OK, it is always harder to write these when most of you have seen the game and all its issues live and repeated on TV, so before I start, Hibs fans in the Hunnery were oblivious to the penalty, the supposed punch thrown by Pocahontas Moshnie and the headbutt by that fat fandan Boyd, I may have also missed the odd other incident. All three goals were scored at the opposite end from the Hibs fans, and with the Huns microphone fellae stunned into silence we didnae even know who had scored! What I did see was a spirited Hibs performance cheered on by 800 of maddest, passionate fans a club could ever wish for. So, my thoughts on the game.

We started the game 3 5 2.

Oxley – Did everything he had to, unlucky with a deflection at the goal, wasted plenty of time which annoyed lots of Hubs. I liked that!

Stevenson – I thought he played very well tonight, even when he was switched to right back.

Forster, Fontaine and Hanlon – The three of them were simply magnificent, they soaked up the Hun attacks all night long. I like that set up Alan, lets stick to it.

Gray – Sorry to see him go off hurt, he is a good player and scored a fine goal.

Robertson – Got tore in tonight, his main fault is he gives the ball away too often from poor passes.

Allan – Played well and has a lovely touch, but needs to toughen up a wee bit.

Craig – Sit down everyone, I am about to give Liam Craig some credit, he played well tonight and is far better in a forward position. Well played Liam, keep it up.

Cummings – A buzzbomb, two good goals, lots of work, a bit mad. He is alright for a Jambo.

Do do do Dominique Malonga – I like this guy, big, strong, great first touch, direct, he is going to be a star for us I hope.


Booth – Came on at half time for the injured Gray, he slotted in well at left back with Lewis moving to right back. Calum done well.

Harris – On for a tired Cummings, I thought he was nice and direct playing in the hole behind Malonga, should have scored at the end.

Alan Stubbs and his Management team – Excellent tactical game, absolutely stunned fat Salary McMoist. Very clever tactics and very pleasing on the eye, we could have beaten them by more with a bit more belief.

My man of the match was Jordon Forster just ahead of two goal Cummings. Big Jordon is a rock just now.

The Huns – They are shite, really, really shite.

The Hibs support – Brilliant, just brilliant, we backed the team the whole game under a cloud of thrown coins, cola and constant ignorant bigotry. To serenade the departing Huns with One Direction and Bruno Mars songs is about as surreal as it gets. I salute you all, what a night.

A post match side note was the laugh we had with the Rangers buses all the way along the M8 home, one YES poster with a Hibs badge can cause aneurisms and heart attacks on the Hun buses, of that I can assure you.



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