the IQ of the 49,000 others in Mordor.

Hibernian matched or bettered the Huns in every way bar one, the ability to convert chances into goals. The noisy Hibs support let the Huns know we were there, they didnae like it. First half, once we settled, we domineered big parts of the game, and frankly Cummings, Henderson and Fontaine have to take their chances. After Liam’s sitter, ye just knew the Rangers would go up the pitch and score. They did. I hate watching one up front, and although Henderson, McGinn, Carmichael and Boyle supported Cummings, it just disnae work.

We simply need to take the chances we get, if we dinnae we will live to regret it.

The players

Oxley, had a good save again, but he looked suspect at the Sevco goal, from my seat at the other end of the stadium. He simply does not inspire confidence.

Gray was taken off injured again, he has not looked fit this season and sticking Dylan in there shows how limited we are for cover?

Fontaine, should have scored with his header, drifts out of position too much for me, but he did handle the Huns pretty well.

Hanlon, after a dodgy first 15, I thought he went on to have a very good game.

Stevenson, I thought he linked up well with Carmichael, McGinn and Henderson well. Might have got us a point at the end?

Fyvie, played deeper this week and worked hard in that role.

I suggested last week that John McGinn is a graceful, intelligent football player who is exactly the type of player that I like to see wear a Hibs shirt. I can confirm that another game on, he looks a great player.

Henderson started and first half he ran the Huns ragged. Then Wilson assaulted him without caution and we lost much of what he can do for the rest of the match. Pity the ref didn’t book Wilson as he should have as Wilson would have been sent off for 2 yellows second half. Should have scored both his second half chances though. Feck sake son.

Boyle started and came in and out of the game again, he needs to get some upper body strength as he is too easy pushed off the ball.

Carmichael looked like a lost wee laddie last week, and did at certain times today, although he wanted the ball, which is good.

Cummings started as loan striker, again we were the length of the pitch away but it looked like he should have scored at least one first half. Needs to convert more.


Malonga done nothing when he came on for Carmichael. To trot off up the tunnel at the final whistle and ignore the Hibernian fans passed me right off.

McGeogh was asked to play right back replacing Gary and I thought he was excellent. Can anyone who watched the game on the box confirm he handled the ball that gave the Huns their free kick and subsequent goal?

Stanton came on for Boyle for a few minutes at the end, I think.

Stubbsy and the lads played some smashing stuff today and had the Huns revolting at halftime. I dinnae like the lone striker idea, but when the second striker is Malonga ye ken your options are limited. Take your chances Hibs.

The referee was a disgrace, not booking Wilson when he nailed Henderson was exactly what referees do at the Hunnery.

Rangers are nothing to worry about, we can still win this League, we just need to find another goalscorer. John Daly is still on the dole.

My man of the match was, for the second week in a row, the elegant fitba player and young star in the making, John McGinn. A joy to watch. In John and young Liam, I think we will soon forget that Hun who plays for Thellick that used to play for us.

Keep the faith guys.


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