HUGH COCKBURN’S ‘out of towners’ travelogue

Left the house at 0700 stepping out into the dark and cold heading for the
bus stop and my first mode of transport for my journey ahead. Great start to
the day, bus is 10 minutes late and it is very cold. Driver gives me a funny
look, obviously never seen a green & white scarf before!!! Bus gets quite
busy, mainly female, obviously wise men lying in bed sending the other half
out to work.

25 minutes later I arrive in town centre and head for train station to catch metro to
Newcastle. No delays here and arrive at Newcastle Central station 30 mins
later. Station quite quiet for a change, obviously being early on a Sunday
makes a big difference. Usually busy with Newcastle fans and stag/hen
weekends. Seen all sorts at the station, superman, pirates, men dressed as
women and vice versa but me wearing Hibs colours always seems to draw the
funny looks!!!!!

With about an hour until my train to the Capital, I grab a couple of
newspapers and a cuppa. Train arrives on time which is always handy. Don’t
know why but always feel grateful when it arrives on time. Obviously had my
fair share of dramas!!!!! Took up my seat at a table for 4 with only one
other seat occupied. It was a guy, who looked just a wee bit older than me,
so no noisy music or fancy electrical gadgets. After a short while we strike
up a conversation and it is soon evident, the guy is not too clued up on
fitba’. ” is there a match on?”…”yes”…”where
abouts?”…”Edinburgh”…”who are you playing?”…”celtic”…”yes, I know,
but who are you playing????”…”listen pal, there is more than one team
plays in green & white and for your information, Hibs were first!!!!”..but
what really came out was “I support Hibs and we are playing Celtic”…the
blank look on his face said it all, so I thought I should ask him what he
was up to. He was from York and was travelling to Dunbar to do a spot of
walking and then return to York same day. Each to their own I say.

Spotted a Celtic supporter in the same carriage, the guy was huge, as in too
many pies huge. I nodded an acknowledgement but he just looked away. What is
it with people that can’t be civil to other fans. Obviously too early for
him to have had his massive fry up!!!!

Train arrived in time at Waverley and headed down to the Hibs club to meet
up with Big G. Always get a great welcome from everyone and made to feel
special. Then on to the match, won’t bore you with the details, agree with
everything Mark wrote.

After the game, back to the club as my train did not leave until 1830. Sat
with the lads from the branch and the banter was epic as usual. Rab D,
Stuart, Fish, Dougie, Rab H, Big G, Rory and a few others, my apologies for
forgetting names, kept me well entertained as usual. Think the Mrs hates
when I arrive home, as she says my accent gets heavier and I try to relate
all the banter that has went on. She just nods and lets me get it out of my

The highlight of the evening had to be Rab H showing off his moves on the
dance floor to the wonderful Northern Soul music. I left the club with lads heading
for ‘Tamsons’ and I made my way for my train. It was a quiet and uneventful
journey home, which is not always the case and was to be honest, a bit

I arrived home at 2110 in time to interrupt the good lady watching
‘Celebrity Big Brother’. After the welcome home look, I then got the “don’t
you dare start your usual ramblings when my programme is on!!!” look. So I
went and put the kettle on, sat quietly in the corner and reflected on what
was yet another great day following the Hibs, despite the result, and seeing
my good friends from the St.Patrick’s Branch.

Just heard the Dundee United game has been moved to the Friday night. Had to
change my train tickets, as I had already booked for the Saturday and booked
my room for the night. I am working for the cup game, so will see you all
for the Ross County game 15 Feb.

Hugh Cockburn

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