Well Hibs, where do we begin? I will tell you where, just over 7000 for a Hibs kids day, the fans are bailing out, and neither wonder, that was shocking.

Not to mention banning the flags and drums, killing the already piss poor atmosphere stone dead.

Then there is the imposters in Hibs shirts and those idiots at the top, are they actually trying to piss us off to the extent we all give up?

So to the performance….we started 3 5 2 again.

Oxley – Had little to do all game really.

Gray – Great to have him back, the real captain, although I am not sure he was fully fit today, at least he gets tore in. Needs to learn to cross a ball better.

Forster – I think he has came on leaps and bounds and is our best centre half and a dangerous attacker when Hanlon gets out his way.

Hanlon – I told you son, skip the “man up” classes, you will get bullied. Today Colin Nish gave you a hard time. COLIN NISH. Get out of Forsters way when we get a corner, he can header a ball properly.

Fontaine – Did fine although looks too casual.

Stevenson – One in three crosses are good, but did a power of work and shows no fear.

Craig – I hate Liam Craig, how does this useless imposter not only get a game BUT captain our team. If we want to move forward as a Club we need to get rid of this waste of a jersey. Its like starting with 10 men every week.

Robertson – Almost as bad as Craig today.

McGeoch – Man of the match for the sponsors and for me, best central midfielder in the team, so we play him on the right???? He harries, passes, works back and looks like a player I would look to sign him from Celtic.

Cummings – I thought he worked his socks off, tried to score and create although he is a greedy wee shite.

Malonga – Aimless, disinterested, looks lazy, awful body language, and missed a penalty.


Kennedy came on for Fontaine as we went 4 4 2. Had plenty of the ball, can beat a man but couldnae cross for the Toffees.

Allan – Done more in his 12 minutes or so on the pitch than Craig does in a season. Try a simpler pass son.

Heffernan – Swapped one aimless, disinterested, lazy looking, awful body language showing striker for another.

Management Team – I think they have ran out of ideas already, one quarter of the season gone and they look clueless.

The Club – Banning drums and flags, killing the atmosphere, playing on the same day as our nation (why not an early kick off or Sunday game?), if your plan is to alienate the support completely, keep up the good work you are doing a fine job you clueless clowns.

Ian Murray and his team – Murray may be a hero to some Hibs fans. I think he and his team are an anti football, negative, spoiling, dirty pile of cheats

Referee – As bad as Hibs, maybe worse. That will teach us for getting relegated. Pish League, Pish team, Pish refs.

Still, 200 fans can nip out for a fag at half time now, that’s the difference.


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