…….from misery to happiness today. This first half was woeful. Hibs were woeful. Shinnie and Holt were particularly woeful, Fontaine and Hanlon not much better. Second half, with rockets hinging oot the tails of each and every player in those ridiculous luminous shirts, bar probably the excellent Fraser Fyvie and Darren McGregor, we were like a new team, the Hibs team we expect to see every week. Even when Keats got injured and we all looked blankly as Boyle came on Jase stayed splinter arsed on the bench, we expected the worst, instead we got a Lennon masterstroke. At half time I was mentally preparing to angrily ask for Shinnie and Holt never to get a game for Hibs again in this report, for Lennon to start seriously thinking about his position and for Gary Parker to seriously get himself salad and slimasoups at ASDA the morn. After that second half, I still thank Gary needs to get himself down to ASDA’s slimming section.

The first half saw a disjointed Hibs, poor passes, nothing fed to Keats that he could do anything with, Shinnie was minging, a big soft jessie, Holt was hopeless, poor touches, nae jumps, the lop sided midfield wisnae working with Gray out right on his own, Hanlon out of sorts, Fontaine not yet in sorts. When they got the penalty for whatever it was the referee saw, I thought we could never recover. Neil Lennon disagreed.

The second half Hibernian, are our Hibernian, charging forward, crunching in, running players down, scoring goals, playing crisp passing football in front of 4000 traveling fans, that is the Hibs we want, that is the Hibs we turn up in massive numbers to see, that is the Hibs Neil, that you need to have playing like that for 90 minutes, not second halfs.

The injury to Keats looked sore, the decision to replace him with Boyle was surprising but spot on, Boyle blows hot and cold, today he was madras hot, running through the middle, chasing balls down, wanting the ball, passing the ball, be breathed life into a worryingly stagnant Hibs. Shinnie went from shite to good guy, Holt from duff to impressive, Stevenson, Gray and McGinn seemed to wake up and before you knew it we were 2-1 up and cruising. Big Brian Graham came on and scored, that is his job, and a smashing goal it was too.

The referee was poor, I don’t think it was a penalty to them, I thought he could have sent off more than one Pars player had he booked them when he should have. He ignored things, he frankly looked like he cheated at least once. Dunfermline started well and tired, cloggers that they are.

The Team

Marciano’s biggest problem is indecision, I think to comes down to the fact he is inactive for large parts of games and has a poor attention span? He is clearly a good keeper though.

Gray was strangely quiet, he did try to get passed the Pars full back but didn’t have too much success. He was the winning goal scorer, captaining Hibernian when we won the Scottish Cup in May 2016.

Darren McGregor was the outstanding defender for Hibs today, for 90 minutes to boot. He is a class defender.

Paul Hanlon is almost every week Hibs best player or certainly one of them. I thought he was poor to average today.Did not seem to get going against Farid or the fat guy that replaced him.

Fontaine was fine defensively and shocking moving the ball forward, poor from him, but he will improve with games.

Stevenson did get forward especially second half, but has had better games for Hibs.

Fraser Fyvie was Hibs midfield for 90 minutes today, others joined in and out over the game, Fraser gives 90 minutes.

Shinnie was as bad a Hibs midfielder as I have seen for a couple of years, constantly lost the ball, couldnae beat a man, place a pass and was as weak as pint of Forsters Shandy. Absolute shite. Second half, Shinnie was all over the pitch, going round men, playing fine crisp passes, strong, forward playing, won us a penalty with his direct run and looked like the player who came on in his first game at St Mirren. Having his rocket surgically removed as I type I assume.Well played.

I thought John McGinn did ok first half and was very good second, some strong challenges and a couple of fine incisive passes. Much more “Super” than recently.

Grant Holt looked like me when I play fitba with the bairns, you couldnae get a page of the Evening News under his jump, never mind a Cup Final Special. Hopeless. Second half he was strong, ran players down, scored a finely taken penalty and reminded me of a big lad who played up front for Norwich. I understand he is in the bed next to Shinnie awaiting the removal of a rocket from his posterior. Well played.

Keats is one of the other couple who actually gave us his all for the whole game, his injury looked a sore one but he scored the very first time that he was given a ball when he could run at players. Although there was a deflection, it was a fine goal. Hope the injury is minor, you earn you starting place Keats.


Well the super sub was Boyle for the injured Keatings. His direct running, never say die attitude and desire to get the ball won us the game. Dr Shrink gets moist at the thought of Squirrel in a Hibs strip, I thought he was nuts. But today, I could see what he means. Well played Boiler, that was as good as I have seen you.

Graham has never been given a real chance yet, we brought him on and he scored a fine goal after excellent footwork and determination by the born again Shinnie.

No sign of Cummings, stayed splintered on the bench, been a bad boy maybe?

The Management Team – First, Gary Parker is fair putting the beef on, not good. Secondly, that first half is totally unacceptable Neil. Now we may not be Celtic, BUT we are Hibernian FC and we expect more than the shite we witnessed first half, that is not good enough. You clearly have talent as the second half was like watching a different Hibs team. Now given you changed no personnel until Keats injury, you have the talent to motivate this group, can you just make sure you do it both before the game and at half time. The massive Hibs support are a faithful bunch, we love our Club, but we drift away when we see shite or failure on the horizon. Give us more 90 minute performances to match the second 45 today and you will quickly see the support you will get, make it happen, for you and for us. Get us out of this League.

I dinnae dislike Dunfermline, they have a small but defiant home support, they did give us a game, they are dirty barstewards, and the boy with the stupid haircut that used to play for Partick is a laughable wee prick, but they are pretty hopeless and it took us 50-55 minutes to really break them down.

The referee was awful.

4000 Hibs fans in Fife today, well done each and every one of us. WE are Hibernian FC.

Man of the Match was a straight battle between Darren McGregor and Fraser Fyvie, for giving their all for 90 minutes, not pockets of the game. Fraser gets it from me for being our midfield for large parts of the game. The best sheep shagger we have had at Hibs in years (as the plooky section of the Pars support reminded him today.

Special mention to Stephen’s Steak Bridies, the best matchday snack eaten at a Scottish Football Ground, since the home made lentil soup at Alloa a couple of years back. Mr Parker, you might want to put your half dozen back.

Next Up, St Mirren, lets give them a right good doing please.

RIP Kistof, Hibernian Forever.


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