Well the Hibs players put down their Spades, Pails and Suncream for a couple of hours for a runabout a pitch in Kilmarnock. Meantime 1510 Hibernian fans who have worked, attended Uni, College or School, delivered papers, done double shifts, sacrificed a few pints, put a few pounds away from their pensions or suchlike in order to travel the sixty miles or more to Killie, pay the £22 to get in, invest in various pastries, soups and traybakes in support of their club. One lot show how much Hibernian mean to them, the other lot, well, no fucking good enough.

I caught the tail end of Heck’s surreal radio interview. Ok we were robbed, it was never a penalty indeed the Killie player cheated the incompetent ref to earn the penalty, however we didnae have a shot at goals until over an hour into the game. As for his comment about Fraser Murray and Heck being delighted Fraser started and saw out the 90 minutes, do you think we are idiots Heck, you picked him, you chose to give him 90 minutes. 90 minutes where he and most of his team mates gave very little. Weird chat Heck, dinnae think you can bull shit us mate.

Now the nuclear pies….the Killie Pie is not quite what it once was, no quite as meaty, the gravy isnae as nice, the pie is a bit soggier but pie Sauzee, the roof of my mouth is still scalded, I didnae ken whether to gamble a bite or borrow one of the Hibs players factor 50 and get myself a tan oaf the tin wrapper. Scorchio! Washed doon with a Tomato Soup with wee bits of veg floating in it, it was almost tasty.

Now the fitba itself. First half I felt Killie bettered us, but just, we had a strong 20 minutes after a wobbly first ten but faded badly second half. It was never a corner for the corner that got the penalty, it was never a penalty as I mention, Sir David didnt touch the cheat, the referee has this job because his Dad was a ref and supervisor, he is not fit for purpose, fucking hopeless decision. Second half we never got going, the three subs on the hour perked us up a little but taking off Flo and McNulty and Omeonga especially, all at once was poor, especially to be replaced for the lightweight, crisp bag in the breeze Ollie Shaw. Fuck only knows what Heck was thinking? The last two weeks have shown me that Heck is conservative ( I hope in fitba no politics), he disnae like change and is content with us stroking it about between Rocky, Hanlon, McGregor and Milligan, going nowhere slowly and hoping the wingers or midfield get something to the strikers and the punts from Rocky, Daz and Paul were hapless, but at least they go forward, Mark Milligan is boring, he passes it back, he passes it back, he passes it back. Mallan and Omeonga did try, I felt for Mallan in particular. Fraser Murray had some good touches but is another crisp bag. Flo and McNulty were shite, sorry. The spark we had came from Thomas Agyepong, he takes a man on, he is not scared, he has a good shot on him, three in fact, one hit Murray, one hit Shaw, one their goalie tipped over.

Tactics were wrong, it was a pre holiday effort which is fine, pay for our tickets Hibs if you are only going for a kick about. Flacid fitba with hoofs upfield, it was like watching the arseholes from Gorgie, that makes me spew up.

The Team

Rocky had a wonder save and might have saved the penalty, if his distribution was better he would be by far the best keeper in Scotland. It hasn’t and as such he is not. Great save though Ofir!

Sir David Gray, my hero, the captain and scorer of the winning goal on the 21st of May 2016, the day Hibernian won the cup had a torrid time until Murray moved into the middle then Horgan played in front of him. Not at fault for the penalty and how in Sauzee’s name he was booked for it is beyond me. Clearly disnae ken the handshake. This Hunnish country is rancid.

Daz was poor, Brophy gave him a hard time, he clearly disnae like the pitch and his passing stank.

Paul played like he had just woke up. Maybe he had factor 50 in his eyes?

Lewis did well with Omeonga and tried to get forward and get involved.

Mark Milligan was boring, 4 forward passes all game. I dinnae want to watch that in a Hibs shirt, sorry Mark.

Stevie Mallan tried to cover every blade of grass, he had too as many of his team mates didnae bother. Stevie Mallan cares.

Fraser Murray has a certain grace about his play but for me he is far too skinny and did not deserve 90 minutes. His hesitation lost us the chance of an equaliser late on, when he had come in to play in behind Shaw after spending the first hour on the right, he should have shot. He chooses to pass backwards too often which is not what I remember him for previously? I do think he can make it at Hibs but I would loan him out to a local neighbour like Raith, the Pars or Alloa and tell him to come back with some upper body strength like Sean Mackie or Ryan Porteous, he is way to easy knocked off the ball. Crisp poke No 1.

Stephane Omeonga had a quiet game, he met his match in Mulumbu (more of later) and never quite got going.

Flo has the touch of a Jambo, he gave us nothing and clearly has his case packed for Maga.

Marc McNulty is quickly going from herro to zero, he tried less than Flo, go figure. Family holiday in Salou booked Marc?


Well three for three after 60 minutes. Sorry but that was a massive and daft choice Heck, was it that kind of stupidity that lost you the Leeds fans, baffling.

At at Guess…..

Ollie for Marc Mac – Ollie Shaw either gets himself stronger or finds a job in the real world as he will quickly end up in part time fitba. He is so easy pushed off the ball, he looks half hearted. He, like Fraser, need to get out and play proper mens fitba every week. Ollie is a decent fitba player but is a jessie. Weak, easy beat and soft. Nae shame in it, he could come back and be a good Hibs player, just like Fraser Murray. Crisp poke No 2.

Horgan for Flo – Horgan done very little, which was slightly more than Flo.

Omeonga for Agyepong, two proper players swapped. Steph is a player, watching Tam today, so is he. He can take a man on, goes forward not back, is brave and has a wicked shot on him. Keep the laddie fit and I hope we keep him for next season, he could become something much better. Great song for him too. He brightened the fucked off Hibs fans mood somewhat. I hope he enjoys his holidays and comes back to prove hiself at Hibernian next year, he is never going to be in Pep’s long term plans.

The last few games have showed me that whist Heck is at the Wheel, I feel he is more a driving gloves and correct signals boss, than Nikki Lauda (look him up). Boring fitba is not Hibernian, it gets on the fans tits. If we wanted to watch a team like Hearts, we would have been dropped on our heads as bairns and supported that shite. We dinnae. We watch Hibernian, we want flair, excitement, effort, passion, players that care. Passing it back, pissing about, scared to shoot and long punts no where belongs in the shitehouse that is Tineycastle, not for the ‘warrior poets’ who support the Hibs.

Talking of warrior poets, you dinnae become one by getting hammered on peeve and colombian marching powder pre match, spewing it all in a projectile manner all over your fellow fans half way through the first half. That gets you a hiding. There is a section of our support that are total fannies. The rest who spent good money and turned up in their thousands for a meaningless end of season game, well that is why I am proud to be a Hibby. They dinnae deserve us, honest. Noting the Puddle Drinkers had less than 400 at their game last night. That is what yo get when you play Levein fitba, keep that in mind Mr Heckingbottom.

A minute for Killie. I am not one for all the willie pulling about Clarke. He is a good manager, his team are good to watch, but if they were that good, you would think more than 6000 hillbillies and rednecks would turn up to watch them and join in with their Hullo Hullo Hun song? I felt Hibs in their pomp a few weeks back would have beat Killie today. But I suppose its hard to play in flip flops, speedos and sand in your crack(s). I like Brophy, a player, I think the loan player Mulumbu from Thellick is class, a missing link in our own team to be honest. Killie fans are a decent bunch though, bar their Hunnish song, they support their local club. I hope they get to Europe and enjoy the adventures we had last season. I hope Stevie Clarke stays with them, and fights the bigotry aimed at him from that filth at Ibrox, indeed I hope he ends his season but beating the bastards in front of three full ends of Killie fans and Killie get third. I do hope whoever dived to get the penalty suffers a weird injury and misses their whole european adventure because of it, cheating bastard.

Andrew Dallas is incompetent and should be demoted to referee Gunts for the rest of his life, His Dad was a Hun fanny too.

Man of the Match for Hibs, ooft, how about least shite? Two come to mind, Rocky and Mallan. Tam was good when he came on too. Mallan gets it for me, at least the boy gives a shite.

So, we are nearly done, the bubble has popped, Heck at the Wheel is not what I hoped it was, we are flacid insipid and boring. Not my expectation of ANY HIbs team and certainly not the Hibernian who rose like a pheonix from the ashes of relegation. You want to sell season tickets, you want to play in front of big support, its 90 minutes all season. Next week, win, play to win or you will pay the price in season books.

Last word is for our Hibernian Ladies and their cup win, magic, well done ladies, Hibs winning, any gender, any age, any game, playing the Hibernian way is what we want, winning and being the top in the country is simply excellent. Very well done from myself and all at the Bounce, we are proud of you, I for one will make an effort to come support you.

Hibernian Forever!

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