Strange one that, on the end of a 4-0 defeat but up to 75 or so minutes I though we might nick something? I do think that Thomson is a cheat, an incompetent cheat, but he was not the reason we lost 4-0 against a Celtic team who never really got going, although how no one has come in for Virgil Van Dyck I have no idea, he is far too good for them.

The players…..

  • Williams – No chance at the first or second, poor at the third.
  • Maybury – He does his best, stupid foul for the penalty. I prefer Forster there.
  • Nelson – I though he was poor today, blaming Forster for the first goal and not finding a Hibs player most of the game.
  • Forster – Started poorly but came onto a decent game. I prefer him at right back
  • Stevenson – 100% effort as ever, but I like him in midfield
  • Harris – The intelligentsia behind me decided it was Boozy who would get their wrath today, cannae beat backing the youngsters eh? As his confidence, fitness and strength come back he will be a key player for us.
  • Stanton – Magnificent.
  • Taiwo – Tom did fine and showed that he has been a decent player for the club.
  • Zoubir – Drifted in and out of the game, when he is good, he is very good, when he is poor, well….
  • Craig – Woeful
  • Collins – Another hard working performance from James, its a lonely task up there on your own chasing hoofs and lumps from Craig and Nelson. Keep up the hard work son. Stonewall penalty in the first half, which may very well have changed the whole game, we will never know.

Subs – Well, I am baffled why we only made one, a wee change at 70 minutes when our tails were up might have given us a very different result. Only Terry and Mo know why. I assume the Heff is injured, Cairney is still no well and Tudor Jones is injured? All three could have made a difference.

Heff came on for the hard working Taiwo, it was too little too late.

Terry & Mo – There are lots of positives but we really are at bare bones. I know they see this and Steve Marsella has 3 players ready to bring in, on loan or otherwise. I certainly hope the ongoing rumour of Tade is just a rumour.

Craig Thomson – I do think he has a grudge against us. Collins penalty was simply that and right in front of him. He booked three Hibs players, none from Celtic when one or two of them fouled consistently. Why did he book Nelson for handball? If it wasn’t for Rod looking for a retirement plan at the SFA, Hibs should should be writing to the SFA asking that this cheating imbecile no longer referees Hibs games. Still, lucky World Cup, the only Brazilian Thomson will be seeing this year is in his wife’s knickers.

Celtic – Not impressive at all, although Virgil is a Thunderbird. What a good football player.

Fans – Their lot were noisy, the Hibs boys did their best. Can I ask the young team drop ‘We Are The People’, a hunnish chant if ever there was one. Save it for when we are beating the Huns… the Hunnery…….by three.

My man of the match was Sam Stanton, he was and will be very good.


Mark Strachan



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