Take a good look at yourselves Hibs, you were rotten and all the hard work and good will built up with us, the supporters, has been destroyed. That is the worst we have played since we lost at Falkirk. You were simply not good enough, bettered by a team who are at very best, pish. We started slowly, we continued slowly, we mis-passed, over played and hesitated, gave those filthy bigots too much time and far too much ‘respect’. I hope you are training in the morning and every day this week, morning and afternoon shifts, and Alan Stubbs, you can take your fair share of the blame, as your tactics didnae work, the Huns worked you out quickly and you failed to change it.

The team….

Oxley – Wasn’t at fault for the goals, but he inspires no confidence and he is as slow as a week in the jail when he takes by kicks and such like.

Gray – He is not fit, the Huns knew that and their best player Wallace ran him all first half.

Hanlon – I do not agree he was man of the match, he was not our worst player, a couple of fine challenges but nae great shakes.

Fontaine – One of the few Hibs players to get pass marks today, but should have scored at 0 – 0, they kicked on after that sitter

Stevenson – Limited in getting down the line, not that it mattered as McGeogh and especially Allan refused to pass to him the whole game.

Robertson – I though Scott was out best player today, Stubbs took him off for Stanton and dropped McGeogh into that role? Totally stupid and wrong decision.

Allan – I though Scott was rotten, every pass a world cup pass, every time he got the ball he over cooked it, too greedy, lost it or played a pass to a Hun. What is going on, this has been going on for weeks now Scott?

McGeogh – Better than Allan but simply didnae see enough of him in the game, he too was greedy and ineffective, against a pretty average team?

Fyvie – Started better than McGeogh and Allan but really didnae get going and drifted in and out the game.

Malonga – I thought he was rubbish, I know his play makes him look lazy, today he was simply lazy.

DjeDje – Didnae do much, then had a chance to score, hesitated, fluffed a pass to Malonga and missed the chance to claw us back in the game. He was as gash as Malonga. For those fans who like to criticize Jason Cummings, he would have scored the chance Franck had and we missed Jase today. Keep that in mind when you are moaning about the top goalscorer in our league.


Watson for Gray – Only thing it showed is that a fit David Gray is a better right back than Watson.

Stanton for Robertson – We did need Sammy on, but not for Robertson, for Allan. It was too little, too late and a poor substitution.

Boyle for DjeDje – He couldnae be any worse than Frank was.

Stubbs & Co – That was awful, Sauzee only knows what you said to them pre-match, because it was almost the opposite to the way we went up them when we battered them at Christmas. You got it badly wrong today Alan, sort it out or expect to play in front of 5000 in the second tier next season. Not good enough, not good enough at all.

The Huns – Wallace was decent, the rest are pish, but had enough to beat a woeful Hibs. Their fans are scum.

Referee – Collum is a useless, cheating, GFA, inconsistent asshole, who refused to book Huns and from my seat, gave them their second goal. We would have still lost 1-0 though.

Second was in our hands, it still is, but we need to win every game between now and the end of the season to go up. Based on today’s spineless efforts, I don’t think we have the baws to get there.

Well done to Heart of Midlothian on winning the Championship, with so many games to go, the best and most consistent team are champions, deservedly so.



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