The Dirty Huns 4 Hibernian 2

Usual rules apply, most have you will have seen the game on TV with the benefit of replays. Me, I was stuck in a corner of the Hunnery surrounded by filthy bigots. I thought we set up wrong, we sat too deep, non performers kept playing, better players came off. Alan, you are gobby, we like that, but you got that one wrong.

Last week I suggested that the vast majority of the Hibs players were rank rotten, today we had too many poor performances when none were acceptable. The changes to the team were ok for me, Hanlon is better than Fontaine, McGeoch came and gave his all. Keatings was gash last week, he was again today, I would have played Malonga to help the hard working Jason. As for Henderson, other than two decent balls in, he was poor.

The filth in blue were up for it, they came at us and we succumbed, they are not even that good.

The Players

Mark Oxley looked dodgy at the last goal, but then I was at the other end of the pitch. He was awfully languid with his kicking given we are losing to they Hun b@%*&$

David Gray looked susceptible, but then I felt Henderson did not help him enough and he looked dazed after the head knock.

Darren McGregor did ok at centre half but was poor at right back, easy beaten far too often, even against 10 men.

I thought Paul Hanlon was head and shoulders above the other defenders, nice to see him back.

Lewis Stevenson, put in some good crosses but the Fat Guy wi the blonde hair who plays for Sevco gave him a torrid time. Wagstaff or whatever he is called, fat Hun  b@%*&$ spend half the game kicking the ball away too.

Fraser Fyvie started well, then gave the ball away, first for the equaliser then right after. He let the inbred Hun support get to him.

John McGinn again played so wide as to lose much of what is best about his game, then Stubbs took him off. Made no sense to me Alan. Looked like he was fouled for a penalty from my seat right after we went 1-0 up?

Dylan McGeoch never stopped trying to lift the team, he stood out for me, great to see him back.

Liam Henderson, looked clueless other than wo decent balls in he done nowt. Not good enough.

For the third week running James Keatings who is considered by us fans, a good a player,  was guff today, a waste of a jersey, again.

Jason ploughed a lonely furrow again, he scored a good goal, might have scored another. Laddie cannae do it on his own.


Malonga came on scored, that was about it.

Fontaine, came on for Gray at halftime, fannied about and misplaced passes most of the second half. Should have scored late on too.

Boyle came on for McGinn, not the change I would make but he did run a people, without delivering a killer ball.

The referee was fine, no often you see a Hun get sent off a Mordor.

I think I hate the Hundog fannies more than their team. They actually do have a couple of reasonable players in the fat laddie wi the blonde hair and some other dirty scumbags who’s names I have no interest in. The fans are Neanderthal scum, spitting, throwing things, singing the full repertoire of Sectarian songs from 50,000 of them singing that the Hibs manager is a fat Fenian b@%*&$ to Derry Walls, UDA t shirts and scarfs, red hands, the whole lot. As for the Stewards, they are just Huns in yelly jackets, we saw them walking up the road post match each of them carrying Sevco flags. They are a cult that ensures our wee country will always be stuck in the seventeen hundreds, they are filth.

My man of the match in green was Dylan McGeoch, great to have you back son.

A week ago I said we would win the league. We will win the league. We are better than those horrible  s#!&$, we just weren’t today.

Learn from your mistakes Alan, and lead us on to the League Championship.

Glory, Glory.


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