Well not five minutes in the door, a Waterfall earworm in my head and a smile on my face. The Hibees are back! Usual rules apply, many of you will have seen the game on the telly with its reruns, different angles and annoying fannies commentating, others will have watched it on the radio. I was sat directly behind the east goal half way up in among a massive Hibs support given Friday Night, Live TV Fitba and exorbitant ticket prices. The Hibs end sung all night, indeed the support was spread across the full stand meaning often two differing songs were going with gusto, it was great to be sitting with such an energetic pro Hibs support, although a fair few were half pished, which helps!

Pre match chilli con carne in the excellent Tinsmiths in town, I skipped the deep fried mars bar pudding, parked off Clepington Road and headed down to be welcomed by a large police and aggressive stewards presence. More of that later.

Team, well it was as I and many other predicted and expected. Rocky, Sir Dave at right back, Daz and Paul in the middle, Lewis left back, Milli holding mid, Slivka and Mallan kinda middle although Mallan slightly right, Horgan left and properly wide and the growing partnership of Flo and Marc Mac up front.

PHB and Stockies first away game, I hope they were as impressed with the large and noisy Hibs support as I was of the team and performance for 50 or so minutes of the game?

We are Top 6 now, its up to us.

The Team

Ofir could do nowt with either goal, and I believe he had a great save. Distribution let him down a few times.

Sir David Gray, who captained Hibernian on the day we won the Scottish Cup on the 21st of May 2016, scoring the winner in 90+2 minutes played well tonight although I felt he was partly at fault for their equaliser?

I thought Darren was immense tonight, he seems to have got his passion back and was the best of the defenders. One we error not stopping there player in the lead up to the equaliser?

Paul Hanlon had a good fifty minutes when he stuck to the simple defending and clearing, he lost his man at their equaliser and the last 20 minutes of the game he was all over the place making mistake after mistake, wrong pass after wrong pass?

Lewis strolled through the game, and was very good linking up with Horgan, especially first half. Was another one who got sloppy last 20 though.

Spike had another accomplished game, he is another one that if he avoids the world cup pass attempts, is simply a very tidy fitba player. He too got dragged into some poor defensive play last 20.

Slivka is a lovely fitba player, plays with his head up, great going forward, very clever passes and reads the game well. I do still think he is a bit of a blouse though. The subtle tweak when we took Horgan off and we seemed to change both Slivka’s and Mallan’s role at the same time, didnae seem to work. I felt we lost Slivka with that tweak?

Stevie Mallan had a great hour, PHB and Stockie have brought something out in him, more direct, more movement and his desire to shoot has returned. What a cracker of a goal too. From my seat behind the goal, as he beats his man, slightly feigns a pass, he looked up and saw the shot on. Ooft, a stoatir and the Hibs end went barmy!!

I thought Daryll Horgan tonight showed us what he is capable of. He was a menace, direct, importantly head up and driving at their defence, he and Lewis build up play for McNulty’s first was first class as was Flo’s quick throw. We faded when Daryll was replaced after an hour.

Florian Kamberi scored again, he out muscled the Dundee No 5 to score a fine goal and he and Marc Mac work well together, dare I say, better than Flo and Jamie Mac? He fades when he has to play with Shaw. He thrives on playing with a quality partner. I know pockets of Hibs fans dinnae fancy Flo, watching him come off at the end, he just wants us to support him, dare I say it, love him. Well played son!

Marc McNulty scores goals, he scored two tonight, one by getting in a good position, a second by being in one and the ball coming off him. I believe that spunkstain Sutton is trying to get Marc suspended for kicking out. I would take a suspension if it allowed me to kick that Gunt **** McGowan in the head just the once.


Doo Doo Doo Stephane Omeonga came on for Horgan and slotted in on the left midfield and although I thought he did very well, I felt that change messed with our shape and caused for an uncomfortable last 20 minutes. Guid player though.

Oli came on for Marc Mac and offered very little, sitting away out wide right and making too many wrong decisions.

I thought overall it was a decent outing for PHB and Stockie, they got to see the very best and the cringe-worthy worst of Hibs. First 10 we wobbled, last 20 was criminal and way too slack, middle hour, Hibernian were a joy to watch on occasion and I thought we might go on and win more comfortably?
I actually thought Dundee were decent and had they had a goalscorer it may have been a stranger score, they are better than both Hamilton and St Mirren. Did you hear the one about why Ryan McGowan’s auld man was lonely? He’s in his cell.

I cringed when saw Brother Beaton of Lodge 1690, Bellshill was referee, indeed the Dundee fans gave a couple of renditions of the Billy Boys to get him onside and prove they too are hill(town)billy neanderthals. Its didnae work, Hibs won, they had 4 booked, we had one. Nae freebies in the Ludj the night John. Seen worse refereeing performances, often from him.

A special mention now for the massed ranks of Hibernians, we sang from start to end, I have to admit to strangely going off the Roses after 30 years of enjoying them, maybe the Hibs version will grow on me. I would guess there were at least 2000 Hibs fans in a 6500 crowd. £26, Friday, live TV, well done my fellow fans, great support.

Now for the security staff (you thought I had forgotten eh?). The thick necked fandans waded into the young Hibs fans. Turns out it was to confiscate two innocuous green and black Hibs flags on sticks. For me the security antagonised the young fans, were heavy handed when there was no need. No idea what has empowered these fuckwits recently, I had one gobbing off at Easter Road last week when he should have kept his plooky neb out. You are there to help paying customers, you are not standing at a pub door at 1 in the morning here. Let the laddies and lassies enjoy the fitba, dafties wading in just caused trouble and ill feeling. I note the polis rightly stayed clear. Well done the young team!

So, man of the match? Well Marc Mac scored two, he is a big player for us. Milligan has got his mojo back, Mallan’s goal was a peach, however although he only got 60 minutes, I am going for Daryll Horgan, he was the difference.

Next, Perth on Wednesday night, if ye can get along, go along and back the team, we knew we had the players, now we have the management team.

Hibernian Forever!


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